January 31, 2013

Vanity Trove - " my special " FEBRUARY TROVE

Olla ladies!

With this post, I welcome my Favourite month

 - especially 2013 February-

Apart from my buffday, Valentines day and the shortest month of all..this month, I am featured in my favourite beauty box, Vanity Trove!

In this month of love, let's together create a brand new beautiful YOU :)

With a romantic surprised wrapped in a sweet pinkish paper, expect some collection of this gorgeous beauty products delivered to your doorstep.

Do you wanna see what's inside my February Trove?

 photo FE0DC7FE-22C5-4B8E-B5B1-EFA9FE3E0B54-3460-000002B8B819565B.jpg

I'm so excited to tryout many of the products this time! I wanna try Khiel's for my dark spot, Skin 79 BB cream (I'm amazed that actually this sampling size really come handy for traveling!), Yuan soap - skin healing thingy and of course the Pure Rosey DKNY perfume.

And on top of all that, I received:

 This special treat could be yours too :))
Just subscribe through my Vanity link, HERE for Singapore readers, and HERE for my fellow Indonesian readers. As simple as putting " PinkBuble " as the code from today until 14 February, you are entitle to get the extra beauty treat like what I got on your March Trove :)
Not bad yea? just insert the code and you got extra something on your trove!

You remember I mentioned about the VANITY magazine that comes with every trove, right?
For the February issue..I am contributing my secret in achieving 7 gorgeous look :)

 photo 55A47F95-B23D-414E-A565-C2BE6864AC81-3460-000002B8C3119420.jpg

Tadaaa..Tadaaa Tadaaa!!

 photo A8E15866-62CF-47EB-AE00-E8F840139455-3460-000002B8C88E0F93.jpg

Don't ask me for extra copy of this, ok? I don't have it :P
but you can get the February back order Trove that has my secrets in it :P
Order it HERE

Thank you for your support! and do spread the nice words for this special February edition as my birthday gift, maybe?


January 30, 2013

New hair for CNY!

Am back to Salon De Choix for my CNY hair make over!
3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1, Singapore, 
Singapore s239519
6836 2959


It's been 6 month I am in the same hairstyle, everything is so 2012 and I want a makeover!
  photo D981CFB9-3C12-4B57-8EA3-5B99C35CECBB-2657-0000024A0BC9ECFF.jpg
So Sharon - the founder & director in Salon de Choix pick a new look for me.

It started with changing my ashy dull brown hair and a good hair treatment to get the shine back.

 photo photo1-4.jpg

  photo photo3-2.jpg

 photo photo2-3.jpg

My new gorgeous colour by L'oreal DIArichesse DIAlight series.
 This series is suitable for natural or coloured hair, and great to cover the grey hair too.
So it works as giving the highlight first on your natural hair and giving you a high shine result.

 photo photo4-1.jpg

This time, instead of red..Sharon chose a cooper colour as an accent on the inner layer :)

 photo photo2-2.jpg

 photo photo3-1.jpg 

And I am totally love my new look!
 photo 58E551E5-BD1A-4BB9-B70E-9E600E73DC54-2657-0000025F75036DAB.jpg

 photo photo1-3.jpg

For my readers or friends that happened to be in Singapore, remember to quote 

" Elrica-Pinkbuble"
To enjoy 15% disc of the Salon service.

And currently Salon de Choix is having a CNY promotion!
 photo 9D2ED658-8F42-4AA0-9B12-911AC7A08D94-2948-0000026682C07C16.jpg 
 Go and get your CNY make over just like mine!


This is the before and after look!
Which look do you think more suitable for me?
 photo CF0797E8-AFAC-4F86-B485-243F19D354FF-2657-0000023BEA15720D.jpg

January 28, 2013

I am a BLOGGER not a BEGGAR!

Ah yes, I never denied I love being beauty (and lifestyle) blogger!
Invitation after invitation, products review from skin care to hotel review, and not to mentioned meeting new friends, bloggers, and business associates.

This 2nd job has been very fruitful and rewarding for me, personally.
I love pushing the brands for the company, and when I got the positive feedback on how my take does count, I feel happy. I feel fulfilled.

