August 20, 2015

Breakfast Ideas in da house!

Do you guys remember when I said i feel lonely after my moving to Auckland? Weirdly, and thankfully, cooking helps me to cope with the changes in my life! 

Today, i took a moment to finally sorting out the cause of me feeling shit and grateful in the same time for the last 8 weeks here. I think the main reasons are being far away from SG friends and family, and the changes from a vibrant Singapore to the Aotearoa

Anyhooo, I am so ready to start rolling my life here and I am so excited to show you guys, my cooking! 

Daku pamer pamer hasil makanan yah! Let me know if you want a recipe or perhaps cooking tutorial? Hahaha -sok abiez-

Egg Benedict.

Enough of spending $18-$22 for a plate of 2 eggs with Hollandaise sauce, bread, bacon, and some salad. And top up $3 for sauted mushroom. Can you imagine what can you get for $25? In pak&save (macam fair price di sg, and carrefour kl di jakarta) I can get a 30pcs tray of eggs, 1 bag of bacon, and 1 big bag of mushroom. Enough for almost the whole month breakfast. :)  

I know the reason we eat this dishes out for the sauce and ambience, ay? And i know too, that it is pretty annoying to make the hollandaise sauce. But believe me, if a noob cook like myself can nailed it, you definitely can too. The secret is to have a constant stirring. 

Avocado + Egg on toast. Green juice.

This combination is the bomb! Avocado work as mayo replacement, and all you have to do is to mashed the avocado with the hard boiled egg, sprinkle some salt and pepper. Done! 

The green juice to me is a definite refresher in our breakfast routine, try kiwi and apple combination. Yumm! 

Still Egg Benedict

Let's simplify this fancy breakfast by making a cup from bread and oven toasted those in muffin tray. Put up the pouch egg, and top it up with Bacon, Dill and the Hollandaise sauce (again).

Bak Chor Mee

This is one of the typical Singapore breakfast. The direct translation will be " Minced Meat Noodle ", and we have been craving for this since the day we landed in Auckland. So, i decided to made one for family. 

I boiled the noodle and serve it with the Mince pork with mushroom in soya and vinegar sauce, ikan bilis, fried shallots, beefball, friend pork and shrimp ball. We enjoyed to the bit of it, and definitely "worth waking up" kind of breakfast.

Hope this will inspire you guys to start cooking at home and eat together with your family. Karena eh, belakangan gw nyadar..especially buat kita yg tinggal di luar negeri jauh dr keluarga, moment bisa makan bareng family itu precious banget don't take it for granted. 

August 10, 2015

The day when everything feels wrong!

If there are day like that, today is the day where i feel terribly sucks. I woke up feeling cold with 2 degrees in auckland morning and I try to made my Monday Morning Moment felt better with a cup of warm black coffee. 

It did boost up my mood a lil, but shortly after - the little one decided to test my patience to the level that i decided to completely ignore him. Like completely. I let him threw his stuff, i let him refused his lunch, I didn't play with him, I just idle-ing in my corner-typing on my iphone and i didn't feel guilty about it. 

I guess part of it because i feel tired. Since my moving to Auckland, we got a way bigger house than out apartment in Singapore. I tried so freaking hard to keep it in place because i am tired to be the one that family blame for a messy house. One family member did say " This beautiful house will be messy once A & E become the owner. " That was a wtf moment, that i sucked to my gut without having a chance to explain myself. 

On the other note, if you asked "Does life treat my nice in Auckland?" It indeed is. But today, not in the mood for being grateful - and I feel like ranting it all out. 

August 04, 2015

Welcoming August!

Weee time flies! Just when we thought life in New Zealand will run slower, it soars faster than ever! Life is awesome here, but I feel terribly lonely. My goodness, I never expected this kind of calmness could stressing me out. I supposed to feel Zen and calm, but indeed I am feeling the opposite. Anyone feeling the same when you are moving overseas?

Ini kok rasanya hampa di dada seh? hahahaha..sulid abis buat dijelasin, tapi rasanya kayak jauh gitu dari semuanya, even dari diri sendiri. Aduh, gundah ga ada ujungnya.

Settling down
Smoothly!We finally got a tenant for our Singapore's condo ~ ou yeah! At least for the next 24 months, we are good! Hopefully, they will take care the place nicely.

Kita dapet tenant orang Jepun, semoga ni family rapi dan ga jorok! Dan juga, dengan dapetnya tenant ini, beban kita di SG uda beres! Semuanya settle and we are ready to roll di Auckland.

Work life
Super busy and one of the best environment I could ever asked for. I have kind manager, extremely helpful colleagues, and generally people are nicer in this place. I am amazed with their warmness and hospitality.

Orang disini baek bener! terlepas dari basa basi ato engga, mereka generally ramah and helpful. Mendingan lah ya daripada dijutekin mulu macam di negara sebelon ini.

Pinkbuble In Da House
Now that I am out and away from my Singapore Beauty Blogger life, I feel that I want to start something fresh, something exciting for you and me, and something that get me excited to write and share about things that matters to me the most. I have few things in mind, and would like you to let me know your thoughts, yes?

Bapak ibu, monggo diisi yah poll nya - ini ceritanya gw pengen nulis, tapi mo nulis opo to ya? banyak ide tapi bingung mo mulai darimana..hahaha..ini rencana mo nge record youtube make up tutorial pun ga jadi jadi..hadeuh..bantulah saya men-decide topik, ok?

What do you like to see in my blog?

Make Up By Bubbly Brush
Is back! Woohoooo..I am so excited to share that I will be start doing some beautiful and gorgeous ladies as my portfolio! ..and..dadadam, I will be start shooting them as well. I want to start my long awaited passion and creates people memories, although I still do not know where this will take me too, but I am going to give it a go.

Wish me luck!

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