March 31, 2014

A good journey with Sk-II

It's coming to the end of March and this means that it has been almost a good 3 months since I religiously started my SK-II regime.
And my skin has never been this good!
My skin has finally achieved a consistent, plump “boing boing” effect and the much talked about “crystal clear skin”.

If you are new to my blog and ready to ask me on what SK-II products I use in the comment box, let me once again take you through my regime.
Of course, do remember to take the Magic Ring test before purchasing any SK-II products. In my opinion, the Pitera Facial Treatment Essence trial kit is a good investment to start with.
So, my skincare regime comprises these products:

I personally think the SK-II product combination in my regime complements each other and works well in achieving the crystal clear skin that I always wanted. I'm thankful for the decision I took years ago to switch my skincare to SK-II and to have stuck with it through the years.
Do check out the SK-II website for more information, or if you want to find out more about the Pitera Essence trial kit that I have been using these past three months, you can check it out HERE. Lastly, please subscribe to the SK-II newsletter to get updates on the latest news about SK-II.
I hope SK-II works as well for you as it does for me.
'Till the next update! Stay pretty! Stay healthy!
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March 28, 2014

Chinoshio - baby powder detergent

To come and think about it, my blogging journey has brought me to the level of experience, where by I am not and no longer " just " that beauty blogger, but it's far and beyond than just a lady writing review about beauty products.

This blog has become my journey, a kind that I jot down and shared it virtually with people around the world - yeap, my google analytics just proves me that this blog goes as far as Russia -
and I couldn't be happier that along the journey, I made friends with the fellow bloggers and of course from the brand that i work with before.

Just like the kind people from Beauty Direct that keeps bringing the good stuff of beauty and now baby products to Singapore. If you heard about the famous Starlash eyelashes (that I love so much), Fernanda, JUJU, White label and many more good stuff that made in Japan, they are all from Beauty Direct.

I love them and love the way they shar their awesome products :)
Just like this Chinoshio baby powder detergent that I use in lil love laundry.

I like the fine texture and non perfume powder detergent for lil love, and this Chinoshio fit the criteria. Ever since I become a mom, I very much care about what's gentle to lil love skin more than I care about my skin..and thank goodness this Chinoshio powder detergent is gentle to skin and environmental friendly. 

It doesn't create any foam, and work wonders in removing baby food stain, and any other stain on lil love clothes.Ugh, u know how messy baby clothes could be when they are starting eating solid.

So far, this detergent doesn't create any problem in lil love skin and with the compact packaging..I think it's suitable to bring it along for a holiday. - just in case you need to wash your lil love clothes -

Available at Beauty Direct website and Isetan.

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March 26, 2014

Jimmy Choo Exotic - Eau De Toilette

 Based on the successful Jimmy Choo signature fragrance, this new limited edition fragrance gives a twist to summer with its sexy, colorful and glamorous design.

With a blends of refreshing and sparkling notes of blackcurrant sorbet and bright zesty notes of pink grapefruit, this Eau De Toilette suits my preference and definitely my choice for a pure escape in fruity scent.

Inspired by the phyton shoes and accessories created by Jimmy Choo fashion, this Exotic packaging caught my eye when I walk pass by the Jimmy Choo counter in Paragon.
The design and the overall look really mimic a scale of phyton skin.

When I open the packaging..
A bright and eye catchy coral color totally steal my attention, I mean as a fans of something bold and beautiful how can I not notice this piece of art - this architectural bottle is definitely a turn head material.

The fragrance itself comes with a strong blackcurrent sorbet and Pink grapefruit scent in first glance, then a subtle passion flower with a hint of Raspberry and patchouli.
For some people it might be too strong at first, but give this scent to finally blend in with your scent and skin, then you will finally found the lovely scent.

Eau De Toilette 100ml - SGD145
Eau De Toilette 60 ml - SGD112
Available at Metro Paragon

“Intoxicating and sexy, EXOTIC is meant for women with strong personalities and a
hint of playfulness, women with irresistible magnetism who create surprise and
amazement in everyone who crosses their path,” 
- Sandra Choi, Creative Director at Jimmy Choo -
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March 25, 2014

G9 treatment from Mary Chia

I am back with my Mary Chia treatment update!
I know I've not been updating about my Mary Chia treatment for the last 2 weeks, that is because I couldn't go to the outlet as no one taking care of the little one.

I will start going again soon, BUT today, I would like to let you know that AMAZING-ly during the 2 weeks my stay at home, I keep continue losing some weight! *wohooooo*
How awesome is that?

When Vivian (the assistant branch manager - Goldhill Outlet) told me that actually I can lose some weight even after the treatment, I was like " how can it be POSSIBLE? "
I mean " really??" " how is the logic?" But I guess this is what makes Mary Chia the trusted slimming specialist by Celebrity!
I am not celebrity though, but I trust them in getting my pre pregnancy figure. :)


Anyway! I am sharing one of my favorite treatment that helps my lower abs to shrink :)
It's Mary Chia Body Contouring Programme.

I am loving this treatment because I feel relax in a warm bed and a soft comfy blanket, while Mary Chia therapist did their wonder on my problematic area.

I am going to take you to my body contouring journey, that is effective to fix your problematic area. Not only lower abs..but it could be your thigh as well.

The first step that you will experience is the cold gel application on the problematic area.

Then it comes the hands operating machine that works wonder in breaking the fat tissue under your skin.

The 45 mins treatment ends with mask application that will leave my (and also your) skin smooth and comfortable. The funny facts about this mask is; it will start with a cold mask application and it gets warm and warmer afterwards.

I recommend this treatment! 
Sometimes, you need help to break that stubborn fat cells under your skin.

Call Irene or Vivian in 6250 7949 to know more about this treatment.
This is my favourite Mary Chia outlet. 
183/185 Goldhill Centre
Thomson Road
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March 20, 2014

a touch of Salon De Choix

 I got my hair done in Salon De Choix again!
 I actually still like the hair texture Sharon did to my hair from the previous visit.
She always know how to keep my hair prep and ready for any occasion.

This was my hair - loving the " just get up from bed " look in this photo below :)

I did some colouring with the inner ombre thingy of red and light cooper color.
Following the process with the Kerastase concrete pixelist treatment.

..and wrap up the whole look with Kerastase Chroma Captive mask to keep my hair soft and well treated. It is important to always keep the healthy hair, apart from the hair folicle issue - I personally think healthy hair makes you look like you take care of yourself well. :)

This is my new hair.
It's straight and I don't like straight hair.
I like my hair to be more volume, more texture and just big.

But i am loving the colour!!! So, if you like the color as well and would like to have one like this, go to Salon De Choix and look for Ricky - tell him you want a hair like mine.

3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1
Singapore, Singapore s239519
 6836 2959

Like I said, I love permed, wavy, volume and bouncy hair!
So I curl my hair with Babyliss Nano curl..and..


My favourite hair styling!

You can see the technique Ricky did to my hair complements the look.

Dark brown, cooper and red combination!
super love it.

This is Ricky and he is currently running a 20% off promotion for the month of March.


And for other readers that would like to go for other stylist, quote " Elrica - Pinkbuble "
to enjoy 15% of the full services.
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