July 30, 2014

Biolee Journey with me - Part 2

Toner time!

For those that believe that toner won't do any good on the skin maybe could try Biolee toner and enjoy one step closer to a more beautiful skin?

Biolee control skin toner is cool, refreshing and oil-free blend helps to hydrate, balance, and revitalize skin and control surface oil. It also calms and soothes the trouble effectively. The natural pine pollen extract reduces the trouble on acne/oily skin.

Basically toner works to tighten skin, pores and removes oil. For those that worry about the " ingredients " inside Biolee toner, worry not. BIOLEE acnépris and ACNIQUE adopt only natural botanical extract, pine pollen extract as an antibacterial agent. In general, the other companies commonly adopt chemical compounds such as triclosan and salicylic acid which are restricted to the amount of 0.3% ~ 0.5% as an ingredient of cosmetics.

One thing to note, always apply toner on your clean face.

I love to apply toner with a cotton pad. Just soak the cotton pad with toner and gently pat it on the skin.
This way, you won't get too much toner on your face and it will give a right amount of the product to your skin.

So, have to try on this range before?
Available at John Little Plaza Singapura and Marina Square.
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July 29, 2014

Juventus is coming to Singapore!

This blog was written by le Mr.

I didnt love soccer since i was little. I have only grown fond of it in my high school days when i was staying in my school dormitory along with a few  U17 New Zealand All Whites. Where i can see them practicing and competing.

So when you start watching soccer, you must have a team that you support. Again these U17 players sways me to some players and eventually made me rooting for one team. The players was Edgar Davids, Zinedine Zidane and Allesandro Del Piero, they were the member of Juventus F.C 1999 and now the legends for Juventus F.C

Old players left new players joined the team, but I have been following and supporting this team throughout their ups and downs, season after seasons. I made a promise to myself, that if i have the chance to go to europe, i will make sure to check the schedule when will Juventus play during the weekend and made watching them live in their home is part of the itinerary.

Going to Europe still a long way to go for us since our baby, but i heard great news that JUVENTUS IS COMING TO SINGAPORE!!! This will be a game I should not miss at all! They will be playing at the new Singapore Stadium playing against Singapore all star. Although i would rather see them playing more equal team such as Roma, AC Milan or even other BPL Counterparts, it is still a match to look forward for.

All soccer lovers, lets go to watch the game and enjoy the atmosphere of watching the game live in the new
singapore stadium. Who knows Buffon, Tevez or Pirlo can take a photo with the fans like me :D

All you need to do is just like the image, share the post with your favourite football moment, and tag  5 of your friends to stand a chance to win
the tickets.

I'll see ya there!

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July 22, 2014

Video Tutorial: Casual Make Up

Olla ladies, just a quick one to share my video make up tutorial :)

Hope this one will help you to have an idea on how usually I do my casual make up. This time round, all the 24H make up products are sponsored by Tokyo Luxey.

Let me know what do you think if the video and what will be the next video you are looking forward to see ^^

'Till next time.
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July 21, 2014

Happy 10th anniversary Kiehl's

Happy 10th anniversary to Kiehl's! 
Wishing Kiehl's greater years to come and many more happiness to the awesome team behind it. 

I dedicated this post to Kiehl's because I want to share with you that Kiehl's products are good. My favourite items so far are the deep pore cleansing mask and the Kiehl's ultra for the drier skin. This two are awesome for my skin. Apart from that, le Mr. is using Kiehl's range as well - he even using Kiehl's shaving cream :)

Last weekend, i went to Kiehl's Ultra Generous truck to meet Kiehl's team and fellow beauty lover. It's always a lovely gathering with nice people, surrounded by nice products and get to know about the brand history. It's just to bad that i couldn't stay longer..because lil love was cranky and crying. :(

So here are some of the photos on the event. 

Do catch Kiehl's Ultra generous truck next stop at Orchard Cineleisure! 

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July 17, 2014

Welcoming my new job as full time Mommy!

Akhirnya daku putuskan untuk nulis buat kalo nanti taon taon depan gw baca lagi, gw bisa bandingin apa yang gw give up in sekarang se worth it apa di ke depannya :)

Sesuai judul, daku sudah berenti kerja..tepatnya sebulan lalu :)
Well, dari awal taon sejak gw kelar maternity leave, gw uda work from home dibantuin sama mama gw or mama in law. Tapi this time round, gw totally dah berenti dari kerjaan yang gw demen bener. Aduh mak..rasanya susah banget dan antara rela tak rela..aku tak relaaa *pake nada ngeleyot ala dangdud* apalagi pas gw gw kuar dari kantor lama, gw ada tawaran interview untuk posisi marketing manager di salah satu giant beauty company. Kepikiran sampe ga bisa tidur gw! 

Mikir ini itu sampe keki sendiri.

Dan akhirnya gw ga ambil, karena emang setelah ngomong ma bang Arip, kita sepakat kalo Ethan itu priority :) dan gw stay at home sama dia - Benernya ga sepakat sepakat amat sih soal stay at home, karena gw mo kerja dan at this point karir gw lagi cakep beneeer..sayang kalo dilepas. 

