November 28, 2011

OMFG! I know...

This was supposed to be seen from a distance, as far as Opera theater or some concert hall.
Not really fancy for the up close look like this.

But I'm sharing this look anyway..^^

This pic was taken during my make class, where we supposed to do a Stage make up for Guy!
We don't have guy in the class, so we are using our face (trying hard to create the look).
I think I look like a typical Chinese bastard looking guy. I dunno, just saying.

Tapi yang pasti, gw keliatan kayak banci meeeen!!!
Ga berenti ngakak di kelas pas semua pada ngaca..oh my..oh my!

And this pic below..looks even weird ^^
I put the black enamel coating on my teeth, to make it look nasty..
and when I requested my cousin to show it to my mum, her reaction was as expected..
She was expecting me looking at least pretty-pretty, definitely not this look!
but she somehow proud of my work so far.
Thank God.

And I actually quite surprise of how it turned out as well.
Can't wait for the special effect class soon!!


November 25, 2011

I've been tagged!

I was tagged by eccentricxcrush!


1. Link back the person who gave you this award
2. Share 7 random things about yourself
3. Answer the favorite question
4. Award this to 7 blogger

7 Random things about me (again):

~ I collect eraser and fancy pencil
~ I love the feeling of rain
~ I start falling in love with Ski
~ I Wish to have baby girl
~ I enjoy day dreaming
~ I'm so into Art
~ I love guy with a hazel eyes


Name your favorite color:
Always in love with HOT pink and black.
Name your favorite songs:
I'm kinda oldies in this department, 
I love " shower me with your love ", " hey Mr. postman ",
" Lucky ", and " Love on top "

Name your favorite dessert:

What is annoying to you?

When you are upset you:
I keep quite and cry! 
Then I go and confronting the person who made me upset.
* I get upset by people not situation*

Your favorite pet:
Toy dog! the furry one and white color!

Your biggest fear:
Meeting psychopathy, and being tortured to death.

My best feature:
I love my eyes and smile ^^
I think I smile a lot with my eyes..and I love it.

My everyday attitude:
Cheerful, witty and blunt.
What is perfection:
Non sense!

Guilty pleasure:
Hanging out with bitches..
I got annoyed to the max but on the other hand I got too much story to tell to my girlfriends.

And I would like to tag this to

If you are free and you feel like answering this questions, feel free to grab it from here..and do let me know coz I'm interested to read your thoughts.

Muach muach!


November 23, 2011

Ziggy ziggy brow

As always, 
boredom can actually means inspiration for me.
I was lying on my bed with The vampire diaries on my screen, 
and my heart to Damon salvatore *ehem*, and suddenly I notice Damon's eyebrow that is so thick and dark..and I was curious on how I look like with a super thick and dark brow, so I start drawing it thick and modify the look with the Zig zag effect.

And for this look, I keep it dark and mysterious.
I dunno about the mysterious part though..I'm just trying to look like one. 

After I use the foundation all over my face, 
I start with drawing my eyebrow to the shape in the picture.

And start putting dark olive color eyeshadow on my eyelid up to the crease and keep it there.
Next, I applied black eyeshadow at the corner of my eyes and start blending it in.

Then I put the top and below fake eyelash 
(You might want to find the dramatic lashes for this look)

And keep it super simple lips with nude color.

 * I didn't do any photoshop on the facial features*

And as always, 
I will put my silly face before the make up to show a little bit of power of make up.

November 21, 2011

Midnite inspiration..

Literally at 12ish am, I took out all my make up stuff and start creating look.
I know it may sounds like I don't have anything better to do..but when the inspiration starts kickin' in..
I just couldn't stop, and I may say..I love how it turned out.

I bought this cute lashes back in Indonesia, and I take the inspiration from Angler fish with this lantern on their head..
so I'll go with the dark shades like deep metallic blue and purple.
The only thing I regret about this look is my blending technique, I should've blend it even more. 

And the second look,

I think it's quite easy to guess, yes! It's peacock feather inspired.
*Still with the same lashes*

Hope to create more interesting look in the future!

Btw, when I sent this to my friend..just to show off my new skill..she just like
"no way! I don't believe it's your artworks"
..and I had one bloody hard time to convince her that this is my eyes
and I did it myself!

So, I sent her..



November 20, 2011

Little update..

It's been a hectic yet interesting months for me.
Life has been different compare to the office life I had before, 
I gained my free time with $0 income and I gained my excitement in life. 
It's beautiful to finally feel excited about passion and art again..I miss u art world.

I'm wishing myself a huge success in the new career path I chose.
No regret. Just pure passion.

