August 30, 2013

Chacott is coming to Town!

Make up lover!!
You've gotta try this new Japanese brand call
" Chacott " 

It will be available from October onwards at departmental stores, selected beauty specialty stores and online at's e-store.

Couple of weeks ago, I got a chance to meet with Chacott make up artist from Japan and try the product on my face directly and I would say..this brand is awesome and the quality is professional Make Up Artist quality.

She also shared the secret of Japanese make up..and this I'm gonna keep it for future make up tutorial when the product is already in town, so it's easier for you to grab ;)

Among the products I tried, my favourite items are as below:

Chacott HD collection.

The super pigmented eye shadow and easy to blend.

And the cleansing lotion that..simply work wonder!

Just stay tuned for this awesome brand, ok!!

A little sneak peak of Chacott eyeshadow for my maternity shoot :)

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August 27, 2013

Current addiction: Organic Essential Oatmeal Face Spa

This is super OMFG!
I didn't know that i can be addicted to a face spa >.<'

I never been a fan of painful facial that comes with forceful extraction and things that involved needle and stuff. Especially since lately there were a case by other beauty blogger that is sad to happened and an example of facial goes wrong. 

Another main reason for me now is because I am expecting, I need extra careful to pay attention on things applied on my face, and also I super hate when some beauty center said the facial is 60 mins, it was actually 5 mins cleansing, 5 mins scrubbing, 15 mins steaming, 10 mins extraction and another 15 mins in masking and the rest minutes was applying lotion and other stuff. So it's actually pretty much they left me 30 mins with the machine..and I personally don't really enjoy it.

If we share the same frustation, maybe you will like this
Organic Essential Oatmeal Face Spa by Mary Chia that I already tried twice and will definitely come back for more.

This is essentially a relaxing organic facial spa experience that is suited for all skin types.
So don't worry about having the not suitable treatment for your skin condition.

The facial starts with a light rose water mist spray, followed by a “warming up” massage using sweet tangerine essential oil. The therapist asked me to inhale deeply while the tangerine essential oil been applied on me. It's awesomely relaxing. Damn - now I want to go back again and have my 3rd session this month.>.<

After the warming up, they do full face cleansing on me using an aloe vera milk cleanser that is gentle on skin. The next step of exfoliation is done by blending freshly grounded organic oatmeal with the aloe vera milk cleanser to naturally exfoliate and slough away dead skin. 
Don't come to me and say I never warn you on how addictive this treatment, ok?
The total more than 75 mins treatment is almost fully hands on, simply massage, massage and more massage on the whole process. This is a kind of treatment that is too good to be true.

The next thing I know is I am enjoying a pressure-point facial massage on my face, neck and shoulders to promote blood circulation and detoxification through stimulation of lymph nodes. 
Just what I need to relief of water retention around face and eye areas. After the massage, my skin is nourished with a customized masque enriched with organic oatmeal. 
I do feel really good after this facial.

  photo 5814A673-2517-426C-A169-31FA5CC52044-5980-0000070FFCF00B46_zps6a007fee.jpg

This Organic Essential Oatmeal Face Spa is totally my choice for the perfect pick-me-up facial elixir for your skin to look supple, dewy and naturally glowing!

And just when I thought the glow will stop after i wash my face the next day, 
this treatment WOW me even more.. 

I'm on 8 months preggie and a happy momma to be with this glowing face. 

 photo B8A7E4BF-FF29-4F79-A318-300F502C5BE4-2892-00000387AA4A31C1_zps95dc9ec0.jpg

The 75-min Organic Essential Oatmeal Face Spa is exclusively available at  

Mary Chia @ Goldhill Centre 

Please call 6250 7949 to book your Organic Oatmeal facial experience. 
Quote “Pink Buble” to enjoy a first-time trial session at S$108 (S$115.56 w/GST), 
Usual Price: S$255

It's worth it!
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August 19, 2013

I am back to Basic..

I'm talking about my hair colour :)
I think it's been a while since i am on my natural hair colour and too be honest I am not so used to this.

My current hair colour is currently not so pleasant to see anymore, my root has grown and Sharon, the director of Salon De Choix decided to keep my hair colour to my original colour.

