January 28, 2014

My new lashes from Prestige eyebrow and lash specialist

Bare lashes no more for me!

I did eyelash extension at Prestige eyebrow and lash specialist :)
I actually did 3D nano eyebrow embroidery too, but I'm gonna share about that later on after my second touch up.


Located at Pacific Plaza Level #03-08, Prestige eyebrow & Lash specialist is really convenient to access. It's pretty much located just around Orchard area.

 The place is pretty neat and clean, totally a kind of place that I will do my lashes extension.
It's a big NO no for me to have anything to do with touching my skin done in a less clean area.
I am so damn particular in hygiene department.

It's pretty awesome that Prestige exceeded my expectation in terms hygiene, service, and result.

This is my bare face on that morning!
I look like I just got up from bed. Damn.

I choose the natural look to start and I was planning to build the look to the more intense and dramatic look along this 3 months.

The process was painless and pretty quick if I may say..only the part where they need to past the under eye sticker is a bit uncomfortable - but bearable.

This is how my new lashes look like :)
It is almost looking like my natural lashes!
It's comfortable, and not blocking any of my view.
Me love it.

Here is the pricelist :)
Mine is the VIP package, so I am free in creating different volume of lashes for 3 months.


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January 24, 2014

ETUDE play color eyes collection!

I just found another gorgeous series of eyeshadow collection by Etude! 

You guys remember the last time I wrote about ETUDE Etoinette collection ? The pretty and princessy theme of make up? and how gorgeous the collection when I did the swatches

This time, ETUDE is back with the collection that I will definitely do another ETUDE make up tutorial like I did before, because this is just simply pretty colours!!

Take a look on this Play color eyes below :)
Each set contains 10 eyeshadow colours, with hues ranging from pale and deep to matte and sparkly, that allows women to create both natural and glamorous looks with just one palette.

Pretty cool ay! So if you are a kind that will not spend much on make up and not sure what affordable palette to begin with, grab this!

You can purchase this start from February 2014 onwards!
Retailing at $37.90 you will get a highly-pigmented powder formula that blends the shadows beautifully to lend gorgeous definition to the peepers with maximum staying power. This is also great to be snuggled in any handbag or clutch..call this a day to night make up in a palette!

 The 10 colours in Palette #1 include Party Gold, Burning Red, Temptation, Naked, Pony Tail, Modern City, Chic Blue, All Night, Snow Queen and Military Khaki.

The 10 colours in Palette #2 include Clutch Brow, Coco Brownie, Pop Champagne, French Kiss, Misty Rose, Diva, Glam Forest, Midnight Star, Sparkling Wine and Leopard Brown.

For me personally, I am so curious to try these colour on my eyes..like how cool can it be to have red eyeshadow on your eyes?

 Or going to have a Valentines date night with party gold colour?

Or maybe the sparkling wine colour?

 Once I have decided which look I'm gonna make my make up tutorial, I will share it up again with you guys! so, stay tuned!

..and oh, this might be a good Valentine day gift for your BFF, sister or maybe mommy?
Whoever it might be, share the love and let's not be afraid to play the colours in your eyes.

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January 23, 2014

My Skincare Regime with SK-II

As I shared before, I am an SK-II user since 2010 and it's been a while since I had my skin tested by an SK-II beauty consultant. So last weekend I went to the SK-II counter at Takashimaya to get the insight on how my skin condition has fared all this while.
SK-II uses a machine known as the " Magic ring " to get the details and our skin age. Pretty cool ay?

The procedure is actually pretty simple: the SK-II beauty consultant will just put the machine on the side of my face and snap a photo of my targeted skin.

This is Ting Ying, the consultant that helped me on that day. She is pretty, fun and full of information. DO look for her when you visit the SK-II counter at Takashimaya, ok?


From there, the image will be transferred to the computer and the system will assess my skin.
 I am actually pretty curious on my skin age :)

I'll be turning 30 y/o next month but I do hope my skin is forever 21!


Ok lah, not 21, but it turns out my skin is pretty good!

My skin texture is as good as 22 years old

Firmness: 27 years old

Wrinkle resilience: 27 years old

Radiance enhancement: 27 years old

The ‘not so good’ part is the

Spot control: 32 years old


The magic ring also shows a simulation on how my current skin can be improved by using SK-II.

Ting Ying recommended that I use the Whitening Series to combat the spot appearance on my face.

I agree and have been using the range since 2010, and just recently combined the range with the SK-II Skin Signature.

 So this is my face as per today :)


The 22 years old skin texture *ahem*

I will share with you the SK-II skin care regime that I have been using and the additional items that I will start to use. Maybe you can start investing on this brand if you wish to have the 22 years old skin texture even when you are close to 30 like I am.  ^^

I am about to start using the SK-II facial treatment clear lotion on top of the usual SK-II skincare I've been using below :)
*this lotion is included in the Pitera Essence Set*

For the past year, these are the SK-II items that I've been using. 

I stick to the regime as this works for me...

...and actually, 2 out of 3 items I've been using is in the Pitera Essence Set.

 SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

*included in Pitera Essence set*

I like to soak my facial cotton with this miracle water and apply it generously on my face, neck and towards the back of my neck.

SK-II Cellumination Essence

This one is awesome to combat my spots!!

Apply one little dot on each face area and spread it evenly with clean finger.

SK-II Skin Signature 

As my daily moisturizer

It comes with the applicator that will help to minimize the bacteria going into your container - can you imagine how gross your moisturizer will be if you double dip your finger into it?


SK-II Advanced Eye Treatment Film

For the area around my eyes

This is one awesome eye gel, because even after the whole night in the air-con room, the eye areas are still fully hydrated.

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

*included in Pitera Essence Set*

 Yes, this is an expensive mask :)

But call it magic mask if you want. It has an instant brightening effect on your face.

I love to apply this mask whenever I have important event on the next day, be it media interview, shooting for some brand that I endorse, or even just a simple date night with Le hubby.

I hope this entry will re-answer the questions that I keep getting asked on how I achieve my good skin :)

Do bookmark my blog *thank u very much* to follow my updates on the skin progress with SK-II. I shall also be sharing my beauty tricks and tips as a new mum :)

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