May 31, 2013

20 Weeks! Half way to go..

It seems like forever waktu gw nunggu pamali 3 bulanan buat gembar gembor soal buntingan ini, tapi kok yah tiba tiba aja..minggu ini uda 20 weeks, dan hei..aku dong apa apa belun siap. Hahaha..

Di kepala gw yang ada sekarang baru, shit gimana gw kurusin badan gw yang by date uda naek 5 kg yah? dan sambil cek cek kulit muka, gw liatin ada jerawat tumbuh ga ya? dan ampir saban malem gw tanya ke Mas Arip, " Do i look jelekan? " dan yang saban malem juga dijawab " istri aku ga mungkin jelek doooong.." kadang sembari gunting kuku, kadang sambil nge-youtube gimana cara ganti lampu mobil dll. - entah itu jawaban beneran uda ke program di pala nya, ato trying to be politically lovely.

Maren maren bolak balik kuar masuk Mothercare, yaoloo mehong! Aku pulang ke Jakarta untuk beli di Mall ambasador aja lah..sambil nunggu hibahan. Anyway, aku mo cerita the happy part of being preggie..ternyata, lucu juga yah feeling pas baby mulai kicking di perut, awal2nya kayak ada ikan muter muter di perut bawah, lamaan dikit ada little " dung " dr dalem, yang sama Arip selalu ditungguin saban malem..sambil komplen " kok ga nge-kick seeeh? aaa- aaah! "
Sabar kalee bang.

The other happy part nya, cravingan gw belon berubah..tetep suka nya sayur en buah..dan everything yang sweet, tapi serem cui..takut kena diabetes. Kemaren makan di ayam penyet Ria, dengan bahagianya dan rela nya gw makan satu porsi full Gado gado! - makan gado gado aja bangga - Mayaaan bangga, karena biasa gw suka berasa rugi makan gado gado di SG..sepiring ampir $6 cui, kalo dirupiahin ampir 48rb tu sayur.

Trus apa lagi ya? Oh perutku makin buncit, tapi tetep belun ada yang ngasi tempat duduk di MRT or Bus, nasib dah gw..tetep berdiri tegak deh selama di angkutan umum. :(

Lalu apalagi yah, oh! besok daku cabcus ke urusin pre wedding cousin eke dan sekalian take a holiday sebelon buntingan makin heboh en keluhan gw makin banyak. Gw pengen tau nih, apakah hawa napsu belanja di Platinum mall bakal ngaruh dengan adanya kehamilan ini? semoga engga.

So far di 20 weeks ini berat eke udah naek 5 kg, baju baju dah pada ketat en dah pada ga nyaman banget deh. Uda sulit banget rasanya mo tampil chic untuk ke beauty event ato ga ke fashion event..rasanya bajunya salaaah semua.

Sekian update-an 20 weeks ku ini, sini aku tutup pake foto diriku diambil minggu2 lalu. :P

  photo 7DB26AD9-8278-4EBB-87BE-57FC2DE0471A-4840-000005E5B980B6F7_zps2dc41087.jpg

May 30, 2013

Make Up by Bubbly Brush

If you haven't know, apart from being a beauty blogger, I am also a pro Make Up Artist under 

I love and addicted in creating a transformation and making people looks prettier than they already are, and i wanna show you one of the latest project I did to Korean model..and I am so loving it.

I hope you love it too.

If you wish to create the same look, here are the make up I used:
Foundation: Revlon Photo ready
Powder: MAC foundation powder studio perfect in NC 25
Eyebrow: NYX powder eyebrow in dark brown
Eyes: Using The Balm naked pallete
Blush: Bobbi Brown Coral
Shading: Kryolan shading powder
Lipstick: Bobbi brown


My magical V shape face in Instant!

You know, since I posted the teaser on how I achieved my V shape face in 45 mins, I received many emails and facebook message on what is the cream or treatment I used to achieved that safe and instant result :)

Although as I said, it's temporary effect and last only 1 week (of course, you can maintain the treatment to get the permanent effect ), many of them still want to know what is the treatment and where can they get it , I think this is a good news for everybody that going to have an important event to attend and kinda forget to diet or maybe after dieting..the chubby cheek still there..T_T

I couldn't remember when was the last time I went to professional to do my face :(
It's been more than 6 months since I did any professional treatment to my face, and also eventhough I hate to admit this; pregnancy does change my skin texture from dry to extra dry.
- sounds like wine hor -

I have to re-pick my new skin care regime again, and need extra water - although it's not very much proven - but at least makes me feel hydrated, re-balance my nutrients intake, and all those sort of small matters things.

