October 31, 2013

Gorgeous Bobbi Brown Fall 2013 - Hollywood Glam collection!

Uuu Lalaaa..I wish I can look like this yummy mummy - Katie Holmes in Bobbi Brown Hollywood Glam collection. 

I was privilege to view this gorgeous collection sometimes ago when Bobbi Brown invited me down for the event. I always love Bobbi Brown and if you follow me in Instagram, you have seen the sneak peak of this collection. 

But this collection will available in town start this November 2013, which is THIS weekend!
So, get ready to hunt this gorgeous collection down ladies.

Get paparazzi ready with this limited edition Old Hollywood Eye Palette, a compact featuring nine stand-out eye shadows. Ranging from soft silver sparkle and subtle gold metallic to rich chocolate and charcoal shimmer, this palette plays the perfect supporting role to any look. Complete with a mirror and mini dual- ended Eye Shadow and Eye Liner Brush for scene-stealing eye looks wherever you go.

Includes 9 shades: Ivory Eye Shadow, Beige Eye Shadow, Gold Sparkle Eye Shadow, Opal Sparkle Eye Shadow, Fog Eye Shadow, Golden Pink Metallic Eye Shadow, Chocolate Bronze Sparkle Eye Shadow, Candlelight Gold Metallic Eye Shadow, Eclipse Eye Shadow

SGD 99

Want a leading lady worthy lip? Housed in an elegant gold case, this retro red lip color is timeless. Swipe on straight from the tube for full coverage, or for extra precision, use a Lip Brush and follow with lip liner.

Shade: Old Hollywood

SGD 50

Shine brighter than any star on the screen with Bobbi’s NEW limited edition High Shimmer Lip Gloss shades for light-catching glimmer on bare lips (or added dimension over your favorite lipstick).

SGD 36

Plucked straight from the silver screen, Bobbi added one new glamorous shade, Tuxedo Black, plus two limited edition shades, including 24 Karat and Bronze to take your look from subtle to seductive. Choose your glam by swiping onto the eye and then blending with fingers for intense color that lasts.

Available in 3 shades: Tuxedo Black, 24 Karat and Bronze (Limited Edition)

SGD 45

Fun and festive, these glitter polishes add texture and a pretty touch of color, and can be layered over Siren Red or Tuxedo Black Nail Polishes for added drama.
Shade: Chrome 

SGD 29

Happy Shopping!

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October 28, 2013

Salon De Choix - my new look!

I know this post is officially 3 weeks overdue! 
Not that i have intention to delay it..but as you know I am coping with newborn baby and it's pretty much takes my days (and night) ^^

Anyway, a day before I delivered my lil love..I went to Salon De Choix to freshen up my hair a little because I know, when the lil love is here..I might not have that time to even put a hair mask - and I was right.

I am also changing my look!
I feel tired with my 39 weeks pregnant and looking dull, so all the chubby me below are the photos when I was heavily preggie and feeling warm every single second.

To start my last pampering session before another one - oh, God knows when - Sharon, the founder and director of Salon De Choix gave me this Moroccan Oil hair mask. It gaves a healthy glow on my hair, totally love touching my hair over and over again on that day after the treatment.

I think you need to try it. Anyway you can get 15% for all the full services if you quote my name
" Elrica - Pinkbuble "

And this one is perfect for the busy you..that want some treatment that doesn't takes too much time.

Look at the healthy ends after the treatment. I am definitely come back for this treatment.

And..Sharon gave me a oval fringe to give me a different look to greet my lil love.
I think I like my new look..what do you think of this?

Salon De Choix
3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1 Singapore, 
Singapore s239519

6836 2959

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October 24, 2013

Ethan Arelson Nuradi is in Da House!


So, it was Monday 7 October 2013 when we and Dr. Cheng decided to induced me 1 week earlier from the original due date (12 October 2013). At 11 am, me and Mr. went to Dr. Henry Cheng clinic to start the induction with something call the pill to thinning the cervix. I feel nothing but a slight cramp. Me and Mr. even went for Dim sum lunch as our " last " - just the two of us - date before the lil love arrived.

I am totally feeling anxious to know that, that day will be the last day for me and Mr. having our life together as couple and embark the new journey as little family in less than 24 hour. I am excited to meet the lil love but worried in the same time of what is waiting for me in labour ward.

I have packed my hospital luggage and all I can think of is to bring my lip balm and mouth spray. -_-'
Thank goodness for the check list I got from the Mt. Alvernia ante natal class.

~ Jadilah gw ma bang Arip mutusin untuk induce the baby 1 minggu lebih cepet dari waktu yg seharusnya..secara kata dokter baby nya uda mulai gedean and kalo makin lama di perut..bakal lebih gede lagi. Hasrat gw kan pengen lahiran normal yo, bukan sok jago..tapi karena mengingat kalo gw harus c-sect sembuhnya lebih lama..sapa yg ngurusin rumah, baby dan diri gw kalo gw ga bisa pulih cepet.

