January 12, 2013

Talika Lipocils & Black and Talika Skin Retouch

Sometimes ago, I was invited for Talika short briefing on Lipocils & Black.
Actually it is not something new to me as I am a Talika Lipocils user :)

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Not sure if this awesome legendary Lipocils need further introduction, but let me tell you if you have a thin and short eyelashes like me, you might want to get one of this and start experience and believing that actually that hopeless lashes could be saved. ^^

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And the latest range of Lipocils & Black actually comes really handy in conditioning the lashes and dressing up the eyes in the flash. I personally using this on daily basis and LOVING it to the max!
Try it! Try it!

I really don't know how to write more about this product o_O'
If you ask me, what is so special about it? and why would you buy it?
I think I can only say

" It works! "

Try the 28 days challenge of Lipocils!
It contains 12 botanicals that stimulate growth up to 2.5mm in 28 days :)
If you have done this, share your story with me please ^^

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I got the special one! see.. there is my name on it ^^
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The second product I want to share from Talika collection is:

* Too be honest, I was a bit sceptical about this product..
it's like " how can a product give a skin retouch effect? " 

So I tried on Mom's face :P
Mom is in her 60's and have quite a wrinkle on her neck..So I applied this skin retouch before the base make up, and see it with your eyes on how this products work it's wonder!
* I swear! I didn't do any editing on her face and neck * - but I put make up on her :)

I would say, the skin retouch work amazingly on her neck skin, look at how the Talika skin retouch act as a wrinkle filler and also giving Mom a more radiant skin.

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You be the judge! Do you this Talika Skin retouch works?

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