...and that day, when I dropped by Mary Chia outlet at Goldhill, I took a photo of myself..and I was in a real shock that I actually look like this..

Very much auntie lah - super OMG!
 photo 9AB094A7-A8F6-47B0-8AA9-FDD26EE2FD16-7832-0000087C8077936E_zps57624b5e.jpg 

 by this week, I am on my 20 weeks of pregnancy and gained 5 kg in total..I know clothing is already slightly tight, but I thought my face still look somehow ok..- apparently not! -
 I don't know how on earth my face look like there are many lumps and my smile line like..omg..super sad.

It's really thank Goodness I tried this
Mary Chia Integra Trio Facelift machine (Price $500)

I know it seems really expensive for the 45 mins treatment, but heck I don't confidence, and the feeling to look better is worth more than the money spent on the treatment.

I am always back to Mary Chia Goldhill outlet (6250 7949)  for their professionalism and the friendly therapist, a place that I don't feel like slapping the whoever that look at me from head to bottom and tried to put me in which box I am belong to. For me, it's very homey..and I just love it.

The room, even though not a glam and pretty room to do the treatment..still makes me almost fall asleep during the treatment.

 photo 825CF866-7251-4979-8504-1D54B2B8E610-7789-00000876F75423E8_zps66b6b7d0.jpg

This is the awesome machine that gonna do the magic :)
 photo EEAD7D90-E5B5-47F9-989B-3E6994D6EB41-7789-0000087733BD758E_zps92be493d.jpg

 photo 7BF32D88-659F-4950-99C4-DEF787706C24-7789-000008774B5F4C78_zpsf42b9564.jpg

I am so excited to see the different after the treatment, because I definitely want to look and feel better after every kind of treatment I did. I expect a lot especially when it comes to face and body treatment.

 photo b404d2d9-b9c0-4cd4-b8bf-d2c6f473440b_zpsb898692d.jpg

The Mary Chia Integra Trio Facelift treatment
started with a deep cleansing of the face, continue with this awesome and therapeutic massage and suction machine to facelift the face. You can really feel it's pulling not only your skin, but tighten the facial muscle upward giving you the instant facelift feeling and result.

 photo C4C6E65E-35E8-4C69-8147-4E6CF27D7286-7789-000008783F32E35D_zps40284838.jpg

Soon after the first machine did the job, the second function of the machine gave me a little pounding effect to circulate the puffiness away. I liked it, cause it's sculpturing my face :)
I immediately feel the chubby swollen cheek is gone. super yay!

 photo 9291FE16-7BEF-4D6D-864E-F8769F2D061E-7789-0000087861AF9363_zps1631daab.jpg

And as a final touch to even more relaxed my night, my therapist gave me a superb eye treatment a facial massage that confirm, if she did it 5 mins longer..I will be off to lala land.
I am totally happy and satisfied with this treatment, especially during pregnancy moment where I feel less confident than the normal day T_T.

This is the before and after treatment photo.
Isn't amazing?
 photo C91A7FAA-8581-41E2-AC55-F9C81CE97913-7789-000008792D3461FC_zpsb216f45d.jpg

If you keen to tryout this awesome treatment, do contact the below outlet
(I recommend the Novena Branch)

OG Orchard Point (6732 0220)
160 Orchard Point #02-18 Singapore 238842 

Novena (6250 7949)
183/185 Goldhill CentreThomson Road Singapore 307628 

3. The Cocoon  (6734 6626)
391 Orchard Road #05-22 Ngee Ann City Singapore 238872 

Yeap, I know the price is a bit beyond day to day maintenance budget, but if you happen to have important event in your life.. let say it's your graduation, engagement, or even wedding .. there is no harm to invest on this safe and needle free treatment, and getting almost the same effect like botox..get a pretty V shape face as if you lost 5 pounds instantly.

