January 12, 2013

January Vanity Trove

I know I'm a bit too late to unveiling the January Trove that I received on December! 
*My bad!My bad!* 
But I promise..*cross my heart* that from February Trove onwards, you will found me unveiling the trove faster! Yay-ness to Camy from Vanity Trove for sending it way earlier for me to try first!

If you haven't subscribe, do it now Here :)
  and for my Indonesia fellow..submit your purchase through this link over Here :)


On my January Trove, I received:
- Bifesta Non rinse Makeup Remover travel size -
- Trulife Lingzhi Immunity -
- Slim secrets bars , snack attack -
- My beauty diary mask -
- Yuskin a hand cream -
- Essence eye shadow -


Did you notice something different from this January Trove?
Of course apart from the surprise that keep getting better and better..Vanity Trove now comes with a VANITY mag! It's a pocket size magazine that comes handy to tell you more about the products and many fun and useful tips about make up skin care, and everything related to us, ladies.


They give away some disc coupon as well! 


I'm really excited to get the February one! - You will know why, really soon -

Back to the January Vanity Trove, my pick of the month is:

Essence eyeshadow :)
Love this pretty subtle yellow colour of it.
if you don't fancy this colour much, you can actually apply thinly on your eyelid and use this as a base colour.

And from there, If you likes colour...let's play it around..
Add on orange colour eyeshadow on the outer corner to create this look :)

Or layer up the orange shadow with red colour eyeshadow on the outer corner and add on the Orange eyeshadow on the middle of the eyelid to create this look:

I like my third look the most :D
Never know yellow, orange and red eyeshadow
could be one of the weekend look that actually wearable to go out :P

Happy weekend All!


  1. A tv show in Indonesia said that colourful will be replaced by soft natural colour for eye shadow this year, but I don't believe it. Still love playing rainbow in my lid ;)

    Dear Elrica, you should learn to resize your photos. Your blog takes too much duration for loading because of the weight of your pictures.

    1. Same here! Gonna creates more and more rainbow look this year :p
      And about the photos, is it really that hard to open on your side?
      These photos are all resized not more than 300kb per photo, and has no problem in downloading it even in my iphone here :p
      Maybe check your internet capacity?

  2. kalo denger doang pasti gua melotot dulu, ga salah itu 3 warna terang, tapi begitu liat hasilnya, voila.. cantik el... ah elu emang jago n kreatif sih..

    1. iyah..gw juga kaget loh liat hasil warnanya..apparently bisa dipake keluar rumah ^^

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