January 28, 2013

Read my..L.I.P.S...

You Can!
Play around with colourful lipstick even though you are not a fair skin complexion.

Whenever I posted up anything about my make up, i received lotsa comments range from the complain because the look I created not wearable for them as they have more tan skin tone, the lucky complexion I got - fair skin that could fit any colours, to some smart-ass comments like
" Oh, I love how you do the editing on your skin "
- I don't edit my skin, ok?-
My photoshop skill is not that advance, and before judging about my skin..meet me in person, I will allow you to come as close as possible to see my skin.

Hear me now, I am blessed with a good fair skin with freckles around.
- although, not so much about the good body!

Back to...umm..what did I want to say just now..
Aah..about my blog post, yes, my post is not for fair skin tone only laaa, and it's not so much about me showing my face after face..- tho..it is looking very much like that - hahaha..

 It is for all of you out there..that started as clueless as me when I first stroking my wavy eyeliner. Trust me, I've been there and did whatever silly mistakes that one could do in the beauty department. The good news is, I am trying to share what I learned from those years, and hopefully you don't have to make the same mistake I did. Try the other mistakes instead.
So, this time..
I tried to share the wearable look by playing around with a different lip colour for a tan skin tone.

I put a 2 shades darker foundation on my face and arrange the lighting in my room to create the tan tone on me. Hope this could help to show that, it is ok to be Tan and you can still play around with colours as like the fairer skin tone.

Let's start..
Always prep your lips with a lipbalm, lip care or whatever that helps your lips moist and looking healthy.
My choice: Wild Fern lip balm with Manuka Honey

Shape your lips by using lip pencil.
Tips: If you have thicker lips, draw inside your natural line to create a smaller looking lips.
On the other side, draw it outside your natural line if you have a thin lips.

I use: Boots lip liner no 7 in 25 Melon

Or just draw on your natural line if you are comfortable with the size of your lips.

I like my upper lips, so I draw it just right on my natural lip line.

But for the lower lippie, I want it to be smaller :P
So I draw it inside my natural line.

Then camouflage the extra " lip " with your concealer.

Are you done with the prep ritual?

Now, let me share with you my lipstick pick for Tan skin tone :)

# Nude
This colour could not go wrong, no matter how tan is your skin, nude colour is the safest you could do for a quick daily look or even a date nite out.

I use: Maybelline Natural nude

# Dark brown
Safe colour! but, just make sure..you polished the look with a fresh blush to avoid the dull look.

I use: NYX round lipstick LSS608 - perfect -

# Rose colour
Keep it matte and moist! and you're good :)

I use: Rimmel 260 - I want You -

# Pink
Yes pink, choose something that works with your skin tone.
Go to the make up counter, try it! and buy the one that compliment your skin the most.

I use: Etude Etoinette collection in Pink

# Purple
Why not? Same rules apply.
Choose the purple shade that work best on your skin..and watch the opacity on your lips. 
Go for purple gloss if you don't like the Bold look, but hey..why not making statement on your look?
Let's go for a semi gloss finishing lipstick just like my look below.

I use: MAC Amplied UP the Amp

Happy exploring your colour!
Let me know what is your favourite lip colour :)


  1. nice one, el!
    keep on shining!!! :)

  2. aaaaaaaaaa
    baguus bangeeett <3
    sukaaa yg warna rose color dan nude <3

  3. bibirna imut...lucu banget..cakep c!! <3

    1. trima kasih Dewie, kamu juga ga kalah cute loh..aku suka liat muka kamu ^^

  4. keren banget cii,, bisa di coba nih teknik nyaa,, ga bikin kelihatan tua,, oiyah cii,, mungkin oot dari post-an yang ini sih,, cma ada saran ga supaya klo make up jadi ga kliatan tua?? alis kah?? lipstik kah?? atau apa cii??soalnyaa tiap kali make up slalu di bilang kliatan lebih dewasa *lebih tua tepat nya* T_T

    1. Hi Lia,
      makasi buat masukan kamu..nanti aku buat postingan sendiri yah utk make up yang keliatan muda ^^


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