I am really comfortable with her care during my pregnancy, instead of pushing me for just do the colouring and post my " new hair " in my blog - she suggested to not doing anything chemical to my scalp until I delivered my baby. This is very thoughtful of her.

If you are currently having the same situation like me, 3/4 way preggie, your coloured hair is in a mess and you might want to look good during your delivery photos or maybe you are taking a pregnancy contact Salon De Choix

3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1,
 Singapore 239519

6836 2959

Ask for this L'oreal DIA Richesse DIA Light hair colouring treatment.

This is suitable for colored or weakened hair.

Just like my hair condition, this color treatment series is ideal for the color correction services.
In my case, it darkened faded ends and darkened the ex-bleaching hair.

I found one of the awesome effect of this DIA Light is the colour matching power and it does Gloss up my hair. I super recommended this.

On top of that, Sharon gave me a masque treatment to keep my hair soft and smooth..

Ah, love it!

And who said that pregnant lady can't look good?
All you need is just a right place to make you one.

Do quote
" Elrica - Pinkbuble "
to enjoy this AWESOME 20% discount from now until Mid of September 2013.

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August 13, 2013

Do you want to Try " Kiehl's " before you buy?

How cool is that to have a 

 Policy in Singapore?
and this is not a kind where you approach the counter staff and request for the sample type. This is a kind where you are INVITED to try the products first before you purchase the full size! Isn't awesome?

I ever requested sample size product in one of other beauty counter and the staff was hesitantly gave it to me and left a remarks as if I am a cheapskate that only looking for a free sample. Geez! Please..

I am a type that WILL spend my $$ on something that suits me..not a cheapskate, and if you are the same kind like me...thank goodness sister! Kiehl's understand us.

Kiehl's “Try Before You Buy” policy became their motto. This principle of personalized customer service plus customized sampling was established by Kiehl's founder Irving Morse and has remained a Kiehl’s tradition for almost 100 years. 
Because Kiehl’s cares for us, the customer.

This August, Kiehl's invite all customers to come in-store for a 5-minute personalized skincare consultation by our Kiehl’s Customer Representatives (KCRs) and get 5 complimentary samples to try.


1)      Redeem your 5-minute consultation and 5 free samples from this link: 
2)      Flash the confirmation page at any Kiehl’s store to receive a 5-minute consultation by a Kiehl’s Customer Representative (KCR)

3)      The KCR will determine your skin needs and answers any queries you may have. 

4)      Enjoy 5 free samples most appropriate to your needs

Go hurry grabs your sample, and remember the link I posted above willl expired by 31 August 2013, so tell your friend and let's get the most suitable Kiehl's product for you and your friends.

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August 12, 2013

Bye bye long weekend..

Kenapa long weekend itu cepet bener lewat ya?
Taon ini, weekend ini tuh bener bener weekend yang di nanti nanti ma kita yang di SG..karena jarang be'eng bisa libur 4 hari berturut turut gini coba? 
Mo kata lebaran ato pun CNY..jarang aje berentetan sama national day nya SG n weekend dan membuahkan 4 hari libur! 

Tapi selalu deh, perasaan tergundah gw selalu di Minggu malem en Senen pagi..dimana gw berasa galau menentu untuk mulai minggu yang baru. Dan malem ini, adalah si minggu malem ituh. - sigh -

Karena gw dah bunting 7.5 dah ga boleh mabur2 naek pesawat, jadinya ngendon dengan manis di tanah Singapore ini dan mo sok2an cari hotel buat di-inep-in dan bergaya ala staycation gitu. Tapi dong bo, hotel penuh dimana mana..sampe batam pun penuh sesek hotel cakepnya, dan ada beberapa hotel yang pas gw cek..kata mas nya " untuk di weekend ini udah full booked dari taon lalu miss. " 
Aje gile kiasu nya sih extreme loooh!

Ya sudah, baguslah..eke jadi ga buang duit juga dan ternyata 4 hari berlalu gitu aja walo ngendon di tempat kediaman. Hari pertama libur, gw lebaranan di tempat temen gw, si Lily..silahturahmi-an, makan ketupat, ama selonjoran di kamar dia ampe semi ketiduran pas Arip dateng.

Minal Aidin yah buat temen temen yang merayakan.
Mohon maap lahir batin.