So I keep maintaining a good relationship with PR agencies, company representative and I do respect other bloggers as well. RESPECT is my key in life. I keep this philosophy tightly within me, and I feel easily annoyed whenever I see people with little respect to each other, or even worse, to themselves.

 Just now, I received a very upsetting treatment from a well known beauty company.
 I was told by the PR agency to collect some items to help them on the review. Ok.
 Usually, I am very very lazy if I have to collect the items personally, but because their office is just across the road, I agreed to collect it.

Upon my arrival to the office - a fancy one, I would say.
The receptionist is pretty annoying and keep asking me to come back again, because she don't know anything about what I am asking. *knock..knock..where is the brain here?
You don't know about it? ask the brand representative I mentioned lah!
Then after a while, the brand rep showed up and said
 "why are you coming at this hour? " - Speechless.
Fine, your lunch time is at 1pm, I get it!
I arrived at 12.45 ok?

It just that their stupid receptionist didn't know what to do and keep procrastinating in calling her.
And actually, she can just pass me the items that SHE WANT ME to review and I will go.
U happy, me? even happier.

But what makes me very annoyed just now is questions after questions, asking me to go back and come again after lunch, some questions like " What items do you want???! "

~ Hello! I was there to help out your PR agency ok, I don't want your products..
I have tons of products at home, and definitely not craving over your simple products! Please lah!! Even strong brand as Bobbi Brown gave a super generous goodie doesn't show wtf attitude like you ~
 I am not a beggar blogger, and I don't deserved that attitude either.
Don't assume that I Waaant your product so much!

But I just simply said " I am collecting ABC as mentioned by your PR agency. "

I was planning to just go out and forget about the shit! But this big beauty company works with me in other brand too, and they are lovely people to work with. So, I am very much contain myself thinking a good relation I have build with the company. Don't plan to ruin it because of one stupid receptionist and one annoying brand rep. 


So yeah..this is the other side of being involved in blogging world.

We sometimes still meet low EQ people in a high society environment.

Bio essence lucky winner!

Hey ya Galss!
Hopefully it's your name that appear on the lucky random number generator!
And don't forget to email me you mailing address :))
- I'll be waiting, if you did not send it to me..I will pick my next lucky winner- ^^

Good Luck!

Winner no 1

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Hope you enjoy misting your face with Bio essence Bio Spring water like I do!

Stay tuned for the next giveaway! It's coming really soon!

Read my..L.I.P.S...

You Can!
Play around with colourful lipstick even though you are not a fair skin complexion.

Whenever I posted up anything about my make up, i received lotsa comments range from the complain because the look I created not wearable for them as they have more tan skin tone, the lucky complexion I got - fair skin that could fit any colours, to some smart-ass comments like
" Oh, I love how you do the editing on your skin "
- I don't edit my skin, ok?-
My photoshop skill is not that advance, and before judging about my skin..meet me in person, I will allow you to come as close as possible to see my skin.

Hear me now, I am blessed with a good fair skin with freckles around.
- although, not so much about the good body!

Back to...umm..what did I want to say just now..
Aah..about my blog post, yes, my post is not for fair skin tone only laaa, and it's not so much about me showing my face after face..- tho..it is looking very much like that - hahaha..

 It is for all of you out there..that started as clueless as me when I first stroking my wavy eyeliner. Trust me, I've been there and did whatever silly mistakes that one could do in the beauty department. The good news is, I am trying to share what I learned from those years, and hopefully you don't have to make the same mistake I did. Try the other mistakes instead.
So, this time..
I tried to share the wearable look by playing around with a different lip colour for a tan skin tone.

I put a 2 shades darker foundation on my face and arrange the lighting in my room to create the tan tone on me. Hope this could help to show that, it is ok to be Tan and you can still play around with colours as like the fairer skin tone.

Let's start..
Always prep your lips with a lipbalm, lip care or whatever that helps your lips moist and looking healthy.
My choice: Wild Fern lip balm with Manuka Honey

Shape your lips by using lip pencil.
Tips: If you have thicker lips, draw inside your natural line to create a smaller looking lips.
On the other side, draw it outside your natural line if you have a thin lips.