~ ~

Uda sebulan aja loh gw sekolah lenong ini, gw makin jago apa kaga? gw ga tau..
yang pasti koleksi brush gw dari yang tadinya 2 batang..sekarang brush gw ada 22 batang.
Buset dah, ada aja perlu brush yang beda untuk sudut yang beda pula.

Tadinya kalo lenongan gw kan pake tangan aja yah coel coel ke muka sendiri, ga ada yang komplen sama sekali..nah gara2 tutor gw itu hygiene freak, gw jadi kutan so bersih..sampe sampe ga ada yang poles ke muka gw pake tangan. Segala macem itu kuas, sepon, apalah gw bawa ke kamar mandi untuk dandan.
Hasilnya? gw dandan makin lamaaaaaa..ahhahahahha..

Tapi jadi makin rapih rasanya. *pede jaya*

Trus minggu lalu, gw mulai lenongin client untuk pre-wedding shot disini 
dan gw menemukan titik kepuasan batin gw pas gw liat muka si calon bride cantik kinclong setelah make up en hasil photonya juga bagus banget..*duuuh, perasaan ini tuh bikin gw tidur nyenyak deh*
Tapi kalo pas gw sendiri ga puas sama hasilnya, ga bisa tidur sampe subuh mikirin kenapa hasil tangan gw ga perfect yaaaaa, aduh coba tadi gini aduh coba tadi gitu..*kapok*
Padahal client nya sih hepi2 aja bilang " I love it "
Tapi tetep aja!
Doain yah semoga ke depannya eke laris manis jadi tukang lenong ^^

Trus 2 minggu lalu gw ada exam, les lenong ada exam?
Ada bener!! bukan final exam sih..jadi pas abis modul bride gitu..ada exam nya, dan gw dapet full score untuk total outlooknya..*bangga*

Pas tutor gw bilang " this is sooo beautiful " 
~ gw di samping modelnya cuma senyum senyum puas pol!

Sialnya model gw tuh dapetnya si orang phi phi itu..*kualat abis ga gw?*
 ( Dan gw keki pol pas gw dandanin ni orang, karena setiap kita kan perlu set up make up table nya jadi biar yang exam bisa pake produk2 kita yang uda di set.)
Nah ni orang yah, barang2 dia semua masi di make up box coba, gw tanya " mana lip balm? " "mana white eyeliner?" " mana shimmer? " SEMUANYA di box!
Dan kita cuma dapet 1 jam to complete the look sampe perfect and detail.
Kalo gw grabak grubuk sendiri cari barang di box kan buang waktu gw.
Bener2 ga tau dia sengaja ato engga.

Trus herannya waktu hasil lenong gw dibilang beautiful, 
dia nya nyaut " yes, it's beautiful..i agree " 
Gw bingung dong, tumben bener ni orang mo ngakuin hasil karya orang laen yang bagus..
ternyata bener, pas tutor gw kasih full score ke gw, 
dia nyeletuk " I know my face looks good on make up "

Kua kua..
jadi menurut dia, dandanan gw mah biasa aja..
tapi karena muka dia looks good on make up jadinya overall look nya perfect.
*apa kata lu lah jeng*

~Bitch are everywhere~

Itu aja sekitar perlenongan, selebihnya..idupku bahagia..bangun tidur, mandi, beres2, ke kelas, lunch, pulang, buat assignment (ho oh gw ada assignment, assignmentnya bikin make up look), masak buat arip, dinner, bobo. Yang ga bikin bahagianya adalah ga bisa shopping, padahal sale bertebaran dimana mana..duit gw abis buat beli brush, 120 eyeshadow pallete, 10 blush on dll.
 Nanti aku pamer alat2 make up ku. *sapa yang minta coba? emang ga ada, tapi aku mau pamer aja*
~ kok jadi balik ke lenong seh?~

Ya begitulah updateku ini, sekian!


November 16, 2011

Out of my box ^^

I know this might look weird ^^
But I'm happy for my very first dramatic make up looks.

It makes me look different and totally out of the box.



November 08, 2011

Do you like it?

My Onion hair!


Make up and hair do: By myself and that growing bud by hubby.
Photography: Lovely hubby.

Lucu kan?


November 07, 2011

Wild Ferns Manuka Honey facial wash

On my last trip to new Zealand, I bought quite a lot of Wild Ferns products.
I bought it for my mum, cousin, and myself.

