February 29, 2012

Boots, Maybeline, Revlon, Sana and my interview..

I got one awesome interview 2 days ago, It was for Japanese cosmetics MNC.
It's sound so beautiful to me and I was very excited to meet the PIC to discuss further on how I suits the job.
Basically he said " You are a strong candidate and I only recommended you to this MNC, there is no other candidate " - Hopefully that is true. Because I want this job.

Doaken saiyah yaaaa.
Kalo gw dapet kerjaan ini, akan gw adain amal ibadah di blog ini..LOL.
Apa coba....

Kata orangnya, company ini ada allowance untuk grooming..$350 tiap bulan!
Bang Arip, kalo aku dapet kerjaan ini..ongkos maintanance kecantikan daku ada yang tanggung loh.
AMIN AMIN AMIN dapet dong!

*semoga heaven baca blog gw dan Tuhan denger doa gw*
Segitunya...ya iyalah!


Product review time!

*Yang ga suka baca product review maap maap dulu yah..jadi ceritanya blog gw ke shortlisted sama salah satu beauty website yang super gede di Singapore untuk jadi product reviewer mereka, dan gw harap gw bisa jadi finalis beauty reviewer mereka supaya gw dapet banyak produk2 gratis gitu - gratisan aja demen -
Hehehehe..ya begitulah..*

Revlon New Complexion 2 way cake

Its 2 in 1 cream to powder formula,
not very strong in coverage but its good enough to even out the skin tone and it's very smooth.
Oh, this one feels really light on skin..so if you are looking the "everyday " 2 way cake, you can consider this one..but do not expect a medium-full coverage.

Con: Ugly packaging.

Daiso eyelash

I don't normally complain over Daiso's stuff because it's simply $2..but this one..ermm..just don't buy it.

Liquid eyebrow

We normally wear liquid eyeliner, not eyebrow pencil right?
and here it is..the liquid eyebrow..pencil? marker?

I bought dark ash brown color!
and the winning point of this eyebrow stick..you can swim with it..
and it will still stay on your face.

I'm gonna do the water test on my hand..

I put it in running water for couples of minutes..

And it still there..

So, No more alien looking eyebrow on swimming session. :P


The Magnum  Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara

I have a very thin and soft eyelashes, and I think this mascara helps a bit in defining my lashes.
But it does make a dramatic change on my lower lashes.

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Boots Lip liner

Anybody loving this brand?
*me! -raise my hand- *

I think it's cheap and it's good, 
If you notice..I used to use the Dry Shampoo from this brand as well..
Bought it back in Bangkok.

And this time, my Thai friend went back to Thailand and I requested her to get me the lip pencil and for total of this 2 lip liner, she charged me $17. I don't know how much they are selling in Thailand, from the website it s actually half of the price. Anyway, here are the 2 colors..

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Left: Melon
Right: Plum

Which color is better?


February 20, 2012

Supaa Long post!

 Ini postingan bakal panjang aje, tahan tahan ya..

Few stuff to share on this crazy and hectic week!

Valentines day, my birthday, the photoshots for this high end socialita and the musical performance, 
that was all for my last week schedule.

I'm tired and feel blessed still.

Before I share my birthday photos, birthday brunch and birthday dinner, I wanna share this little love i found lately.

1. This Velcro whatever..
to hold your hair when you are doing your make up or washing your face.

The photo below was taken after I wash my face and whipping my hair to the front and back, look at the velcro..it's still hanging on strong there on my fringe. LOL

( ini nahan rambut kayak kawat nyamuk euy)

2. Wisteria collection from Crabtree and Evelyn.
I got this from Arief's cousin, Yessy. She got this lovely smell of soap and other products for me. (thanks babe) 

Do we have Wisteria collection in Singapore Crabtree & Evelyn?

This whole little package smells so floral (obviously) and fresh in the same time.
I love it!

3. OPI shatter nail polish

I got this from the sweet sweet Rebecca, thank u dear! Love the color.
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

I really like the red shades on my skin.
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

4. New D300
It's second hand camera..and my new love!

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Next, my 28th birthday.
Quiet and all about food.

I didn't do any party or celebration, just a little cutting cake after midnight..
this is kinda my and Arief's tradition since we moved to Singapore and I hope to keep continue doing this every year.

I picked this cake and loving it.

I'm thankful for my life.

For the love and the opportunity I have

And for all the friends and "friends" that comes and go in my life.

Thank u Lord.

Lalu tanggal 16 nya..Arip ambil 1/2 day leave trus kita pergi ke Wild honey untuk bruch.
Enak euy!
Ambience nya, makanannya, enak semuanya.

Banyak tante tante jepun disana.

Went there for breakfast menu:




And I made my birthday dinner:

Rock melon and Parma ham

Garlic salt and pepper prawn.

Olive based pasta with Bacon bits

Gw hepi with so many new blessings!
Bener-bener ga bisa berenti untuk all the good things that happened in my life, my family, Arief, friends and my Bubbly brush.