I use: Boots lip liner no 7 in 25 Melon

Or just draw on your natural line if you are comfortable with the size of your lips.

I like my upper lips, so I draw it just right on my natural lip line.

But for the lower lippie, I want it to be smaller :P
So I draw it inside my natural line.

Then camouflage the extra " lip " with your concealer.

Are you done with the prep ritual?

Now, let me share with you my lipstick pick for Tan skin tone :)

# Nude
This colour could not go wrong, no matter how tan is your skin, nude colour is the safest you could do for a quick daily look or even a date nite out.

I use: Maybelline Natural nude

# Dark brown
Safe colour! but, just make sure..you polished the look with a fresh blush to avoid the dull look.

I use: NYX round lipstick LSS608 - perfect -

# Rose colour
Keep it matte and moist! and you're good :)

I use: Rimmel 260 - I want You -

# Pink
Yes pink, choose something that works with your skin tone.
Go to the make up counter, try it! and buy the one that compliment your skin the most.

I use: Etude Etoinette collection in Pink

# Purple
Why not? Same rules apply.
Choose the purple shade that work best on your skin..and watch the opacity on your lips. 
Go for purple gloss if you don't like the Bold look, but hey..why not making statement on your look?
Let's go for a semi gloss finishing lipstick just like my look below.

I use: MAC Amplied UP the Amp

Happy exploring your colour!
Let me know what is your favourite lip colour :)

January 25, 2013

How to: Create 7 different (gorgeous) looks

 ....By playing around with your lips...

Yes, we know that eyes is the window of our soul..and true it's reflect everything inside us, but it is no secret that lips is the messenger tools that convey the message out to the world :)

So, say good words that reflect your personality. ^^


Talking about how do we sweeten our lips (and words) when we are so..close to the month of February, the month of where love, balloons, chocolate, and my birthday all come together! *Love it*

I have a little tips on how I usually play around with the colours according my mood; you know mood and make up somehow related, and I can't explain why. But I can let you know, that no matter what mood you are, we can always look good and play well in lippy category. *wink

Little tips #1
Scenario: Lazy day..and wanna look " naturally " fresh.
 *This thing can never " naturally " happened to me lor..hahaha..*

This is what I do:
I brush my lips too when I brush my teeth, just to get rid of the dead skin on the lips.
From there, I prep my make up and gently bite my lower and upper lips to creates the natural red lippy colour, just like after you have a hot and steamy french kiss with your guy. :P
* Yaolo..*

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Little tips #2
Scenario: Still lazy day..and wanna look a bit "polished "

Make up ON, and gloss it up with a clear lip gloss and off you go for your daily routines.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Little tips #3
Scenario: Feeling girly..and wanna have fun..

Pink it up! Nothing could be more girly than baby pink colour, no?
It's like already telling you the whole thing lor..when we see something in pink, we tend to comment something like " Wah..so sweet.." " So girly.." " Like candy.." and so on and so forth..

Simply applied a glossy pink colour lipstick all over your lips and layer it 2-3x more on the centre of your lips to create a little pout. :)

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Little tips #4
Scenario: Shit..I have overdone my eye make up and pink, red, orange lipstick doesn't seems match my look! ..-_-' how?
* sometimes, we sooo enjoying our eye make until wah laooo..to dark already*

Key rules: Back to basic. 
Keep the neutral colours on the lips to balance it off.
How to choose the natural shade? 
Go for nude hues or go for 1-2 shade darker than your original lips colour :)

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Little tips #5
Scenario: Get a new red lipstick! Wanna play around..but don't know where to start..

Let's take it slow and bold :)
Go for a matte finishing look, tone down the eye make up, and don't forget to pat on a compact powder on top of your lips after lipstick application. It will somehow tone the red color down too and keep the colour in place. So, less stain on your cup, clothes and your man..

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Little tips #6
Scenario: PARTY Time!

Ok! Ok! Now it's time to bold it up, show the confidence and let's play a bit more on the eyes to 
" Pop " the whole look together. Double or even tripple up the lipstick layer to build up the colour.
Be the sexy beast!
* I'm trying hard to look sexy here* *fail..

