February 16, 2011

February 13, 2011

Butterscotch cookies

I dedicated this post for Belzy!! Someone that inspire me, not only to cook but to make it beautifully cooked.

Belzy, makasih banyak uda bantu gw untuk start..
* fyi, belzy sampe converting resep adonan bo..
yang akhirnya itu jadi acuan gw untuk coba2 urusan baking2 gini*

So, here is the recipe for the butterscotch cookies!! It's actually a bit too sweet for my taste, and i plan to re-make my cookies with less sugar combination. ^^

Prepare all the ingredients

Mix it well according to the recipe

Bake it in the oven of 350F for 12-13 mins

Happy trying


February 12, 2011

Cajun Rosemary fish

I hate cooked salmon


Rosemary joined my kitchen!!

And now, home made Cajun Rosemary Salmon is my favorite dishes.
Easy. Healthy. Yummy.

Nothing can be better than this.

Marinate the Salmon with olive oil and black pepper, add on the cajun seasoning.
Leave it for 10 min

Prepare ur non-sticky pan
and for a small cut like mine pan friend ur salmon 15 sec for every side.

For the baby corn, easy!
Stir fry with the left over oil from the Salmon and sprinkle a pinch of salt and oregano!

Tadaaah..it's ready!
Taste the Rosemary and Salmon blend nicely in your mouth.
Together with the crunchy baby corn.

#Little kitchen from Pinkbuble.#


February 11, 2011

Blog award..YAY!

My very first blog award!

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Thanks to Nilcha for this lovely award :)
And now, i have to post 7 random things about me:

1. I am random! :p
Yea i know its weird, but i often think and sometimes say something in random.
Lets say we are talking about butterfly, and i suddenly have potato in mind..with that 2 things, i start my own random thought like potato in butterfly pattern or butterfly as round as potato..:)
I know its random!

2. I start my choreography the moment i listen to music..for wutever music i heard and everything is in my mind with my eyes open. Zombie looking sometimes. :)

3. I'm attracted to guy that dance or play music.

4. I wanna have my shoes empire one day!

5. I sleep in diagonal position.

6. I am obsessed with losing weight and failed! Is this really obsession?!

7. I hate hypocrite people to the max!

So yaaa, stated above are my 7 random things!!

And i would like to share this award with 4 lovely bloggers:

Don't forget to share 7 random things about yourself!!


February 03, 2011

Kiong Hi wahai teman...

Happy chinese new year Y'all!!
Daku sedang berada di Jakarta en akses internet kebates buanget neh!
Akan blogwalking as soon as nyampe di SG.

Gong Xi Fa cai!!

*taon terakhir gw panen nih*



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