December 15, 2015

Season of giving with L'occitane

Let's celebrate and welcome 2016 with little gift to ourselves. Having a beautiful and well hydrated skin could be one of the gift that we give to our body. Try L'occitane Shea Butter Melting Honey collection and shea face collection. Known for their quality and expertise on skin, L'occitane will launch this gorgeous collection in January 2016! 

The Shea Butter Melting Honey collection is a nourishing Limited Edition body care line, created from a unique blend of Shea Butter and an organic, rare lavender honey. A fusion of two superfoods for the skin brings protective and skin-softening benefits, and also a luxurious pampering session for your skin.


My favourite hand cream ever!

Nourishing, protecting and repairing – the benefits of Shea Butter go beyond the body, and is also able to provide the absolute defense for the face. L’OCCITANE introduces three new protective Shea Butter face care products which are perfect for the dry and sensitive skin.

Apart from gifting myself this wonderful bundle, I believe in giving to others as well. We are blessed to be a blessing, and together with L'occitane, I am hoping for your support to help our visually handicapped friends. 

L’OCCITANE will be selling Limited Edition 2016 Shea Butter tote bags ($20) at all L’OCCITANE stores in Singapore, and all profits from the sale of our tote bags will be donated to the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped.

Each tote bag includes a short quote from our visually handicapped friends, which they share about their struggles and dreams. Every purchase of the tote bag will entitle you to a lucky draw chance to win a pair of tickets to ‘NOX - Dine in the Dark’ (worth $208).

Let's start the season of giving!

December 13, 2015

Our first Xmas 2015 party in Auckland!

This place is definitely merrier when December has arrived!
Feast after feast, prezzie exchange, and get together seems so easy to arrange, I am loving the feeling of Christmas :)

We had our first Christmas party weeks ago at one of our friend's house. It was a blast, kiddos playing happily except when it comes to prezzie exchange time. He turned bad mood in a click, and in koala mode on me. 

Nemplok aje man ni si Ethan, pake acara merem pura pura tidur lagi. LOL - kayaknya logicnya tuh, if I just close my eyes, everything will be ok. Andei idup begitu tong, hahaha.  

After few moment, he finally start opening his eyes - without moving his sitting position tho. I would say this is one of the cutest moment of him! 

Ini mengapa ya dia ga mo turun sama sekali dong, beneran nemplok pol. Dan hari itu gw pake stressed jeans yang rerombengan, kl berlutut lama lama, gw takut serat jenas yang di lutut putus euy. Teteup ya mak nye? hahaha.

Have a great December guys, it's 12 more sleeps to the Christmas day!

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Watson's revamped!

I think everyone in my circle knows that Watsons is always my go-to place whenever I'm in Ngee Ann City. I was feeling a lil gutted not to be able to attend the event sometimes ago. I really want to see the transformation! The 7,000sqf outlet has undergone a top-to-toe transformation, presenting not just refreshed aesthetics but an enhanced browsing journey across all product categories.

As the market leader in this category, Watsons at Ngee Ann City features a Cosmetics & Nail Bar Zone in sleek black hues with many popular brand counters that are complemented with playtop spaces. Do look out for new and exclusive brands including Australis, Beauty UK and newly launched Wet & Wild. In addition, a vibrant nail bar will also be a mainstay, where manicurists will be available at scheduled times to provide nail services. OMG! Aren't you excited already? The next moment I landed back in Singapore, I will march my way to there!

Watsons definitely know their customer, because with more customers paying great attention to their hair, the Hair Care Zone takes on a new trendy look to allow customers to easily search for their favourite and the trendiest hair products. Let your hair soak up all the goodness from Watson’s latest exclusive hair care brands – Revlon Hits (from the U.S), Revlon Butter Cream (from the U.S), Green Grapy (from Korea), Valmona (from Korea), and All Nature (from Bulgaria).

Skincare lovers will be thrilled by the new line of treatment-based ranges exclusively introduced at this store – Phytocean (from France), Dr. Ci;Labo (from Japan), Labo Labo (from Japan), Manuka Doctor (from Australia), Physiogel CR Cream (from Germany), Faith in Face (from Korea), plus Sampar, a new brand from France. C'mon ladies, take your basket! :)

For wellness needs, one should make a beeline for the Health Corner, a wellbeing zone with pharmacy services including consultation led by the 2015 Singapore’s Community Pharmacist of the Year Award* winner, Ms Chung Wing Lam. A dedicated space devoted to the wellness range has been crafted for convenient browsing and trial of various health devices and mobility aids such as wheelchairs and walking sticks. 

How awesome is that? Very!
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December 07, 2015

Weekend kami :)

Living in Auckland is definitely a different kind of lifestyle compare to Singapore. It is true that shop closes at 5pm, only few like The warehouse and K-mart open pretty late for New Zealand standard. Jadi, ente weekend ngapain aje dong? 

Biasanya yah, kami pergi hunting tempat tempat makan enak dan lokasi nongkrong yang enak. Hare gene masi nongkrong? Ya eyaalaaah! Ihiy, cuman kl dl nongkrong si kfc paket hemat, sekarang kita maen nya ke Ponsonby Central, bikin #OOTD ala ala fashion blogger..

Ato ga biar ke emak emak-an, kita maen nya di pantai ngubek ngubek cari kerang buat dimasak, ato ga maen ke rumah orang. Tapi itu juga ga saban minggu ding, kebetulan itu weekend kmrn aje :p

Nanti kalo hawa males da ilang sikit, gw bikin guide on where to go on weekend pas di Auckland ah :) Ini hawa males belon mabur juga neh, gimana se.

Anyhoo..sekarang kan uda masuk December yah, hawa hawa xmas tuh uda kentel bener ni di atmosphere kiwi ini. Tapi mereka lebih heboh ke gift exchange, xmas dinner, get together dibanding hiasan hiasannya. Kalaaaah jauh ma SG kalo soal cantik cantikan natal. Dan gw, masi menjiwai kiasu-ism - kmrn itu gw beli pohon natal dan hiasannya..akhirnya, pohon natal pertama kita naek juga. 

Dapet nya good bargain banget deh, beli pas sample sale di kantor gw (btw, gw kerja di salah satu the biggest retail company di new zealand) dan sering bener sample sale! Jangan ditanya harga barang2 yg gw dapet, soalnya miring pol! Pas gw bilang ke nyokap gw, reaksinya " masak sih ca? Di pasar kopro aja ga dapet segitu" hahahaha..tau dong anceran harganya berapa.

Bodo amat dah ya, yang penting kl gw pake, ga bakalan ada yang nyangka itu baju lebih murah drpd kopro. Hahaha - mental murahan abis ya percakapan gw kali ini - tapi kl bahasa kerennya " Perks of the job " ihiy. Dan kenapa ya, yang namanya weekend tu cepet bener lewatnya..tau tau da senen lagi.

Biasanya kalian weekend ngapain?


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