Or maybe you can share this good news to your Mum or grandma? some grandma still very Hau Sui and wanna look forever young right? then intro to them this treatment :)

And Oh, apart from sharing this awesome treatment..
I wanna let you know that Mary Chia has a promotion for it's:

Anti-Aging Face Lifting Programme (U.P. $250)  
By quoting my " Pinkbuble Blogger ",  you can get
this Anti aging face lifting programme +  Eye treatment (U.P. $110)
for just $68

Don't tell me I never share a good lobang for you all about the awesome deal around, ok?
- Just call up and try it for yourself -

'Till next time!

May 22, 2013

Say NO to BULLYING in the WORK PLACE and anywhere else!

Ok, this is might be too annoying to see, especially things like this happened in work place!
We all know, for those who want to get work experience, Singapore is a good learning ground with a standard that internationally recognized , don't judge me yet on this statement, but try to work in Indonesia and compare how people work in Singapore, I think you will know what I mean.
If you have haven't work on the both compared places, shut up.

Anyway, as much as tough learning ground can be 
(especially if you are a fresh grad having your first job), never let the supervisor, manager or even your colleague treat you the way this stupid intern treated.
The thing that I don't understand about this whole situation is 
" WHY this poor kids never stood up for himself? "
If you received S$10.000 a month and being treated like this, ok lah..somehow you need to hold on for the sake of the $$. But having $500/$600 a month, without any annual leave?
man, this is the same amount of Bangala workers received in SG.

I'm sharing this not because I need to boost up my stats for this trend issue in Singapore, but if you know me..I am ANTI BULLYING! 

No bullying in anyway! 
and ALWAYS stand up for your self everybody!
* Arrgghh..seeing weak people being bullied makes me angry, not to those who bully (they are trash in the first place, sooo not worth my attention)..but for the one being bullied *

Back to the video..I always imagine if i am in the position of the stupid/poor kid..I think, no! I would definitely kick his balls as much as he beat me. Crack balls to the stupid supervisor!

May 17, 2013

Knock knock: It's Greedy Chimp!

 Oh yes!
Nothing could be better to received a bundle of yummy loot in office when my brain was stuck in writing a proposal and my tummy (and mouth) are craving for something to munch while resting my brain.

 photo photo1_zps3c468e8c.jpg

So instead of thinking what to buy for your daily munch, why don't you let Greedy Chimp prepare it for you? The feeling of receiving Greedy Chimp is something like getting a goodie bag from the birthday party when I was a little girl. I am so keen to open and to see what do i get?
Greedy much? Indeed I am!

Don't worry about getting crap snacks in your loot!
For $14.90 a month or $44.70 quarterly..
you’ll receive 6 or more unique snacks in your Loot
shipped to your home or in my case, to the office.

Snack selections for each month will be based on a theme
dreamt up by the creative monkeys at Greedy Chimp Headquarters.

This is what I got!
 photo photo1_zps6da07923.jpg

A super yummy pop corn fro Planet Pop Corn

  photo photo2_zpse85698b5.jpg

 photo photo2_zpseaad39c8.jpg
Planet Popcorn serves up tasty popcorn made
with a unique technique. The popcorn is made
with 100% imported corn kernels popped
daily and has no trans fat, no preservatives
and no coloring. The Buddy packs and Party
buckets come in are 7 yummy flavours, all with
reduced sugar content.
Kiwa Plantai Chips and Mamee rice sticks
 photo photo4_zps1bed7bca.jpg
Kiwa Plantain Chips are yellow chips high in
crispiness, that come from green bananas
and are an excellent source of potassium and
vitamins. Mamee rice sticks are made from fine,
selected rice grains, thus making them great
wholesome snacks that no one can resist.

American Corn Snack
 photo photo5_zps8ea70e11.jpg
For cheese lovers, the “Cornae” American Corn
Snack has the delicious taste of cheese mixed
well with a crispy corn base.
Impact Mints and Cadbury chocolate.

 photo photo3_zps1195c0cf.jpg

Do check them out:

and subscribe to enjoy various and worth it snacks delivered to your door steps!

Chimp you next time!

jauh jauh deh dari gw..

Pagi pagi aku keki sama salah satu anggota family yang bermulut dua, bermuka dua dan berlidah ular. OMFG. Sebenernya ga ada hubungan darah sih sama gw, karena nempel aja jadi mo ga mau nyebutnya keluarga. Bisa gila juga kalo punya direct family kayak ini orang.