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Little tips 7
~ and the last one ~

Scenario: Got a goodie bag of an unusual colour of lipstick ..hemm..what to do and how should I wear it..?

If a vampie colour is what you got, just like mine!
I must say it's a " Yay! " instead of " Nay! "

Let's do a Vampy looking photo for fun!
Keep the make up pale, super simple eye make up and Vamp the whole attention just to you lippy!
Top coat it with a super glossy as finishing and camwhore the way out of it!

Having fun is a must.

So I guess, for no matter what our scenario are..we can always get a fun way to " wrap " the look up and walk out from our comfort door with confidence!

But the best of all..

..because you never know who will falling love with your smile..

Be happy.

January 24, 2013

Curahan atiku..*halah*

Keinspirasi dari postingannya Linda Daa Daa Chan soal Happiness :)
Waktu gw baca postingannya si jeung satu ini, itu langsung " hit me " just right here 
*nunjuk tengah-tengah dada*! kenape begitu ya? setelah gw bengong bengong beberapa menit..gw mikir, beberapa bulan belakangan ini gw ga happy happy amat, tapi gw grateful. Gimana ya jelasinnya, harusnya grateful tuh happy juga ya ga sih? Tapi engga loh buat gw :(

Gw grateful karena semua kesempatan sama blessing yang yaolooo ga gw sangka sangka tapi terus ngucur dengan manis. Makasi Tuhan buat ini. Tapi kalo ditanya gw hepi ato engga, kayaknya engga banget-banget deh..dan dong gw baru berasa ini pas di Bali Dec kemaren ini. Bukan karena holiday mood yang ok banget jadinya gw hepi yah, tapi more to..gw liat banyak orang2 yang ga punya apa yang kita punya tapi mereka itu full of joy, and I think that is happiness.

Gw ketemu sopir kita yang go with the flow banget, dia bilang " idup kan uda ada kehendakNYA, kalo kita lakuin yang terbaik menurut kehendak yang ngatur..ya ga usah khawatir soal rejeki " simple yah pemikirannya, dan gw ngeliat dia kok bawaannya senyum mulu, uda gocap dan jadi kakek tapi masih aja seger buger dan awet muda. Ga kayak gw yang waktu itu mutusin buat berenti kerja dan akhirnya stress sendiri karena bingung mo ngapain, sampe sempet stay up 24 jam cuma buat bengong2 di balkon.

Dan juga, gw berasa gw lately ga gitu happy karena gw ga do something for others. 
Belakangan gw banyak nerima dari orang terus..tapi ga give back.

Ternyata serving other is a tools of happiness juga yah. Gw baru ngeh-nya tuh kemaren malem, pas gw liat foto2 gw, bang Arip sama bonyok gw waktu kita ke Bintan, ngeliatin foto bonyok gw happy jalan2 di tempat yang menurut gw mehong gila dan ga enak itu, gw jadi berasa it's all worth it.

Trus as simple as ngajarin babe gw pake henpon touch screen, yang sulid banget loh dimengerti sama angkatan babe kita, sampe akhirnya dia berhasil kutak kutik dan nelpon gw pake henpon touch screennya, trus bilang " Ca, jelas ga suara Papa? ini henpon bagus suaranya loh ca ". Ngeliat bokap gw excited over touch screen henpon bikin gw hepi juga :)

Lalu ternyata rapiin tas backpackernya abang Arip en dia blg " Thank u baby " itu juga bikin gw hepi loh, mungkin Tank of love gw tuh act of service and affirmation words kali yah? entah juga sih.


Aku lagi berasa di atas awan juga untuk urusan kantor *toss convetti!
Aku dapet bonus cakep angkanya :) dan juga pas performance review kemaren..gw rada deg-degan juga ama hasilnya, karena yg nge-review gw itu dr HQ..bukan boss gw yang mejeng di kantor SG.
jadi kan takut berasanya ga fair,  " dia berada jauh disana..dan aku di sini..berharap tinggi dari layar laptop! " - ayo tebak dari lagu apa?