Hari itu 7 October 2013, petantang petenteng gw jalan ke tempat gyane gw untuk di insert pill yang untuk tipisin cervix..trus disuruh ke rumah sakit 6 jam kemudian.

Koper dah eke siapin, dan gw beneran bingung loh mesti bawa apa..karena yg gw kepikiran cuman bawa lip balm sama mouth spray. Sampah banget ye, kenapa yang gw kepikiran cuman ini?
Dan akhirnya, gw buka buka buku pas kelas ante-natal dari Mt. Alvernia. ~

By around 4.30-ish pm, we have reached Mt. Alvernia hospital and pass the nurse my admission letter. She looked confuse though, she was looking at me and start asking question like " is it for you madam? " D'oh!
I know i might not walk and having the urgent contraction kind but yes, I am on 39 weeks preggie and ready to deliver.

I was admitted to the labour ward for CTG and contraction monitoring.
Nothing fun about labour ward >.<' , in fact it's a bit scary for me. When I was getting ready, I heard the lady next to my ward was screaming in agony! literally like someone is torturing her in the next door. 
OMFG, the moment I heard that, I started to cry..not that I feel her, but more to scared - a new level that I ever experienced in my life. It beats my fear of dark ocean.

Nyampe ke Mt. Alvernia sekitar jam 4.30pm, gw datang dengan hand bag dan surat admission untuk labour dari dokter gw en tanya ke susternya, " ruang labour dimana ya? " hahaha, suster nya liat gw dari atas ke bawah trus ke perut gw en bilang " Is it for you? " Ya eyalaaaah sus, masa buat bang Arip?

Masuk ke ruang bersalin, gw langsung parnoan tahap tinggi..disuruh ganti baju sama suster nya en di pump dr belakang untuk clean bowel movementnya. Pas gw di toilet, labour ward sebelah ada orang tereak tereak kayak abis kena potong gitu..langsung dong ga pake lama, aer mata gw ngalir dengan sempurna. 
Damn damn! Gw takut luar biasa dan gw sambil nangis aer mata rintik rintik..gw cuman berdoa " semoga ini semua come to an end soon " - dah kayak mo disalib. hahahaha..*lebay mampus*

I was on natural delivery with epidural (ended up - assisted natural delivery with epidural )
The epidural doc came and start injecting my spine to insert the epidural, it was not as painful as I thought it would be..but it's definitely a super weird feeling and a bit stinging on your spine when Doc inserted the needle and i arched back in reflex, and the doc was like " u gotta help me by stay curving in "
I know lah doc, but can't help it.

Rencana awal sih mo nya natural delivery pake epidural, ternyata ya bo..ga ada yang bilangin ke gw kalo suntik tu epidural rada2 nyengit dikit gitu di tulang punggung, gw sampe yang " anjeng! " dalem ati pas tu jarum masuk, dan tak ingin aku mengulangnya lagi. Huhuhuhu.

Some weird thing about epidural reacting in my body.
I didn't feel any contraction at all, but am in extreme pain when the Doc do the internal cervix check.
..and  apparently they need to maximise the dose for me, and see how it goes from there..or else, I need to do the emergency c-sect.

Oh, ini something yg baru gw tau soal epidural lagi..ternyata bisa numb-in bagian tubuh sebagian2 ya?
Kaki, perut sama pinggang gw sama sekali ga berasa sakit pas kontraksi dateng..tapi cervix gw ga numb dong, waktu diubek ubek sama dokter gw sampe kesakitan sendiri..Huhuhu..agak2 traumatic deh pengalaman di ruang bersalin gw ini. Dan akhirnya, dokternya bilang " kita panggil dokter epiduralnya en tanya what can be done, kl ga bisa..lu harus emergency c-sect "

I am not against c-sect methode of delivery, but I prefer natural birth with epidural due to the healing process, so when I heard about emergency c-sect, I kinda feel mixed up but on the other hand..I want that moment to be over and I am looking forward to deliver safely and meet my lil love soon.
By 11 pm, the Doc did another internal cervix check and i was only 1 cm dilated. Super wtf, it's been 12 hours since the first induction they did on me and i was only 1 cm dilated?? 
Doc Cheng said that they are expecting my lil love to arrived by the next day afternoon. 

For the first time in my life, I prayed non stop. Haha!
I prayed that let the miracle help me to dilated fast and I will meet my lil love before morning..I was praying for the natural birth, the safe delivery, the pain, the baby, myself and everything I could think of.
Again, God is so good to us, it was pretty amazing from 11 pm to 2 am..I was dilated from 1 cm to 7 cm, and on that very moment, I know that whatever I asked in His name, I shall received.