Hari kedua, gw dong..entah kesambit apa..dandan cantik seperti dibawah ini..entah kenapa pagi itu, muka gw glowing aje, photo pake iphone di depan jendela dapet effect dreamy dreamy geneh. hahaha..jadi boost mood gw hari itu.

Make up yang dibawah ini daku pake Airbrush loh, nanti gw pamer tutorialnya kalo dah jago dikit make nya..sekarang masi trial and error. Ada yang mo jadi korban gw ga?

Lalu bang Arip bawa aku makan di 

No. 2 Keppel Bay Vista, Singapore 098382
T: +65 6776 0777

Ambience nya ga kayak di SG, banyak yatch yatch gitu..orang2 yang dateng juga berbudi pekerti - ga ada yang nyelak nyelak ala auntie2 cin-pur, service nya pun amazing, pokonya brunch hari itu perfect dah.

Ini abang Aripku, lama yah dia ga nongol di blog :)

Untuk starter gw pesen ini Mushroom Soup, menurut gw soup nya mahal..sekitar $13, tapi teteup kalo kalian mampir kemari..cobain deh! semangkok bisa bagi 2 lah..dan dong, garlic bread nya..yaolooo..kasi gw 5 roti lagi bisa abis sendiri sama gw kali. --> aku ga rakus, cuma lagi bunting.

Minumannya abang pesen Latte, eke pesen ice americano.
Gw ga tau minuman Arip gimana rasanya, but mine is perfect.

Dan ini menu kita berdua - masing masing pesen seporsi ini english breakfast gitu deh.
$20 per porsi, dan gw ga suka sosisnya. Buntut2nya kita berasa porsi ini kegedean kalo dimakan buat 1 orang. Tau gitu gw pesen yang laen dah..biar ga mubazir2 amat.

Rencananya abis kelar brunch gini, kita mo ke SEA Aquarium yg ada di Sentosa, tapi bujug..pas nyampe sana..masa antri masuk ke Aquariumnya 3 jam seeeh? dan mereka ga ada priority untuk bumil - huix -
Dan diputuskan untuk pulang aja deh, daripada gw cranky 3 jam en kaki gw bengkak.

Dan ketemu Cina geblek di tempat parkir..jadi ceritanya mobil dia uda muter di jalur laen pas nyari parkir, trus pas di depan mobil kita, ada mobil yang baru kuar jadi kita dapet tempat tiba2 dari mobil yang uda jalan dari entah jalur yang mana, turun satu orang kucluk kucluk berdiri di tempat parkir yang kita mo masuk untuk nge-take -in tempat parkirnya while mobil dia muter. Yeeee!! ga sekalian nge-chope tempat pake tissue ala SGan nge-take meja di food court? Ini nge-take tempat parkir pake badan coba?

Ampun deh koko.

Hari ketiga libur, kita ke IKEA..beli ini:

Buat ditarok di dalem gudang kami.

Dan di IKEA ketemu bule tolol juga pas di tempat parkir - sama case nya..tapi kali ini dia mau tempat parkiran gw yang kebetulan mo kuar. Nah, posisi mobil kita tuh yang sebelahan sama jalan, jadi kita tinggal masuk mobil en nyetir lurus en orang belakang tinggal parkir masuk kepala. Dan si dodol ini mepetin mobil dia ke mobil kita deket pintu masuk gw..kiasu mampus takut mobil belakang dia nyelak tempat parkirnya.
Tapi gw belon masuk ke mobil gw dan jarak mobil dia ke pintu gw tuh cuman 40 cm-an kali, lah gw bagemana masuknya coba? Akhirnya gw knock knock kaca mobil dia sambil tunjuk2 ke pintu gw, dan si bule tolol ini ngasi gw gesture " angkat 2 tangan sama bahu nya sambil mulutnya bilang " I can't I can't " (move) " gitu..Palelu ga bisa move! maju dulu kek..orang tempat parkir IKEA gede gitu kok..bole lu BMW convertible tapi kok mental Kopaja seh Mr.? Egois gitu.

Ada apa dengan orang aneh dan tempat parkir?