 Ada kali review nya ampir sejem, lewat google hangout :P
Dan bo, aku dapet A! total 86% dan rata2 far exceeded expectation.
~ Hip hip Hore! ~
* Beneran berasa balik ke masa sekolah nungguin hasil exam keluar deh bo*

Sekarang lagi nunggu gaji naek berapa aja neh, moga2 cukup nutupin tax gw yang naek 10% taon ini.
Yaoloo..tax..tax..sedih ati gw.


Lalu aku juga lagi gundah lalala (lagi!) dan kali ini bukan karena drakor-sungguh.
Tapi soal kemana gw bakal tinggal ke depannya, Indo? SG? ato balik ke NZ?

As of now, gw happy di SG..kerjaan, make up job, blogging opportunity, semuanya favour banget ke gw. Tapi pas gw mikirin, apa gw mau gedein anak gw di SG? gw kok agak ragu ya..ga ada yang salah sama SG sih sebenernya, cuman bang Arip bilang " kesian liat anak-anak di SG..kok kayaknya sekolahnya sulid amat yah? PR segambreng dll " Dan keliatan banget si abang mau anaknya sekolah di NZ, dan gw juga mau aja anak gw dapet pendidikan yang santai. - Ini calon emak-emak males ngajarin anak belajar ni kayaknya - hahaha..

Gw sendiri yang lulusan Indo, berasa sampah abis belajar PPKN, ngapalin nama menteri menteri, pramuka, dll lah. Yang buntut-buntutnya ga kepake itu semua di kuliah, apalagi kerjaan sekarang.

Jadi beginilah kegundahan ku ini..


Rasanya sayah perlu belajar untuk go with the flow ya!


January 21, 2013

Bio-essence Bio-Spring Water review and giveaway!

Sponsored review


If you are a bit sceptical about " another " face spray in town, 
I think I understand where you are coming from. 

I've tried and tested many of the face spray wondering what is inside this bottle of " water " and why would I pay for such more than a normal mineral water for drink? *technically, it is still a water, right? I can just splash it to my face and voila..same result - maybe.*

Another question that crossed my mind was " Does this actually could help in improving my skin? " Or it is just another way of marketing strategy making more $Kaching? 

In any way of what, why and how, I am still a user of face spray. ^^
For not caring so much about what I got from using it, and why am I still buying it, also not sure on how this could improved my skin, I keep misting my face for the sake of the cooling and soothing effect of it.

So when the sponsorship mail came for trying out Bio-essence Bio-Spring water, I said YES!!

 photo photo1-1.jpg

" 20 Marvelous Results for Hair, Face & Body

Uniquely low in mineral content yet rich in trace minerals to ensure 2X cooling, soothing, softening, moisturizing and anti-irritating effects.

Ideal for all skin types, Bio-essence Bio-Spring Water is the coolest spring water that yields the best soothing, anti-irritation and calming effects on skin. Adapting unique Bio-technology to combine Spring Water and Bio-Energy Fluid, Bio- Spring Water contains trace mineral to create energy to stimulate blood and oxygen circulation. "

Btw, the company dare to Guarantee* instant results after initial use!
Awesome awesome!


I've been using this for the last 2 weeks and still loving it, and weirdly..it does makes my make up stay longer too.

So now, I am inviting you to " like " my blog facebook page, HERE and get a chance to try out a travel size bottle of Bio essence- Bio spring water. I have 2 bottles to be shared with you all! Originally, I have 3 bottles, but my Mom took one as she loveeeeeeees the product so much after trying out mine.
~ Am gonna pick the lucky you randomly ~

Start " like " ing the page in getting this awesome face spritz!
Drop me your name in the comment below or in my email

 photo photo2-1.jpg

January 20, 2013

New Biore Facial Foam!

Sharing up:
So, to try out the 1 minute wonder they claim to received after using the Biore new series,
I go for these 2 lovely tubes of :

Biore for Radiant refined skin (scrub)
Biore for Moist supple skin

First of all, who doesn't know " Biore " when it comes to face cleanser category?
But do you that the new Biore series has a higher cleansing ability? It also low in skin irritation as the cleansing chemical does not penetrate into the skin?

Basically, (here is the good news for us) it is the first cleanser that works to rebalance our skin.
Reduce oil in T-zone and replenish the moisture at U-zone.

