January 30, 2013

New hair for CNY!

Am back to Salon De Choix for my CNY hair make over!
3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1, Singapore, 
Singapore s239519
6836 2959


It's been 6 month I am in the same hairstyle, everything is so 2012 and I want a makeover!
  photo D981CFB9-3C12-4B57-8EA3-5B99C35CECBB-2657-0000024A0BC9ECFF.jpg
So Sharon - the founder & director in Salon de Choix pick a new look for me.

It started with changing my ashy dull brown hair and a good hair treatment to get the shine back.

 photo photo1-4.jpg

  photo photo3-2.jpg

 photo photo2-3.jpg

My new gorgeous colour by L'oreal DIArichesse DIAlight series.
 This series is suitable for natural or coloured hair, and great to cover the grey hair too.
So it works as giving the highlight first on your natural hair and giving you a high shine result.

 photo photo4-1.jpg

This time, instead of red..Sharon chose a cooper colour as an accent on the inner layer :)

 photo photo2-2.jpg

 photo photo3-1.jpg 

And I am totally love my new look!
 photo 58E551E5-BD1A-4BB9-B70E-9E600E73DC54-2657-0000025F75036DAB.jpg

 photo photo1-3.jpg

For my readers or friends that happened to be in Singapore, remember to quote 

" Elrica-Pinkbuble"
To enjoy 15% disc of the Salon service.

And currently Salon de Choix is having a CNY promotion!
 photo 9D2ED658-8F42-4AA0-9B12-911AC7A08D94-2948-0000026682C07C16.jpg 
 Go and get your CNY make over just like mine!


This is the before and after look!
Which look do you think more suitable for me?
 photo CF0797E8-AFAC-4F86-B485-243F19D354FF-2657-0000023BEA15720D.jpg


  1. prefer new look ce~~ jadi keliatan imut.. >_<

  2. So cute.. love the bangs especially... <3


  3. the new hairdo makes u look younger and fresher,darl!

  4. yang kanannnnn kereeenn, kesannya jd lbh muda dan fresh :D

  5. Ih bagus bangeeeett!! Gw pengen deh rambut yang layer dalemnya berwarna gitu. Tapi apa daya, saya alergi, huhuhuhu....
    Btw el, tak bosan2nya gw mengagumi kulit muka lo. Alus banget deh....

  6. jd imut el pake poni gitu...trus bulu matanya bikin elo kaya boneka deh :)

  7. kalo sudah saatnya gunting rambut, gw pngen bawa contoh model rambut u yg terbaru ini ke salon ah :D

  8. iihhh si mbak ini rambut nya di gmanain juga ttep aja cantik :D

  9. Yg rambut item itu bikin lo keliatan lebih unyu dan muda lo El. ^_^

  10. bagusan yg skrg EL, pake poni lebi cute :)


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