Sebenernya gw ga anti c-sect sama sekali, cuman mengingat nasib gw di SG kan sebagai wanita bekerja, embak di rumah yang semua-mua nya gw urus sendiri, rasanya kl c-sect agak2 rempong yah! Dan waktu dokter bilang gw mungkin harus emergency c-sect..gw yang langsung drop gw deh, cuman ya apa mo dikata yah? gw agak agak pasrah tapi tak rela gitu deh..hahaha..tapi karena mengingat gw pengen banget moment gw di ruang bersalin itu cepetan kelar dan pengen ketemu the lil love, gw bilang ke Arip..ya sudahlah..rela lah gw kl harus c- sect.

Jam 11 malem, pembukaan gw di cek lg sama dokter, dan dong sodara sodar..cuman bukaan 1 cm doang.
Heloooo, ngapain aja itu pill en drip induksi dari pagi sampe malem 12 jam gini baru bukaan 1? Dokter cheng, akhirnya bilang " kalo gini yah kira2 besok siang lah baby lu baru kuar "
Yaoloooo, lama bener en eke laper cui.

Trus, di ruang bersalin itu..gw baru pertama kali doa tiada henti..lebay banget emang* 
Gw doa sampe ketiduran trus bangun lagi en doa lagi supaya semua dilancarin sama Tuhan..supaya gw tetep bisa lahirnya natural, gw baby semua sehat en sampe lebay gw berdoa minta ampun kali kali gw lewat on the spot, gw pengen masuk sorga. Huahahhaha..

Eh tapi Tuhan baek, dari jam 11pm sampe jam 2am..pembukaagw tiba tiba dr bukan 1 langsung ke bukaan 7. Horeee!

By around 4.30 am, the nurse starts to on the light and asking me to start pushing because the baby's head is still way too high..it was a painful moment for me, and which is why I am not sure as well - to know that I am still on epidural..but I feel the pain. Soon after a few push, Doc Cheng was in and ready to help me with the delivery..He brought in some forceps for the baby head and start asking me to push.

Sekitar jam 4.30 pagi..ada midwife nya mulai dateng en mulai suruh gw push dulu soalnya kepala baby nya masih tinggi banget. Dan aneh banget, walo gw pake epidural..tapi gw berasa suakit pol loh! Ga berapa lama setelah beberapa kali push, dokter Cheng dateng dan siap eksekusi :P

A freaking big 9 pushes with the help of 2 nurses pushing my belly down, our son;
Ethan Arelson Nuradi greet the world.
He was placed on my chest the moment he was out and all I could think of is " am I still in this world? "
I was so much in pain and the Doc (and actually myself too) thought I could not made it, but hell yeah!

9x bo gw coba nge push dan juga dibantu 2 suster yang ngedorong perut gw kayak ngedorong mobil mogok, dan akhirnya..Tadaaaa..
Ethan Arelson Nuradi hadir!
( yang ikutan kuis nama-karena ga ada yang nebak bener, jadi yang nebak nama ethan akan diundi yooo)

Pas Ethan kuar, dia ditarok di dada gw..dan gw nya masi berasa dunia berputar..puyeng jek, nge-push 9 x geto..tapi yah, puji Tuhan..eke berhasil lahirin normal juga. :)

 3.49kg - 52 cm

Hello my little love..welcome to our little family :)
We've been waiting for you, and thank you for being the answer of our pray.

Daddy's boy
 And yeah, now that I officially a mommy..please welcome me to the Zombie night and the many joyful moments to come.

And oh, if you read my blog before..I am under Dr. Henry Cheng as my gynae, I am thankful for him and his clinic's team..especially Ms. Sharon - and one amazing thing about Dr. Henry Cheng is his stitching technique  down below, I don't know how he do it..but I can walk in the same day that I gave birth. Some people said it takes them several days to walk because the stitching is too painful and whatsoever. As for me, it is painful la..but manageable :)

I really think he is a very very good gynae, patience and I think he is one caring Doc especially in the labour room. His charges is reasonable and every bill in his clinic is transparent. 
If I am still around in Singapore and go for the second one, I definitely going back to him.

Dr. Henry Cheng
Women's Specialist Centre 
Bishan add : Blk502, St. 11, #01-356 
Tel : 6552 7377

Say hi to my lil love :)

 Now, stay tuned for my journey with Preg massage for my post natal healing :)

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October 08, 2013

Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette!

Woohooo..Make up lovers and beauty junkie!! 
A new pretty palette from Urban Decay to join your collection :D
Urban Decay launch Vice 2, for those who miss it the Urban Decay Vice palette.. and for those who are just like me that can't stop buying make up stuff.

This sophisticated palette loaded with 20 ALL-NEW (and super gorgeous) Eyeshadow 
shades. It comes with a cool bright hue's, not-your-average neutrals, and sexy hits of 
smoke, all in Urban Decay decadent, revamped formula. But here’s the part that stress us out;
This palette is limited edition and it WILL sell out.

