May 28, 2012

My journey with Mary Chia :)

I'm feeling grateful beyond everything!

This year has been so exciting so far, started with my make up playground at Make up by Bubbly Brush, my new job, and Blog (Pinkbuble In Da House) as finalist in Mary Chia best beauty blog for Singapore Blog Award 2012..this is super exciting for me!

Thank u team for giving me this awesome experience.
*will not take it for granted- pinky promise*

Last Tuesday, we were at Mary Chia Urban Homme Clementi Branch to attend briefing for Mary Chia Best Beauty Blog.

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We were in this cozy room as our hang out place ^^

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With lotsa lotsa..nail polish on the wall..
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Honestly, I was really nervous..I know no one, and I'm scared that I'm going to feel awkward in a totally new environment..but hey! all my worry are not proven! 
All the other gals are fun and friendly!

Yay! I'm so lalalala happy!

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The finalist and Mary Chia's crew
To attend event or meeting up with other bloggers is really something new to me,
and I'm happy to meet this awesome new friends..
Come, I introduce some of the ladies that I talked with the most on that nite ^^

Meet Joyce
Pretty gals with supeeeer friendly vibe, thanks for making me comfortable babe :)

Joyce, I took this photo from ur Blog :P
Meet Roxanne,
My Journey buddy, thanks for sharing your advise :)

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Meet Juliana and Michelle,
(Photo credit:

After the briefing, we have our interview session with team.
(I think I was too nervous and over excited in the same time)
Will share it once its up.

Then, the MOST scary part for me..
 each of us take our Body composition Analysis :)
@_@ body what? 
It's a test to measure our body fat percentage and composition as well as our BMI.

* voice in my head: 
oh my God..hold ur breathe while you are on the machine, 
suck in your tummy,let's hope it will appear lighter!*

OMGlah! I'm really scared to step on weight scale!
I hate to see that 34.5 % my body is full of fat and my BMI is 25.2.
Super annoyed by the numbers, and the first thing I did when I got home was:

1. Open Mary Chia's website!
2. Search for slimming part, 
and decided to try for body detoxification treatment as a start.
I will share in details experience for this treatment later on.

Now, I would like to tell and maybe invites you to my


If you are currently stays in Singapore and are my readers (proof it :P) drop me your email at the comment box below or at pinkbuble(at)gmail(dot)com, and if you are one of the lucky 15 readers..
you will receive my spa party invitation and entitle to enjoy (choose one):

30 mins Tension Relief Back Massage
Express Gelish Manicure
Eye Revival Therapy
Tummy/Arms/Thighs Contouring Therapy

All by Mary Chia!

And on top of that, you will received $100 Mary Chia's voucher as door gift too, of course apart from this amazing will be pampered with lotsa girly stuff and we're gonna have fun!
How awesome is that?

So vote for me and drop your email address ladies! 


Share your one click...for me ..

I wonder how many votes do I need for my blog..

I want many of votes and I think I need it from

So will ya help me to click one button for me everyday?
Click for Pinkbuble In Da House in Mary Chia Best Beauty Blog Category.



 1. How do you feel about being one of finalists in Singapore Blog Awards 2012?

 I feel surprised! Grateful, happy and excited to experience the whole things. 
This is something new to me, but I guess there's always a first time for everything :p 

 2. When did you start blogging and what drew you to it? Where do you get inspiration for your blog content?

 My blog born in 2007 (and it's a girl) :)
Since then until 2010, i wrote mostly about my personal life. Only until last year, I started to write about beauty and make up related..and it turns my baby become one growing beauty blog :) 

 My blog content includes make up look, that mostly inspired by korean make up, editorial spread in magazine and of course the " in trend " make up look. And for the beauty department, I was mainly inspired by my own curiosity to try the new products in the market :p

 3. How do you feel about the other Finalists in your category this year? How do you think you will fare compared to them?

 I think all of us are great and unique in our own way. I am the reader of their blog even before I met them personally during this Singapore Blog Award. So, its totally awesome for me to be one of the finalist with them in the same category :) 

 4. Give a reason why readers should visit your blog and vote for you?

 Maybe because I want the prize? :P

Hemm, it's hard to give One reason to visits my blog..
Lemme think...hemm..NONE!

I don't have ONE reason for you to visit my blog,
because I have LOTSA LOTSA make up and beauty stuff to share with Y'all, 
and AAhh..maybe that's why you should vote for me *wink*


May 22, 2012

Singapore Blog Award 2012

I am one of the 10 finalist for Singapore Blog Award 2012 Mary Chia Best Beauty blog *ou yeaaaaa*

I am sooo beyond happy, honoured and excited to start this experience with and Mary Chia!

And for friends and my blog readers, please help to vote for me..yes?

How? easy..

Go to this page, register yourself (it's free, don't worry), 
and it's either you go for "Vote for me " or " Vote now "

And one little window will appear to ask whether you want to vote for Elrica?
Click " yes "

and you just help me in one step closer to my dream body!

Why dream body? 
because if I win..the super generous Mary Chia and will give:

One Grand Prize of a 12-month MARY CHIA Customised Facial and Weight Management or Detox Program worth $4,500 and 1 Set of MARY CHIA BioNano Suit retailing at $1,288 will be given out to the Top Blogger.

Check Mary Chia's facebook for various amazing treatment information and events!

I want the prizes and I will have something fun to share with y'all soon!

Stay tuned!


May 18, 2012

My favorite look!

One of my favorite look
Model: Renata Kroon, Ukraine
Make up and Hairdo by Make up by Bubbly Brush
Foundation & Powder: Revlon Photoready
Eyeshadow, blush and lipstick: NYX smokey eyes collection


May 16, 2012

May 01, 2012

Our 1st Anniversary..

It's been a year since the day I said

" I love you and I do "
24 April 2011
Tirtha Uluwatu

And it is still one wonderful year that I have with you..
Although I hate the way you messed up our room.

Thank you for the flower you sent to my office!

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" An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow. Happy anniversary my dearest wife. I love you "

It's beautiful!

Ceritanya, suatu pagi di kantor gw yang tenang nan wangi pada tanggal 24 April 2012 ada yang ting tong pintu..dan gw selalu yang bukain pintu karena meja gw paling deket ke pintu. 
Trus ada colleague gw bilang, " ah dats my fedex guy! " karna biasa dia selalu dapet kiriman fedex.
pas gw buka pintu, gw liat sebuket mawar gede ini dan gw langsung bilang " No, he did not!! "
GM gw yang agak2 heboh langsung " what happened what happened? " trus pas dia liat mawarnya..dia langsung " aww...whats the occasion?? " Jadi ceritalah gw kepada mereka.

Malemnya, kita fine dining di Pepereno..
Fucking yummy and expensive! 
Brengki! masi agak2 senep gw makan di resto itu..walo emang enak banget sih!

Ini appetizer kita..
Wagyu beef with cheese apalah gitu..
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Baked Eggplant
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Ini wagyunya di piringku ^^
mentah cui!
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Seabass nya Arip ^^
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Spageti nya Matthew..
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Dan ravioli nya gw..3 biji saja dan harganya $30.
Maaak! pas kelar makan gw uda rencana bikin indomie di rumah, 
buset cukup buat ngisi perut ini mah!

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Tapi ternyata sampe rumah urung niat makan Indomie, yang ada kita poto poto buat kenang-kenangan..

Lalu buka Champagne en enjoy the night breeze di balkon rumah. 
Lovely nite.



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