February 21, 2015

[Beauty Review] Clio Eyeliner

Having me to declare myself as beauty addict and eyeliner lover, means I tried tons of brand and types of eyeliner in the market. And what I am about to share with you today is CLIO eyeliner that just turned me as their follower. Like seriously, this is literally " a must try " if you are looking for the eyeliner that doesn't smudge an inch from your eyes.

As a make up artist, this is something that I am looking for to make sure my client looking pretty without a raccoon eyes even after 8 hours of makeup. Clio, which is a Korean brand known for it's awesome colorful eyeliner when they first launched in Singapore, and now they just bring the game to the higher level. This is the Generation new of Clio eyeliner.

Be it Pen, Pencil or Brush liner are your facourite, CLIO has it all and keep reading if you wanna know what I feel about this, and which one is my favourite type of all time. And oh, for not a black liner lover, this beautiful range comes in brown as well. Perfecto.

From Pencil to Brush, like I said - We tend to get used to one type of eyeliner to master, right?
Or should I say, one type that work best with our hands and look neat on our eyes.

Personally, I prefer pencil and brush eyeliner to finish my makeup look.
Pencil is because it's easier to control and pretty much easier to master with a practice. A to brush liner to me, will create a solid and stronger look on the eyes..and I kinda like the glossy finishing look with it.

I am using the black brush liner on the photo below, and I love how eyeliner instantly brighten up my eyes :)

And in this photo, I am using Brown Pen Liner that equally gorgeous to the eyes.
Definitely for non black liner lovers. As for me, I prefer the black one - the stronger the better.
The Pencil liner is my favourite too! Easily glide and OMG, the color stays even on the waterline. 
This really perfect for humid Singapore weather that we know, pretty capable to ruin this part, yes?
If you were to choose any of the eye look below, which of these would you prefer?
The Brush, The Pen or The Pencil liner?

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February 17, 2015

Happy 31 me!

I am 31!!
Happy birthday to me, yang dimana kalo gw tilas balik.. *halah* gw bener bener berasa I am what I am today karena God is GOOD. Kemaren di instagram (@eldiona) gw bilang kalo gw dapet hadiah paling gede seumur idup gw di ulang taon ke 31 ini. --> ini ceritanya menyusul yah! Yang pasti judulnya " Dream Come True "

Dan gw tuh punya 3 wish dan target umur 30, 2 wish so far uda kesampean..dan yang 1 lagi masi pending for approval ceritanya :D Dan kemaren pas birthday gw yang ke 31, kesampean loh wish gw yang ke 3! Gw sampe speechless dan amazed sama rencana yang Tuhan siapin. Jadi berasanya I got the biggest present ever!

Seharian gw yang ada sibuk kerja di rumah jadi ga sempet ngapa ngapain, tau tau uda jam 6 sore aja dan kita pergi dinner Chicken Rice di Wee Nam Kee sama mama gw yang kebetulan lagi disini juga. Perasaan makin tua, makin ga seru yah kalo birthday, kado uda ga kayak waktu masi kecil..dan ga ada baju baru etc etc..

Ini kue birthdayku, Red Velvet Sea Salt Caramel, enak mampus! Ethan aja sampe ngamuk gara2 gw poto poto melulu padahal dia mau makan kue nya (sebelonnya dia ketoel creme cheese nya dan ada caramelnya gitu, langsung sakau caramel mendadak). Intinya kemaren gw hepi banget banget..

Gw pernah bilang kan, gw ga hepi stay at home..karena ga ada income dan jadinya gw berasa gw ga capable soal income? Gw rasa Tuhan baca blog gw deh, gw sekarang lagi ambil kerjaan freelance..yang pas gw totalin..gajinya lebih gede dari waktu gw work from home di company yang sebelonnya. Gw sampe bengong..kok bisa yah..dan timingnya itu loh..too accurate! December 14 itu harusnya bulan terakhir gw terima pay cheque dr segala macem blog sponsorship gw, dan setelah itu gw mikir..ya udah deh, ga ada lagi abis ini. Tapi ternyata, gw dapet kerjaan freelance ini - in contract for 3 months..setelah itu lanjut aja automatically. Puji Tuhan banget ya?

Apalagi rencana kita pindahan juga uda makin deket, dan kl gw bisa bawa kerjaan ini ke NZ..jadi kan bisa nambah nambah ya :)

As per kemaren, kita uda jual mobil kita yang di sini..tapi sebelon dijual..kita tarok si Ethan di atas kap mobilnya trus dipoto. Ini mobil penuh kenangan banget buat kita, it was short but beautiful memory banget :) Belinya pas gw bunting Ethan..bolak balik dokter pake mobil ini, bawa Ethan pulang ke rumah juga pake mobil ini..dan sampe Ethan 16 bulan..kita bye bye-an sama si Audina :)

Semoga pas di NZ, kita bisa cepetan dapet mobil lagi deh ya.