Hari ini, hari keempat libur; kita bangun siang ajeee..jam 10.30 am gw baru buka mata..enjoy Sunday banget yah kesannya? trus masak breakfast, ke gereja dan ke Salon touch up rambut sama bang Arip..( besok besok aku pamer rambut baruku ^^ ) kelar nyalon, tau tau..minggu dah mo kelar aje..>.<'

Daku jadi kembali males gundah deh besok mo kerja..
Kalian long weekend ngapain aja?
- aku kepo -
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August 09, 2013

Tips: Bad hair day fixer!


Do you often have a bad hair day in the middle of the day? - just like me -
I really love the " just wake up " kind of hair to start my day, usually it's like one day old hair with a nice puff and glow that suits my liking :)

But damn! 
It usually won't last more than my lunch time before it gets damp and the oily scalp start to take the look down, and I mostly end up like this:


 Jadi nih ya buibu..entry ini eke mo share tips untuk keep rambut agak2 puffy en oil free buat seharian :)
Daku biasanya suka gituuu...deh, sok berasa tinggal di negara yang kering jadi pergi ngantor rambut bisa kayak abis kuar dari ranjang..yg agak2 semi berantakan en yang keliatannya " rambut gw ga diapa2in kok ".

Tapi apa daya, idup di sg, negara yang iklim pulau..biasanya ga nyampe makan siang rambut eke teplek dan udah aut-aut-an ga jelas kayak hari ini nih: -


..and before I continue..I need to let you know that am not sponsored for this post! :)
I'm just sharing a little tips for you who happened to have the same problem like me.

Here is the tips:
Invest in a good Dry Shampoo.

I am currently using Batiste brand that I bought in Bangkok Airport, I think you can get this in Watsons and Guardian or pretty much any kind of good dry shampoo is good to fix the bad hair day.

- || -

 Btw, ini bukan hasil sponsoran yah! cuman mo share aja..barang kali ada yang senasib sama eke, mo nampang pake rambut keren apa daya cuaca ga ngedukung.

Intinya: beli shampo kering!
Kalo di Jakarta, gw beneran ga tau beli dimana untuk merek Batiste ini..tapi sebenernya merek apapun boleh kok..biasa di pasar baru ato di toko baby jual dry shampoo ini.

If you already have a thick hair and don't need another extra volume, you can just use the original dry shampoo just to have the clean feel and let the dry shampoo absorb the oil in the scalp away.

Arrange it around 15-20 cm away from your roots..and spray it!


Cari yang original dry shampoo kalo misalnya dikau rambutnya uda tebel dan ga perlu lagi sasakan palsu untuk bikin rambut keliatan lebih tebel. Yang original gini biasanya untuk ngebersiin rambut sama ilangin minyak di kepala. Atur jarak sekitar 15 -20 cm dari jarak botol ke kulit kepala yo!

Gently massage and spread the dry shampoo into the scalp area.


Abis semprot dry shampoo ke kepala..di pijit2 begini bentar yah..biar dry shampoo nya ngerata.

Take a brush and brush it towards the end of your hair.


Sisir! pake sisir yang model brush gini yah..sampeee bawah.

..and DONE!

But if you do have a soft and thin hair texture and would like to have the extra volume on your hair,
buy this one. I super recommend this Big and Bouncy XXL volume by Batiste.


Kalo misalnya dikau kayak daku..yang rambutnya sama sekali ga ada volumenya dan mo punya rambut ngembang..beli ini deh: Big and Bouncy XXL volume by Batiste.

Ato ga, dry shampoo yang ada komposisi buat ngembangin rambut.

Same thing:  crumple your hair a little to create the volume.


Apa sih bahasanya kalo misalnya gw mo bilang kayak bejek bejek rambut deket kepala biar rambutnya ngikut ngembang..itu apa yah istilahnya? - kenapa vocab gw jadi gini seeh?

..and a lil Voom hair is what you got.


Tadaaa..jd ngembang kan?

Happy trying!

If you do have a request on the tips that you would like me to feature, 
do drop it at the comments part or in my email :)


Jeungs, kalo misalnya dikau ada request untuk tips ato tutorial apa yang dikau mau aku postingkan..
sini sini beri aku ide yah! Drop di comment ato di email ku yah!

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August 07, 2013


Enjoy Bruno Mars!
and also..Happy Hari Raya :)

Mari makan ketupat!

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