See the 2 different texture of it?
Biore extra moist comes in a more concentrated for compare to the lighter and scrubby texture of the Biore scrub

I personally loves the Biore facial foam extra moist more than the other on. I love the supple-ness I got after every wash, and kinda like to " boing boing " effect on the skin, and it doesn't dry up my skin.

 photo 89C86C96-C467-4D61-AE79-D29FB8389AAF-1033-000001624D08E8D5.jpg

I found the Biore facial foam scrub tend to give a tight feeling after I used it.
Although I must say, a clean mint feeling after using the Biore facial foam scrub is not a doubt, I just don't like the tight after use feeling of it. But If you don't have any problem with that, just go ahead and experience a new level of Biore facial cleanser.

*The Biore Facial Foam Series is available at Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, Unity and other majore departmental stores.

January 14, 2013

Santa Etude & Life after Christmas...

I am sending one big hug and kisses to Vivian from Etude Singapore :)
Thank you for this lovely surprise and being a Santa for my Christmas present.


Inget ga sih waktu itu gw nulis gw pengen banget sama Etionette collectionnya Etude buat Christmas gift gw?
Waktu gw nulis itu, beneran itu ga di sponsor loh..cuma karena gw demen liatnya ini pink pink lucu amat seeeh? jadinya gw iseng pajang potonya disini..trus yah, besoknya..di kantor gw " ting tong " gitu..dan gw liat ada orang bawa kantong " Etude "...OMG! mereka kirimin gw loh barang2 yang gw mau..
- gw ampe terharu pisan -

Gw inget mereka pernah minta alamat gw buat database mereka..dan ternyata buat kado ini juga :)
Sumpe sayah seneng.


Pas gw dapet kotaknya, gw langsung buka en gw obrak abrik isinya..cakeeep deh.


Ada bulu bulu blush on yang ujungnya ada warna pink gitu..

Trus blush highlighter yang gw tulis kalo gw pengen..

Ama tempatnya..

Trus dapet cermin juga..

Dan lipstik pink yang gw pake di foto ini..

Gw seneng banget kalo ternyata mereka bacain blog gw, dan mereka care gitu ama apa yang gw suka dan dikirimin sesuai yang gw mau :)

Walo pas barang2 model ginian dateng ke kantor,
orang kantor gw tuh yang.." OMG Elrica..another sponsorship? "
- Kalo kata engkong gw, rejeki jangan ditolak..diseleksi aja-

Jadi begitulah awal kenapa sekarang make up corner gw semakin menggunung dan siap gw hibah hibahkan :)
Apa buat kuis aja ya? hadiahnya mumpung lagi banyak :P

Trus sekilas milas *apa coba* soal awal taon 2013 gw:
Gw sakit! dan malesin banget dah sakitnya itu pas gw terbang ke Pekanbaru buat kawinan sodaranya Arip..
Dimulai dari awal pemberkatan di gereja..gw uda mulai sumeng sumeng gajebo.

Dandan teteup on, tapi kalo yang namanya sakit..mata tuh ga bisa bo'ong yah?
Liat deh poto gw yang dibawah ini, dah ayu tapi mata gw sayu beneeer..heran.


Trus pas acara pestanya, gw dandan heboh POL!
Lipstik merah, lens pink, rambut sasakan, baju korsetan yang uda mantep dah!


Tapi dong bo, gw cuma ikutan tepai lalu aku naek ke kamar, TIDUR!
Mubazir lah hasil karya gw malem itu. Sebal.com.
Baju da bikin bagus bagus pun jadi mubazir..haeh!

Trus di awal taon 2013 ini gw berasa gw tau untuk taon ini apa yang mesti gw lakuin..selaen hal hal normal dan jalanin semua blessing yang gw dapet..gw mesti belajar ignore orang yang suka show off tahap akut, dan  anggep angin lewat untuk orang-orang yang attack daku on and off line :P

Baru awal taon loh, gw langsung " Bam! " ketemua orang yang ga ada angin ga ada ujan bisa bilang..
" eh..gw mo beli X loh "
" Nanti gw mo buat A, B, C "
" Barang D sih ga seberapa lah..bisa lah "

Dan X, A, B,C and D disini adalah barang yang bukan gaji standard SG sebulan bisa dapet ya..as if uang segitu tuh gampang banget di dapetnya and just a piece of cake. cheap.