Harusnya gw cuekin aja kan yah? harusnya gw anggep ni orang ga exist kan ya? tapi kok for some reason, gw harus denger about ni manusia dari orang orang..yang entah ngabarin kabar " hebat " ato " perbuatan " aneh apa lagi yang dilakukan oleh orang ini..dan itu bikin gw bisa sampe muak loh dengernya.

Jarang gw muak sama orang, paling keki keki dan itu besoknya ya uda balik lagi ga kenapa napa. Tapi sama ini orang ya aulooooo, gw heran pake pelet apa pula ini orang? lakinya uda kayak puppies, disuruh duduk, duduk. Disuruh " jangan ya! ", berenti berbuat. Anjing gw aja ga segitu nurutnya.

OMG, ampunin gw dah Tuhan karena berpikir gini...tapi gw cuman harep, orang orang terbangun dari peletnya dia. Dan herannya, kenapa gw yang selalu dapet jawaban dari kebohongan dia, yang gw juga bingung kok cerita dia, dijadiin cerita orang yah, dan ya istilah busuk ditimbun lama lama pasti kecium juga bau nya.

At this point, gw cuman ga pernah kenel ini orang, so my life and my family life could be peaceful. Dan semoga ga ada kebohongan aneh lagi yang tersingkap di muka gw. Bener bener let your soul be saved deh non, or your tongue burn in hell.

God, if u ever read my blog or even more knows my heart..let this bitch be unseen from my sight..and teach her a goddamn lesson. please?
And forgive me for this evil thought.

May 15, 2013

I am expecting..a new member in Da House on 15 October!

I think many of you who doesn't read Bahasa roughly knows that I am expecting a baby by the previous title and also from the Ultrasound photo. :D

Yes, Indeed I am!

I am now on my18 weeks!
And so ready to start this new journey.

Flash back to February 2013,
it was on the Chinese New Year season where I felt sick most of the time and easily tired.
I thought it was because of the rainy season, non stop travelling and the full schedule of my blogging event and the make up job I had. But I never suspected that I am pregnant. Not at all - although I am hoping so.

We decided to try for baby since November 2012, but the timing was not always right, like the ovulation schedule I downloaded from the free app doesn't match the ovulation test kit I bought from Watsons. It gets me confuse, because technically..apps it's just an apps right? but when I tested my ovulation cycle-according to the apps- using that expensive ovulation stick, it was always shown an empty circle, means no ovulation. Shit.

Next attempt,
we took a week hornymoon to Bali in December, you relax and stay away from the hectic life in Singapore, with the thinking that maybe the egg is let relax it for a week, taking diving certificate, stays in a nice villas, eat our heart out and..... Nope. Negative.

Then I got impatient.
 Oh yes, I am very impatient and when I want it, I want it now.
(So you better save ur comments on how other people keep trying for years and still full of hope blablabla..- I am just not that kind of person). I know myself better, when I want something, I want to get it before I lost my interest in it, and apparently it does apply on baby too. But one thing that I amazed on how God works in my life, it's like.. He knows me, He know me too well I guess. He gave the little angel to us on January, when we don't even plan it properly. Maybe this is the saying that; us, human- plan, but God decide.

I found out that I am pregnant on 9 February 2013 - CNY eve, when I was in Jakarta with the family.
I was 3 days late for my period, and decided to buy the cheap test pack in Jakarta..and get it tested at night, it came out 2 stripes. I was shocked.

Then I told my Mr. " It's positive " and above all the comments, he said " Congrats baby! "
What?? I know right, It sounds like I am graduating or winning another award kind of reaction, not a dramatic reaction I used to see from movie. Haha!

I get it tested for the second time on the next morning - 2 stripes.
Then I tested it with the expensive test pack in Singapore, yeap: 2 stripes.
Ahh..I am pregnant.

~ Ini gimana sih ya benernya, ga bunting keki..bunting, malah ga percaya ~

 photo 2BE166D0-0B41-4F42-9BBE-1D6BD40C9787-6398-0000071ED1BB398B_zps07a63d90.jpg

In disbelief, I booked Henny's gynae at Paragon medical.. and the doc found the heartbeat :)
So I am officially a preggers.

