January 25, 2013

How to: Create 7 different (gorgeous) looks

 ....By playing around with your lips...

Yes, we know that eyes is the window of our soul..and true it's reflect everything inside us, but it is no secret that lips is the messenger tools that convey the message out to the world :)

So, say good words that reflect your personality. ^^


Talking about how do we sweeten our lips (and words) when we are so..close to the month of February, the month of where love, balloons, chocolate, and my birthday all come together! *Love it*

I have a little tips on how I usually play around with the colours according my mood; you know mood and make up somehow related, and I can't explain why. But I can let you know, that no matter what mood you are, we can always look good and play well in lippy category. *wink

Little tips #1
Scenario: Lazy day..and wanna look " naturally " fresh.
 *This thing can never " naturally " happened to me lor..hahaha..*

This is what I do:
I brush my lips too when I brush my teeth, just to get rid of the dead skin on the lips.
From there, I prep my make up and gently bite my lower and upper lips to creates the natural red lippy colour, just like after you have a hot and steamy french kiss with your guy. :P
* Yaolo..*

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Little tips #2
Scenario: Still lazy day..and wanna look a bit "polished "

Make up ON, and gloss it up with a clear lip gloss and off you go for your daily routines.

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Little tips #3
Scenario: Feeling girly..and wanna have fun..

Pink it up! Nothing could be more girly than baby pink colour, no?
It's like already telling you the whole thing lor..when we see something in pink, we tend to comment something like " Wah..so sweet.." " So girly.." " Like candy.." and so on and so forth..

Simply applied a glossy pink colour lipstick all over your lips and layer it 2-3x more on the centre of your lips to create a little pout. :)

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Little tips #4
Scenario: Shit..I have overdone my eye make up and pink, red, orange lipstick doesn't seems match my look! ..-_-' how?
* sometimes, we sooo enjoying our eye make until wah laooo..to dark already*

Key rules: Back to basic. 
Keep the neutral colours on the lips to balance it off.
How to choose the natural shade? 
Go for nude hues or go for 1-2 shade darker than your original lips colour :)

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Little tips #5
Scenario: Get a new red lipstick! Wanna play around..but don't know where to start..

Let's take it slow and bold :)
Go for a matte finishing look, tone down the eye make up, and don't forget to pat on a compact powder on top of your lips after lipstick application. It will somehow tone the red color down too and keep the colour in place. So, less stain on your cup, clothes and your man..

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Little tips #6
Scenario: PARTY Time!

Ok! Ok! Now it's time to bold it up, show the confidence and let's play a bit more on the eyes to 
" Pop " the whole look together. Double or even tripple up the lipstick layer to build up the colour.
Be the sexy beast!
* I'm trying hard to look sexy here* *fail..

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Little tips 7
~ and the last one ~

Scenario: Got a goodie bag of an unusual colour of lipstick ..hemm..what to do and how should I wear it..?

If a vampie colour is what you got, just like mine!
I must say it's a " Yay! " instead of " Nay! "

Let's do a Vampy looking photo for fun!
Keep the make up pale, super simple eye make up and Vamp the whole attention just to you lippy!
Top coat it with a super glossy as finishing and camwhore the way out of it!

Having fun is a must.

So I guess, for no matter what our scenario are..we can always get a fun way to " wrap " the look up and walk out from our comfort door with confidence!

But the best of all..

..because you never know who will falling love with your smile..

Be happy.


  1. You have so many contacts! ^______^ You look gorgeous!

    1. Sponsored contacts maaa...hahah..thanks babe ^^

  2. suka Little tips #4..cakep banget rambutnya..
    foto close wajah gitu cakep ci, biasanya kn pd takut keliatan bulet...aaaaa sukaa nih :*

    1. Yuk ditunggu poto kamu yang gitu juga..pasti kamu juga lebih cakep deee :))

  3. yay ci elrica finally comes up with tutorials. Thanks! i miss them already hehehe..

  4. I am very envious of your flawless skin babe. You totally look hot is red lips. :)

  5. yaampun astaga dear, itu kulit kamu kayanya alussss bener...T___T hiks.... btw you look uh-may-zing!


  6. cantik banget warna bibirnya yang terakhir itu...love that vampy looks!!!cantik deh foto2nyaaa...

    1. maksih yah Ncy, yuk mari kita bersama Vampy vampy ria..

  7. Hey Elrica!
    You look super HOT and sultry!! Love your hot red lips, sexy babe!

    1. *smooching in front of u now * *muach!
      Thanks babe! it will look good on you too :)


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