Tapi dong, eke tau gaji orang yang ngomong begitu pas gw bandingin sama gaji gw kalo di negaranya..gaji level gw masih 20K/annum lebih tinggi. Tapi emang, kalo ngomong soal kopet..orang itu menang..jadi mungkin tabungannya banyak, sedangkan gw..ga ada duitnya. :P

Gw sampe mabok loh, lalu gw ngobrol2 sama satu temen gw dan cerita soal bragger ini, karena gw ga abis pikir..ngapain lu brag sama gw? gw sih bukan tandingan elu man..duit gw kaga ada, dan juga gw ga berasal dari keluarga kayak kayak dia, mobil, rumah semua gw ga punya..itu kan ibarat, anak SMA ngadu mecain rumus kimia sama anak TK. Gw mikirin perilaku ini orang terus2an..karena kok yah nyombongnya ga berenti berenti yaa? heran. Tenang aja napa kalo punya duit, kenapa juga perlu banget semua orang tau lu punya duit..tapi ngeluarin duit sepeser uda kayak orang susah.

Trus setelah lama gw observed, en ngobrol ama temen gw dan dapet pencerahan..gw ngeliat ternyata perilaku dia untuk nyombong itu cuma buat nutupin rendah dirinya, jadi di titik yang dia ngerasa dia ada strength..langsung diluap-luapin seluap-luapnya..hadeuh. kesian. Trus pas gw ngobrol sama dia, gw jadi makin ngerasa..sebenernya dia orangnya baik, tapi selalu di " anggep ga mampu " terus sama pasangannya, dan sama sekitarnya, jadinya idupnya ga ada percaya dirinya sama sekali. I pity this person.
Jadinya, gw maapkanlah kesombongan dia.
* Tapi teteup gw males kalo dengerin saban hari*

Lalu, taon lalu gw cerita kan kalo gw di attack ma anonymous person yang bilang gw insecure lah gara2 pake make up dll, dan yang gw cari emailnya online tapi ga nemu..jadi yasudalahya! Nah kali ini gw nemu lagi orang yang gw bingung; ngapain blog walking ke blog yang bikin lu sebel tapi tetep juga lu buka? dan kalo kasih komen tu nyepet bener...
*kalo gw rajin, gw approved komennya..kalo lagi kelewat kasar, gw delete aja komennya*

Gw kasih contoh ya..
Gw ga keberatan kok, kalo terima komen yang bilang

" El, make up lu ga bagus de..coba kalo gini gini gitu gitu.."
- positive, I like it.ini malah ngebangun gw-

tapi kalo gw terima komen yang model

" El, make lu ga bagus deh! coba lu belajar make up lagi sana! ga ngenakin liat muka lu "
- pengen liat deh mang muka lu secakep apa seh?-

Menurut lu reaksi gw gimana?
Kalo si penulis ngarep dengan komen sampah gini gw bakal stop pajang muka gw, dan mulai rendah diri gara2 komen ga mutu gini..ya rugi di gw dong! Orang laen ga ada yg komen kayak beliau kok yee!
Gw langsung dong buka blog si tukang komen, pengen liat emang seberapa hebat sih yang nulis, napa ninggalin komen di blog orang kayaknya dia hebaaat amat! Pinter bener..nyuruh nyuruh orang and assuming kanan kiri top abis. Tapi eh, setelah gw liat blog nya..gw mutusin..untuk let it go lagi aja ah..buang-buang waktu gw aja ladenin orang kayak gini.

Haeh! gitu lah 2 minggu pertama gw di bulan January ini..nemu highlight yang macam begini.

Semoga di taon 2013 ini gw ga nemu orang orang yang aneh aneh lagi dah!
Dan buat temen temen semua...

Happy new year! 

Telat be'eng :P
Biar taon ini jadi taon yang lebih Ok dari taon yang lalu yah.
Hip hip Horray!


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