Although I hate being pregnant at first, I still think that this journey is quite wonderful..after the fatigue and unforgiving lethargic feeling is gone, I am now enjoying the pregnancy.
With this, I am very grateful to cherish my pregnancy journey with


My first encounter with Mary Chia was during Singapore Blog Awards 2012, where Mary Chia is the sponsors of Beauty category and I was the winner! I believe that everything happened for a reason, the winning that I got last year lead me to be in touch with the leading Beauty and Slimming specialist in Singapore - Mary Chia, and when i shared the good news with them..they decided to support my pregnancy journey and more over, be my generous sponsors in getting my shape back after the pregnancy. How awesome is that???

Omg, I am so grateful and at ease to know that I am in a good hand in getting my shape back post pregnancy. I hope you guys stay tuned with me and follow my pregnancy journey with Mary Chia.
I am confidence Mary Chia could get me back my pre pregnant body or maybe even better than that.
If you have not read my journey with Mary Chia before, read it HERE and HERE.

I am VERY happy to have Mary Chia to be my Slimming and facial sponsors for this awesome journey!

Wish me a smooth pregnancy journey everybody!
Now it's time for me to Bo Phai Seh to look for more baby is expensive leh, and I just want the best for my baby.

Anyone wanna sponsor me? :P

May 13, 2013

Hadeuh..dilema dan pencerahan..

Ternyata bunting bawa dilema gajebo ke gw bo!
Seperti biasa, gw tipe yang parno-an, full of plan and susah banget loh yang namanya idup nge-flow aja liat kemana angin idup ngebawa kita, dan lebih susahnya lagi idup sama abang Arip yang ga ambisius nge-plan apa-apa kayak gw. 

Gw tipe yang ok, I need to do this and that supaya gw bisa achieved ini dan itu..dan all this while, I made it happened, gw ketemu orang yang ngebantu gw on my way up, yang akan selalu gw inget, thankful and grateful for..dan kalo kata pepatah kan " don't ever forget the people you meet on your way up because you might see them again on your way down ". Jadi karena gw kebiasaan punya pola idup yang I need to work it out to be successful, gw juga secara ga sadar..have this kind of mind set juga untuk my future baby. 

..Dan minggu lalu tuh gw dilema abis dong, mikirin..what is the measurement of raising a baby successfully? Kan ga ada standard ya bo? Kalo kerjaan kantor gw, jelas mau setiap taon gw ada promosi, gw naek gaji, gw dapet bonus, dan gw selalu jd top employer..sok perferctionist abis dah gw? Ember! 

Balik ke baby, gw bengong mikir nya mulai dari yang paling deket ngaruhnya ke baby gw dan little family kita, yaitu duit. Gw ga ada prinsip yang mo dapet barang sebagus bagusnya, dengan harga semurah murahnya, sama sekali engga. Gw lebih prefer bayar mahalan but i get better stuff. Dan dari prinsip begitu, kita mulai ngeliat harga rumah sakit, harga ngelahirin baby, baby stuff, trus liat angka tabungan..itung itung dll, pusing ngeliatin digit nya..dan akhirnya it comes to a point that, gw sebenernya bisa ga yaaa? dan sampe deg-degan sendiri. hahahahha..sumpe ga penting yah.

Ditambah the next question:
Mo kemana kita settle abis baby is born?

Tiap tiap tempat yang kita have in mind itu ada plus and minusnya - ya eyaaalah yaa -
dan dong tambah gundah, padahal brojol aja belon. Hahaha..
All we know is, kita ga mo stay di SG for good.

Ini sih maunya kita yah, ga tau maunya Tuhan gimana..
Nah ini, ini nih..faktor Tuhan yang gw udah tau dan udah ngalemin kalo Tuhan baek tapi suka banget gw nge-plan semua seenak jidat gw tanpa nyari apa maunya Tuhan. Kalo kata Belzy, sebenernya Tuhan uda siapin kok semuanya..cuman kita manusia ini aja yang suka sotoy dan arrange our own life,
he eh..teorinya gitu ya..cuman ini yang namanya otak manusia gw, o-em-ji dah!

Tapi selalu deh, setiap gw berasa worry nya uda nglebihin batas kewarasan gw..tiba-tiba Tuhan buka jalan, tiba-tiba..Tuhan kasih berkatnya..