Dan karena gw ga kerja berarti kan single income, gw khawatir sama single income euy - yang berarti gw ga ada freedom lagi buat spend my money. Apalagi sg lagi GSS dong - di taon taon kemaren, gw ke Zara pick all the clothes i want and pay ( macam orang kaya aje! ) - but yes! I used to have that financial freedom. Tapi sekarang, ngeliat ini itu..langsung itung dan meng-console diri kalo baju gw udah banyak and i don't need it. T_ T - daku sedih. Walo akhirnya beli juga 2 baju winter buat modal nutupin badan di New Zealand. I might sound selfish karena yang gw pikirin itu belanjaan gw, but anyway..am sharing this to make peace with myself and for the sake of letting out my thoughts. 

Gw sampe ngobrol sama Esther nya Arman soal gimana dia bisa let go apa yang udah dia punya dengan ikhlas, dan how to overcome single income di family. She is really one lovely lady yang menurut gw ga kebetulan gw whatsapp dia dan nanya ini, our conversation is just somehow a kind that i need. And yeah, just as what she shared..as a women sometimes you just can't have it all. True. I cannot be an awesome marketing manager for one company and in the same time be with my kids and playing play-doh. 

So although it seems like i am a kind that will run busy in office, i finally signing my contract to the most toughest job in my life; being a fulltime mom. No maid. 

Not that I am being overly dramatic about this decision by saying that this is the toughest job; because i think, it is. I used to think how cool will that be to " just " stay at home, taking care of the kids and do nothing. But yoo...Holly momma! Baby, bath time, milk, meal, laundry, cleaning, baby walk, back to meal time, play time, nap time, more cleaning and the list goes on and on...kayak ga ada abisnya gitu, buset dah! Cape nya ajubile. 
Dan sejak jaga Ethan sendirian, berat gw ini berat teringan sepanjang 10 taon terakhir..wohooooo!!! - tapi kalo bole, mo embak dong satu -

Jadi begitulah kabar daku sekarang sekarang ini, intinya jadi ibu RT. Lol! 
Mo bilang gini aja kok susah ya..prembulenya panjang amat. Hahaha. 

Dan on the brighter side, gw bakal bikin youtube channel untuk make up tutorial..launching nanti akhir bulan :) Nanti ditonton yaaa..ya? Ya? Ya?


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July 13, 2014

Lovely range from Panier Des Sens

As someone who loves scented items, Panier Des Sens collections are perfect  to pamper my busy day as stay home Mommy.

At first, I thought, being a full time mom means i have free time at home to do whatever I like and pretty much nothing much to do - maybe it's true for some lucky mommy. But for me, taking care of my 9 months old love alone, and without a help of maid can be pretty occupied most of the times. But..more about this later.

So yeah, i will have my " me time " when le hubby is back from work. I usually let le baby spend time with his daddy so i can sneak out to soak myself in a warm bath tube, reading my Glamour magazine and just pretty much taking my break :) Usually the old pampering habit continue..with the full body scrub!
Let's scrub those dead skin cell away, shall we?

If you have almost the same habit like me, please try Panier Des Sens Honey sugar scrub. It's selling at SGD 45 and available at takashimaya level 3 in a gift section.I might be bias because the smell is no nice and the texture is in soft sugar moisture that leave my skin clean, moisturized and oh so smooth.

Also, do try out their Honey lip balm to give the best of honey on your lips.
SGD 23

And my current Honey & Propolis hand cream.
SGD 23

Apart from the goodness of Honey, I enjoy the fresh Rose scent to give me a little boost to run my day.
Yes, I am guilty in applying eau de parfum even at home :) and actually, I (sometimes) spray some calming scent for my bed time too. :)

Panier Des Sens Rose Eau De Parfum doesn't give a typical sweet rose kind of scent.
It's fresher with a little tint of nature smell. Unique and I am loving it.
SGD 50

The range are complete from the shower Gel, body lotion and hand cream.
Available in travel size too.

Available at Takashimaya SC " The Gift Box " on 3rd level.
Do check it out!

They have awesome range for you.

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July 01, 2014

My signature eyeliner look.

Latest eyeliner favourite by Starlash!

I am loving this because it's glide smoothly and stays throughout the day - No matter if you stays Indoor or  outdoor. I actually don't see this quality coming from a new player - but Starlash that started with their lashes range never failed to impress me.

So, put this brand in your favourite checklist ladies, you won't regret it!


 Just a simple demonstration here, on my signature eyeliner for daily look.
If you would like to re-create this look, prep your face with your basic such as powder/foundation/BB cream or whatever is your preference. Fresh color of blush on your cheek. Keep your eyebrow neat and nicely done. And.. start drawing the eyeliner from the inside towards outside of your eyes..

Can you see the difference?
Left eyes is with the eyeliner and the right side's is without.
 I know drawing an eyeliner is never easy, but keep practice..you will get the steady hand you need :)

So, yeah..'till next time :)

And oh, for those that follow me in Instagram (@eldiona) and have been asking me if I am ok now..thank you for the concern! I am feeling better and never this better before. I finally back on track - only going to a different destination :)

I have made up my mind to get the happiness out of my new job as full time Mommy.
Wish me all the best.

PS: This photo taken when I was 5 kgs heavier than I am now :P
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