January 02, 2013

Gamila Secret..Face oil original..

 Gamila Secret Face Oil

Made by natural ingredients, package with love..

 This face oil contains 8 pure vegetable oils and Gamila's secret herbal mix, 
that you can use as a day and night care treatment.


I am not using this as my day and night care treatment, 
but I do use this face oil every once a week to give my skin a more glow in the morning 
or when I don't have enough water intake for couple of days.
~ my skin is actually a very accurate parameter when I don't drink enough water, does anyone of you feels the same?~

This 100% natural combination is a quickly absorbed oil that penetrates deeply into my skin; this is also can be use as make up base, but apply only after the cleansing. Also, I plan to use it on my Mr. for his after shaving balm :) I'll update you guys about that later on :)

This products is an oil based product that works lovely on my dry skin, but if you have excessive produce of face oil..I think, it will be better to reduce the amount of drops in every usage :)
Also, avoid eye area. 

Happy trying.


Fun fact: 
Do you know that actually Gamila Secret hire local people to fold and creates every packaging of the products?


  1. Its pretty interesting that all kinds of oil are now being invented for face care. I have heard of the famous rosehip, emu, argan, morocco and now vegetable oil. Pretty interesting! Thanks for sharing ^_~

    1. hmm true. After you told me that I realised, yeaa..many oil has been invented lately huh?

  2. I would recommend it if you want something more natural. Do be advised that you might feel a bit oily after application. Jamaican Black Castor Oil

  3. Gue bukannya suka produknya tapi suka muka elo, El...:)

    1. hahaha..gw sering2 pamer muka gw lah ya kalo gitu ^^


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