Kayak awal mula, soal gw khawatir dengan biaya ngelahirin di rumah sakit private Singapore dan embel embel nya, ngeliat angka dollar yang berdigit gitu serem juga yah..

Dan sebelon ada orang yang bilang " uda tau ga ada duit tapi masi beli alat lenong " sini aku clarify, SEKARANG semua alat lenong saya puji Tuhan di sponsor dan kalo aku pamer pamer, itu juga karena aku seneng dapet hibahan dari para sponsor. 

Dan juga, sebelon ada yang berasa kaya yang bersimpati mo minjemin duit ke gw, it's ok - Thank you - gw masih sanggup. Nanti aja pas baby born, kalo mo hibahin berkat ke baby kami aja. Hahahahha..-teteup-

Anyway, balik soal ongkos lahiran yang gw khawatirkan itu..ternyata, Tuhan uda take care loh. Gimana caranya Tuhan beresin ongkos lahiran gw? Pake sponsor blog sampe takjub sendiri loh..tiba tiba ada yang mo kontrak saya untuk jadi spoke person company mereka, dan mewakili para ibu yang nanti nya mo balikin badan lagi pasca lahiran. Besok gw bakal tanda tangan kontraknya, dan akan aku kasih mana yang Tuhan pake buat beresin ongkos lahiran gw. Hahahaha. 

Trus walo belon ada jawaban, dilema soal mo kemana abis baby is berasa nemuin pencerahan dari hasil obrolan gw ke 2 orang. Satu, temen di SG..yang bulan depan dia pulang for good ke Solo, dia tuh new daddy dan punya karir bagus lah di bank Singapore..dia let go loh karir dia demi a better quality life sama anaknya.

Dan pas ngobrol sama dia, gw dapet jawaban dari worry nya gw soal..
mo tinggal negara mana, yang enak idupnya, gede duitnya, dan bagus untuk anak anak?
Jelas banget suara di kuping gw " your blessing is yours, and it will follows no matter where ever you go " Cihui yah tu guideline? 

Satu lagi, pas gw ngobrol ma temen deket arip di New Zealand, si Nona ini bilang " Focus on God and you should be fine "  trus ditambain sama dia embel embel " dateng aja ke NZ " hahaha..
Sekian curahan ati gw..selipin nama aku yah di doa doa kalian, biar aku dijauhin dr orang orang aneh, orang orang yang mulutnya penuh hawa negatif dan semoga kehamilan aku lancar lancar ajaaaa..dan aku hepi selalu, sponsor sponsor laen berlimpahan memenuhi kamar bayi saya. Amin.

May 10, 2013

Awesome!!!! 2 steps Mask by Beauty Clinic.

I know it's quite boring for every beauty blogger (including me) to keep posting about this mask and that mask every now and then. But I don't care, because you need to know this one..not only 1 step, but 2 steps Mask by Beauty Clinic. 

Unlike the usual mask, where you unfold the mask sheet and put on your face directly for 15-20 mins until it gets drier and you take the mask and start rubbing the excess liquid to your neck, this mask is nothing like that.
 It's the 2 steps that makes it different.

1st step: It's the ampoule!
We all know how ampoule works wonder on our skin, and imagine the effect you got with a ampoule prepped skin?

All you need to do is tear off the mini package to get the synergy ampoule booster and gently pat in all our your face..I like to do a little circular massage while applying it, just physiology thingy that makes me feel that skin will absorb the lovely mask even more. :P

2nd step: Put on the mask!
This High density cupra sheet fit my face nicely and don't wait for it to dry up, because it won't.
I put the mask on my face for about 15 mins and take the sheet to apply it on my neck, elbow, knee and whichever i want to apply it.

The choice of mask according to my skin condition are:

AQUA Smart Filler Mask
 for my dry skin.
 photo C09D222F-B8EF-465F-A736-3698948589E2-1757-00000220CC6D9D32_zps0333f2fc.jpg

Beauty Clinic 2 Step Aqua Smart Filler Mask

- Vitally hydrates dry skin and regenerates skin
- Forms a moisture coating film and induces moist
energy deep into the skin
- Improves skin’s moisture retention ability with a
filler clinic system containing moisture building
ingredients such as aquaxyl,phyto oligo and ceramide


Collagen Smart Filler Mask
to maintain the elasticity on my skin.
 photo 155EF496-8369-4D9C-82D0-16FA8FA677B9-1757-00000222C4A5F1EA_zpscc80ee09.jpg

More about this Collagen smart filler mask..
I don't usually give a superb review on mask, because I found the effect is just so temporary and that's it.  It's very much gone in the very next day, the most you will get a brighter face and that's all about it.