Oh, btw..Ethan uda 16 bulan aja..cepet yah..dia akhirnya jalan juga dong!! lama abis ni anak, baru jalan di 15 bulan..cuman abis bisa jalan, rempongnya beda lagi..lagi sok ga mo dipegangin tangannya kl jalan. Tapi kalo jatoh, dia bakalan mewek sambil ngeliatin kita pasang muka " Why didn't u hold my hand?" sambil julurin tangannya. -__-' *Mo nya apa sih tong?*

Sekian update dari kuh..dan gw pengen share photo photo trip kita ke NZ kemaren walo uda basi banget :P
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February 16, 2015

[Workshop Event] Star Tokyo Optical x Ettusais: Girls who wear glasses!

Holla guys..last 2 Saturday, i went to Star Tokyo Optical x Ettusais : Girl who wear glasses workshop. I am not wearing glasses, but I would like to know about the make up technique behind it and in the same time, to check out this open space and minimalistic optical shop at Citylink. I love the concept where people could just easily browse on the glasses and try it on the spot.

And also, it's so good to be back to event! It's so good to meet fellow beauty blogger friends too, it's been a while. Thanks to le hubby to take care lil Ethan.

The have generous choice of glasses, and I had fun trying some of them.
Ranging from a normal reading glasses to a funky " look at me! " style to choose from :)

Which of these suits me best?

The event started by simple opening from Rhys to explain a little about the shop concept and about the collaboration with Ettusais.

the make up tips is very useful, not only for girls who wear glasses..but also for us in everyday look. But to see how Tokyo Star Optical and Ettusais team pair up the look with the glasses are something new and interesting to me.

Simple soft color on the eyeshadow and the right MASCARA could bring the eyes behind glasses goes " Pop " even more. Pair it up with a soft pink or light coral on blush and the beautiful creamy lipstick to finish the look.

Another fun thing to learn on that day workshop was pairing up a glasses with your make up look!
Star Tokyo Optical team demonstrating on how to pair up the day make up look and the night make up look, that definitely brought the whole look to another level!

As  beauty blogger, Ettusais is not something new to me. I have been a fans for quite sometimes :)
Ettusais collection is definitely one pretty stuff to try and play with for this Valentines day. It's soft in color, but strong in pigmentation, and definitely beautiful on skin.

I like their creamy lipstick I received in their door gift. It glides smoothly on my lips with the right shine, and definitely a beautiful light coral to brighten my look.

Do you think it suits me well?

Anyway, have a great Chinese New Year week ahead peeps!
Keep positive!

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February 10, 2015

Be my Valentine!

Be my Valentine!

RED Valentino pink cocktail dress
1,315 SGD - flannels.com

Charlotte Olympia d'orsay pumps
330 SGD - therealreal.com

Narrow ballet flat
175 SGD - frenchsole.com

Chanel quilted purse
8,060 SGD - madisonavenuecouture.com

Alison Lou lip jewelry
1,210 SGD - kirnazabete.com

Stud earring set
6.04 SGD - claires.com

Bally clear lens sunglasses
530 SGD - bally.com

Mink false eyelash
31 SGD - eyelashesdirect.co.uk

Pier 1 Imports home wall decor
94 SGD - pier1.com

Framing poster
24 SGD - etsy.com

Dog wall art
21 SGD - etsy.com

February 03, 2015

[Beauty Review & Swatches] Jane iredale Smoke and Mirror collection

Have you ever feel like you are so tempting to get a palette of eyeshadow, but then you paused and hesitate to bring it home, because there are colors that you know you are not gonna use?  For me, it's an everytime problem whenever I visited beauty store! Geez, and i know how annoying the feeling is :) Afterall, beauty shopping has to be theurapic instead of stressful, right? If you are nodding on this, you need to consider Smoke & Mirror range into your make up collection.

Take my word, you won't regret it.

This is a smokey look collection, and you will be surprised to see how beautiful the color when they are ended together. Sexy. Smokey. Sultry. Or not, use as individual color to make your eye make up popped even better.

The palette comes with 5 different smokey looks to play with. I created the pink smokey and black smokey eyes as you can see on the below pic :) I think the pink smokey suit for day glam up look to attend event, some media launch or even for just hanging out with your besties. On the black smokey look, I prefer to wear this look for evening event. Which of this look do you like best?

Here are the other smokey look option that you can create, complete with the guidelines that comes with the palette.

This below detailed look on how the color blends prefectly and compliment each color..

Do you know what is the most amazing part on this palette? The pigmentation! i have to admit Jane Iredale has one of the best eyeshadow quality among other brand around. It's suit sensitive skin, non comedogenic, and high quality. It's beyond superb! 

Take a look on this swatches, isn't gorgeous?

The wonderful people behind Jane Iredale Singapore also send me this silver and gold glitter to use for the eye look as well. I have yet to create any look using this two sparkling beauty, but I definitely will!

Jane Iredale make up available at

Dr Benjamin Yim Clinical Aesthetics & Laser Centre
Address: 583 Orchard Road, Forum Galleria, Singapore 238884, Tel: 6737 9181

Yiz Mei
Address: 419 Tampines Street 41, Singapore 520419, Tel: 6785 3220

Opera Beauty Cottage
Address: Blk 632 Yishun St.61 #01-08 S(760632), Tel: 6755 5581

 IYAC Aesthetics Clinic
Address: 1 Orchard Bolevard #06-03 Camden Medical Centre S(248649), Tel: 67834 824

  Face Hut
Address: 211 Holland Avenue #03-29 Holland Road Shopping Ctr. S(278967), Tel:6466 1827


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