At first, I kinda doubt this brand cause it's kinda cheap compare to body shop or any other local brand.
So I did a research on the brand ^^

And here's what I found.
So basically they are been around for 20 years and this is what they say about their ingredients:

 Wild Ferns skincare collections feature a key ingredient that is not only unique to New Zealand, but also has beneficial properties to ensure you are looking after the health and enhancement of your skin regardless of which range you choose.
And I fell in love with the smell of Manuka Honey, which super awesome when I found that:
Manuka Honey is renowned world wide for the natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties.  We choose to use Active AAH (Antibacterial Antioxidant Honey) 650+ as it also contains high levels of antioxidants, which have been proven to help slow down the ageing process of your skin.  


I'm gonna share a little review of the facial wash
(and soon, the facial scrub, body lotion, night rich cream and lip balm)
~I know I'm so crazy over this brand now ~

Too bad, they don't sell it here in Singapore.

This is the packaging,
Warning: the moment you open the cap,
you just wanna drink the whole bottle of it cause it smells soooo freaking yummy.

 And when you pump it out, It comes the most yummy smell facial foam ever!
Love it.


And for me, I love the non-soapy kind of facial cleanser.
Cause I have this things about 
" facial foam get into my eyes " kind of situation before.
And that caused bloody irritation on my eyes.

And this product, so awesome on that department.
My pic below is with the facial wash foam on.
You don't see it right? Me neither.

So I tried to put water and rubbed my face to see is there any bubble comes out or not.
Yes, they have the foamy kind of texture out and I immediately took my camera and snapped it
This is what I got, the foam have been absorbed to my skin or's gone.
Ou yeah!

I have a sweet honey smell on my face, and it's make my skin fresh and tight.

One more thing,
if you have a damn oily facial situation..this product might be a little solution for you.
It helps on my T zone area a lot.


Oh btw, this is not a paid review..
I'm just sharing it just in case you wanna lick yourself tonight, 
remember the smell is so addictive. *wink*

If you are interested, you can check where they sell it internationally here.

November 05, 2011

Saturday thought!

I noticed this silly yet hilarious syndrome of the supporters for 
football/soccer, rugby, and even cricket team in the world cup.

When the favorite team win the game, 
the supporters start updating their facebook or tweets with 
" WE won! " 

But when the fav team lose,  they updating their social network with
" They play fair "
"They did stupid mistake"
" The referee being unfair to them"
"They are stupid!!"

Where is the "WE" word?



November 03, 2011

"No make up" Make up

I'm so loving this look.
You know, sometimes we want to have make up on our face 
but we want to make it as if there's no make up and yet we still look good and glowing?
If you are nodding while reading this, this is the make up look that  suits u well.

The nude look.

Start with your foundation, powder and trim your eyebrow neatly.

Then, you gonna need:

Contouring powder/blush

I use this Kryolan contouring powder that has like 4 shade darker than my skin.


Brown/Nude color eyeshadow with a little shimmer will be great.
I use Mac All that glitters Veluxe Pearl

Nude color lipstick and clear lipgloss.
I use Maybeline natural nude 945 and H&M lipgloss

And an eyeliner (gel/liquid/pencil)- up to you
I use Kryolan liquid liner

And this look is seriously easy look, cause there's no technique in putting the eyeshadow or whatsoever.
Simply apply the base eyeshadow on your entire eyelid, then put the brown eyeshadow on it but keep the eyebrow bone clear.

Stick your fake eyelash and line it with thin eyeliner.

Done for the eyes.

And for this "no make up" make up, I apply a thin layer of foundation only because I don't want to look too done up for a daily make up, and I apply contouring powder below my cheekbone to create a little shape on my chubby face and finish up my look by putting the lipstick and lipgloss.

I put white eyeliner on my below waterline, but this is not a must..
It help to create a bigger eye illusion only.


Have a "no make up" make up look for the weekend!


November 01, 2011


I got this Maybeline pallete on my birthday, but I just recently use it for my make up class.


The swatches on my hand:
Top: With Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion
Below: Without any primer

I really think this eyeshadow has a beautiful color, but It need to be apply after the primer.
Or else, the color just not so sparkling.

Yesterday, I decided to make a little look with this palette using only the darkest black and the highlight.
And for the lips, I'm using Maybeline Pink peach P32.


I kinda like this look for evening date out or dinner with girlfriends.
It's light smokey with a bit of bright lipstick and super super light peachy blush.
I use a very very thin eyeliner near my fake eyelash line to enhance the eyes.


And for the foundation, I use Kryolan camouflage creme.

Oh btw,

Me before make up. No photoshop on the face feature.
Just big circle lens, make up and some serious posing ^^

I know I look different ^^

What color do u usually use for night make up?


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