But I LOVE this COLLAGEN smart filler 2 Steps mask by beauty clinic because the glow, the elasticity and the smoothness stays for days. I'm not kidding.
It keeps the youthful effect on my skin, the double effect from the ampoule absorbed well into my skin and filling up my smile line. I believe with a twice a week doze, I can easily maintain the dewy and youthful skin.

If you are also looking for a nice mask to stick with..I would like to recommend this
Beauty Clinic 2.step Ampoule Mask.

 photo 07432DC0-DC2D-4570-B29A-BE1C80CFDD8F-2919-000005A517478A7C_zps651dc626.jpg


May 09, 2013

Delifrance cake for me , a mommy to be..

And it is also for your MOMMA too!

 photo 8B496690-322A-4CA8-936E-CCE570EA242A-1823-000002699C5A0A13_zpsac70a39a.jpg

I was surprised and happy in the same time when the lovely team sending this sweet treat for me on this Mother's day. Although, technically I am not a mother yet..but I think I somehow start to understand the feeling of being a Mum ^^

So, together with Delifrance..why don't you make you lovely Mom feel special during Mother's day?
It's just too bad that I can't be with my mum during this special day, but..If she is in Singapore..I would give her this GARDEN OF LOVE cake!

 photo 6E5909DE-9443-4DE9-9C87-3C2714664347-1823-000002698CCFE7B8_zps1b7f752a.jpg

This refreshing vanilla mango yoghurt mousse
cake is fluffy, smooth and creamy. It is coated with white chocolate, and decked in bright chocolate sunflowers that will bring cheer to your mom’s day.
A dainty butterfly perched atop the cake
symbolizes a mother’s gentle and beautiful
$42.80 (approx. 700g)

 photo B4131A71-4EC9-40F5-B762-8726D94B450C-1823-000002697EFCF5BD_zps695cb908.jpg

It's yummy and I believe your mom with LOVE it!
 photo 29183C4F-28B2-4898-9F9D-B36EAA172D5D-1823-000002696F191AF8_zps44a72a10.jpg

And if you think your mummy, won't fancy this type of cake..don't worry, Delifrance has another selection, which is the GIFT OF LOVE

This rich chocolate cake oozes with hazelnut
praline, Belgium chocolate mousse, and is
drenched in velvety chocolate ganache.
The bright red petite French macarons remind us of
a blossoming garden of bright red roses, which will
surely bring smiles to your mom. Seal the deal with
a chocolate ribbon on top!
$42.80 (approx. 700g)

Just remember to book the cake, ok?

Order date: 19th April to 9thMay 2013
Booking: Two working days in advance for Gift of Love and Garden of Love
Outlets: All Delifrance bakery cafes except Siglap Centre, Coronation Plaza
and Chancery Court
Booking hotline: 6874 9622 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm)


And oh, don't forget to join the Instagram contest!!

Submit your photo featuring your mom on Instagram with a caption telling Delifrance
how endearing your mom is and hashtag the entry with #delifrancesg.

Contest Duration:
1st May to 12thMay 2013

Three winners to be notified via Instagram on 15th May 2013.

3 x $100 Delifrance Dining Vouchers

Happy Mommies Day!

Exclusive invitation for YOU! *Wink - wink with a gorgeous lashes*

Hello faux lashes lover and faux lashes lover to be!