So grab yours fast, selling S$88 at Sephora Singapore.

I have not grab mine yet..but definitely will, soon!
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October 06, 2013

Balmain Eau D'Ivoire

Oh pink perfume lovers..this October, Balmain brings Miami Vibe to Singapore!
Think about Palm trees, Cadillacs, and walls full with colours devoured by the sun.

It's Pink like the walls on Colins Avenue, pastel, like the ones along Ocean Drive..Nope - I never been to Miami - but it's somehow portrait a stylized elegance of the unique Eau D'Iviore.

The packaging of  Eau d’Ivoire is a reference to the codes of the House of Balmain. 
The detail of a texture. Art Deco patterns. Graphic lines. Matte contrasting with brilliance.

The bottle of Eau d’Ivoire remains the same: recognizable and iconic. 
The weighty feel of glass and pure lines reflect Balmain elegance.

The fragrance takes on a pink hue, like dawn on a summer’s morning.

I would say Eau d’Ivoire is the Balmain woman’s summer accessory: a subtle mix of exceptional materials blended with natural simplicity.

If I would describe how this perfume smells like, it will be a vibrant energy of bergamot essence and the resonance of sun-drenched sweet red currant. Followed by a sweet flower smell that makes you take a deep inhale and thinking about pink flower. The exquisite exoticism of honey-toned osmanthus absolute brings to mind the roundness of a lusciously ripe apricot with a little hint of Magnolia essence deploys a vanilla-scented softness, lightly accented with lemon.

Price List:
EDP Natural Spray 100ml $130
EDP Natural Spray 50ml $90
EDP Natural Spray 30ml $65

Exclusive launch at Metro until end October
Will be available at Robinsons and Tangs from November onwards


More interesting stuff about perfume that I just learnt today:

1. We spray perfume from bottom to top
- I know, I did the same thing..I spray perfume on my wrist and rubbing it to the other wrist to balance out the smell, guess what? apparently we are abusing the perfume molecule ^^

The right way to do: spray it to the area where there are pulse, and you can spray it as low as your ankle, behind your knee, inner thigh, tummy area, and of course the area that we all already know; the wrist and behind the neck.

2. We spray the perfume to our body not our clothes.
I am guilty of this, I most of the time spray it on my clothes instead of my body..so yeah, time to change the habit I guess.

3. Always moisturised the skin before spraying the perfume for a longer staying power.
As simple as moisturised skin absorb the molecule better than dry skin. 

And oh, you can thank Balmain perfume team for sharing this awesome trick with us.

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October 03, 2013

Kiehl's Ultra facial for you - Yes? No?

To start my October skin care post, I need to share one product that I think you need to consider to purchase if you have problem with skin hydration.

If you have noticed  -I don't normally blog about many skin care products anymore :)
Because, first - I think I got the skincare that I adore so much already..and I want to share only those that I have tried and really works on my skin instead of just being a " beauty product catalog " blog, and second - I bet you will feel bored opening 10 Singapore beauty blog and all of us talking about the same skincare thing?

But before this become one of the blog post that you might skip, read up because this
Kiehl's Ultra facial series works on my dry skin * and it might work on yours as well*

Kiehl’s chemists are known industry-wide to “go the extra mile” by torture-testing their highly effective formulas in some of the most remote places on earth. You know they ensure it hydrates even the most parched skin, Kiehl’s has sent its legendary Ultra Facial Cream to the uncharted peaks of Greenland, 282 feet below sea level in Death Valley, 13,000 vertical feet to The Mount Whitney Portal – and this year, across the frozen sea ice of the North Pole.
* Whaat? *

Ok lah, I think my preggie hormone that turns my dry skin to extra dry skin cannot be compared to North Pole dryness.Hee hee.

Well, I actually love many Kiehl's product that help me through my rough skin transition during this preggie moment. Only this series is a bit amazing - Not that I am complaining - because I just use it for less than a week, and I can see this is helping the dry skin to heal up pretty fast.

Am not sure if this is one of the common things to happened for preggie to have the skin condition changing due to hormone? But I heard some people grows crazy pimples all over the face and back - thank goodness I don't get that one, but I experience a tremendous changes in the earlier stage of my pregnancy on my skin hydration.

So I am just sharing up the good news, just in case you need this Ultra Facial series but not sure if this is the right product for you, worry not - Kiehl's always believe in “Try before you buy” policy. They believe every customer has the right to try product samples before they commit to a purchase. So you don't have to worry of spending your $$ for a wrong product.

Secondly, if you were to purchase any product and wish to return the product for any reason, Kiehl’s Customers’ Representatives will always be glad to understand more about the situation and offer an alternative product, or a money-back guarantee within 28 days from the purchased date.

How awesome is that?
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