Oh, Sabtu kemaren..Bubbly brush dapet kesempetan untuk in charge di make up department
untuk main cast SIM Musical
"The Broken String"

Jadi, mulai dari bikin face chart, hair style untuk setiap main cast nya sampe lighting test semuanya dikerjain sama Bubbly brush. I'm proud and happy for this opportunity as well.

Big thanks to Melissa Bombie for the awesome extra hands and Arief for the documentation.

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Here is some of the stage photos

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Photo backstage nya nanti aku post di postingan terpisah ^^

Oh, one great news lagi..

Cousin nya Arip ngelahirin..it's a baby boy!

" Hello Reynard "

February 15, 2012

Today's story..

Went for interview as make up artist to one of the quite awesome local production house.

And without " so tell me about yourself " as the first question, immediately  the interviewer goes like " do you have your portfolio with u? "

Then i was like " yeah.." taking out my  ipad and showed him wut i have in hand. *nervous...waiting..and ..waiting..* and finally he said 

" u are very talented! But i'm affraid this post is not something that you look forward to do..i can see you with ur talent could go far and more than just doing make up for photoshots..maximum you will stay for one year  just to build your contacts and start expanding your freelance job"

Seneng bener loh pas denger komennya..:)

Tapi in the same time..Gw shock bo! Blak blak an amat ni producer..and gw lebih shock lagi pas gw liat pay scheme for junior MUA nya..its so so low..even lower than admin job.  Dan pas gw kasih tau arip the pay..he was like " rendah amaaaaat!!! " ~ sedih dah ~

Kalo mo dibandingin..gaji gw 2 hari freelance di bulan ini = 2 minggu gaji in house MUA di company ini.

When he saw my hesitation on the number..The producer offered me a " freelance " position for now and another advise like " why don't you go for more experience and come back here as senior MUA so we can talk again on the pay scheme ?"  hemmm..interesting..

And i met one model during the interview, damn gorgeous guy! A very unique features Mix caucassian and oriental look. Woow!
* lap iler * coba kalo pas sekalian. Test skill..shading perut gitu..mantap dah! ~ sayangnya engga ~ hehehehe..

Ah sekian cerita hari ini..besok aku beday loh! 16 feb! Selametin dan doakan aku untuk semua muanya..:)


February 10, 2012

Little happiness and the look!

I feel blessed and loved by God and people, and I am so thankful for every little happiness that happens in my life.

Just like a simple email from Cosmopolitan Indonesia magazine that send me a gorgeous invitation of *one of my favorite brand* launching! It does put a smile on my face.

"Maybe some of u are one famous blogger that might be raising ur eyebrow by reading this and said

"really..happy over this lil invitation? I got it all the time"

Well, Good on ya!
but yes to me it's the first time receiving launching invitation in a fashion world,
eventho I couldn't attend it, I still feel happy because my little humble blog gives me the opportunity to be recognized by Cosmopolitan Indonesia magazine.

Am I being over reacted? maybe!
But when your turn is come, you will know how it feel
and for the famous blogger..u do remember how u felt back then.

 So I feel love is in the air..
Thank u God.


 Now, here it goes..

The purplish Valentines day look!
Requested by Angel-fanie and Inge ^^

At first, I'm not so sure about the color on my eyes! 
Purple? hemmm...*not a real fans of purple*

So I just tried to do the look and I end up loving it, so please welcome my purplish
Valentines look.

I'm sorry for the tired looking eyes, I've been having trouble in sleeping for the last one week.
And I guess it's pretty obvious on this picture.

To start the look, I put my Kryolan orange stick around my eyes to cover my super serious dark circle and it's not covering really well..damn! I need 13 hours of sleep I gez. T_T

After the concealer, I put my Revlon Photoready in 003 shell and set it with Revlon photoready powder in light/fair.

Next, I take a very solid matte purple eyeshadow and apply it at the corner of my eyes with a flat brush, start blend the color towards half of your eyes and on your lower lid close to your lash line as well.

Then I'll go for the same purple shades with 3-4 tone lighter to blend it towards my inner corner.
I choose a shimmery light gold color for my inner corner, because I want to make my eyes look brighter and less tired.

Do highlight your brow bone and blend it downward a bit towards the purple color.
Frame your upper lashline with a black eyeliner in crayon form so it's easier for you to blend it.
We want it make it slightly smokey to avoid the purple candy color for your date night.
This look, was my 2nd attempt to do the purplish look..and I create a sharper shape at the end of the eyes. I'll show the rounder shape that I did on my first attempt at the end of this posting.

Choose your favorite fake eyelash and u're done with the eyes!

Choose a fresh blush color to compliment the look, 
don't go for something that is too pinkish or too peachy.
Keep the lips simple and natural.
I use only lipbalm on this look.

Man, I'm seriously look like I just wake up and apply make up.

Oh, do contour and highlight if you have a flat feature like mine..trust me..it helps ^^

And these pictures below, are the 1st attempt that I did.
The exact same color with a little different in blending and the eyeshadow shape.

Enjoy your purplish valentines look, do share with me your pictures if you creates any valentines look!

Happy valentines ladies!
Share the love and feel it.



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