Come come and join this exclusive invitation of 

" Complete the look Workshop "


Yes, me..Elrica from Pinkbuble In Da House ^^

 photo 00B61DEC-9807-49ED-8F82-C1A9E7449905-738-0000011CD4A95B9C_zps2de8ef1d.jpg


I am really honoured to get this opportunity to work with Lash Star, which is one of my affordable and favourite lashes brand. And to be in involved and trusted to share my professional tips on how to use the faux lashes for natural look and also kawaii look at the BONIA Pop Up store during Fashion Week excite the hell night of me. *Grateful*

Not only that, Star Lash also super kind to extend this exclusive invitation to my readers!!
Omg! Super happy that I can share this awesome lashes with you all on

Demo & Hands On Make Up Workshop 

15 May 2013, 6.30pm - 8.30pm
16 May 2013, 6.30pm - 8.30pm

During this " Complete the Look " workshop, I will be sharing simple easy step by step on how to apply eyeliner and faux lashes to create a natural look that you might wanna know how, but no one would share the secret with you yet? Or maybe you always wanted to try faux lashes but don't know where to start?
Or even if you are a Pro faux lashes user, let's COME and JOIN ME BABY! let's have fun in creating the Kawaii Look! 


- enough of the over excitement and more serious mode -
I think most of you know that I am also a certified professional make up artist from Make up By Bubbly Brush. I worked with Mediacorp, Orchard Fashion Step Out '12, Designers and many editorial, pre wedding and weddings both locally and internationally before. But don't worry, this Demo and hands on workshop will NOT be a typical MUA workshop where you will sit in a classroom setting, and start doing what I am demo-ing. We keep that one for another event *I promise*

So if you keen to join the almost full house RSVP with Star Lash,
Do drop me your name,email, and preference date in the comment below 
or email me at pinkbuble(at)gmail(dot)com.

This is a super limited seat, so be quick!
and I will be announcing who are the lucky ladies with this exclusive invite by End of this week!

- and oh, a bit on the Emo side..-
- I don't know how to return my thank u and support to lovely people like you, that keep cheering me up and supporting me and this blog all the way - But I do hope, we can meet during this I can personally thank you. -
- Emo ends -

I'll see you there!!!

May 07, 2013

Nespresso " U " for me and U.

Sending my hugs and kisses to Crowd + Nespresso Singapore for sending me and hubby this lovely set of Nespresso U.

This is truly a coffee machine for me and you who loves to indulge the gourmet coffee kind without spending $10-$15 a cup on the outside cafe. Me and Mr. we both LOVES coffee..but since I found out about my pregnancy, I am cutting off my caffeine intake T_T
 but fortunately for me..Nespresso has the kind of  coffee taste that I love in decaf. 

I love the lovely and minimalist design that suits my home ambience.

Not to forget how idiot proof this machine is, even my grandma can make latte easily lor. :P

You can set it to get a long coffee, normal one or even espresso from this one machine.
All you need is slide to activate the machine, let it warm up for about 30 second and you are good to create your favourite coffee :)

Slot in your favourite capsule..

Prepare the milk in Nespresso Aerochino..

Set it to the blue colour for making a cold drink..

Just wait for the around 1 min..

and here you go with a perfection in milk frothing..
perfect temperature, perfect foam and perfect taste to my liking.

I put my cup under the outcome channel of the machine
and as simple as closing the capsule slot..

I am about to get my very own gourmet home.

This is how I like my cold serve coffee latte to be..
a strong decaf coffee with a nice foam of milk.

Ah wait, or maybe with a little garnish of Cocoa powder.

If you are not a cold coffee drinker - just like my Mr. -
You can still enjoy the gourmet coffee latte as I and many people out there enjoying through the U Machine.
Same simple way:
Slot in the capsule of your choice..
Instead of set the Nespresso Aerochino to the blue one,
set it to to red colour by gently press the button one time.
You got your hot latte on your way..
So, whatever your preference is..
Nespresso U-machine is a kind of machine for U and me.

Especially for me, a mother to be that loves fuss free thingy and
prefer simplicity, modularity and pure design, Nespresso U-machine is a kind of coffee machine that I use at home.
If you think your Mom is a kind of this person as well, and love to drinks good coffee, get this U-machine for her on this Mother's day.
" Nah! I already have coffee machine at home, I don't need another one" you said?
It's even better, because I can bet that you will love this machine and during this special mother day, you can trade in ANY od your coffee machine to receive SGD 100 off U machine's usual retail price of SGD 288
*Only available in Best Denki outlets*

Good deal, ay? I  know!
And you know what are the other thing that I love about this U-machine?
It's the disposal and the cleaning part that is super fuss free..all u need to do is 
pulling out the compartment..
Throw it to the bin or to the recycle bag that Nespresso have.
As simple as that.


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