August 30, 2007

am i?

am i too easy to give up?

am i too easy to give up my dream?

am i too easy to give up my dream that i tot will always be my dream?

am i too easy to give up my dream that i tot will always be my dream that make me know what to achieve next?

am i too easy to give up my dream that i tot will always be my dream that make me know what to achieve next even it cost my tears in pain?

am i too easy to give up my dream that i tot will always be my dream that make me know what to achieve next even it cost my tears in pain but i still did it for the last 12 years?

am i too easy to let it go?

i do not know.

Can sumbody tell me wut should i do?

Can sumbody juz don't tell me it's a de ja vu becoz i keep saying it over and over again without realizing it?



I just read Tasya's blog, i found she so much mature than the last time i talked to her..from every tot that shown from every words, i think she is a very mature lady now.

i dunno why, i always think that i'm the only one who never grow up and always left behind.
When everybody start to have they own mindset of what to do in the future, i still doing sumting that i dunno wut it's all about and dunno whether i like it or not.

I miss my day, when i only think about dance and dance..and nothing but the dance, really miss my day when i just practice so hard juz to get a cast or learn how to do pas de deux..miss to put on my point shoes and tight and start doing barre practice. i miss that day.

I never ever imagine myself sitting in the office doing office work and stop dancing. but here i am, in front of my computer with files besides me.

~~~~~ wut has happened to me?~~~~

August 27, 2007

Badminton World Championship



I spent 10 days in KL, to join da sales team in Badminton World championship~ equipment sponsored by Yonex.

I'm in charge in footwear booth, and it's really tiring!!! but, after i'm back to Singapore..i kinda miss my days there. Starting early in the morning and end up in the morning as well..fight with one of the part timer, and end up wishing to see him again =P and i found this 16th years old boy very2 naughty and irritating at first. but, after da 2nd day..i start to like him, he just show his attention in his way!! he never want to talk with me ( becoz..we speak different languages!!), but i found his careness through his unique way!
There were one time, i got hi-fever and still have to go for work..AND THAT WAS DA WORST TIME EVER!! anyway, he always called my name and when i looked at him..he just pretend he didn't call me.. and he always gimme his water ( we always run out of water =( , and he know i need water) he gave me candies ( but the way he gave me is sweeter than the sweet itself, he will juz come in front of me and say " elrica, this candy for u!" and again he shows his wut so called " cool and cold " face), and when i looked at him deeply he will blush and shy..wahahahaha..this boy really know how to play " hard to get"..and i'm enjoying every moment of it.
this some of our pic:

a-wai , me and a-hang

me, kat2, auntie, velrine


August 06, 2007

why?? why??

hei, why there's no comment part in my previous post??

August 04, 2007

~~ Dari Henny ~~

This blog dibuat karena Henny tiba2 suruh gw baca blog-nya en ternyata ini yang tertulis di dalamnya:

Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write a post of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog.
jadi, gw harus tulis 6 unique things about me..humm..let's start:
1. I like to buy bubble bath, even gw ga pake i feel good aja kalo beli bubble bath ato body shower..soalnya ngeliat botol plastik trus isinya warna2 bagus and soft, bikin gw feel pretty ( pretty?? ga tau lah.. gw suka punya pemikiran kalo mandi pake sabun bagus, it make u looks good!hahahaha)
2. I need to talk a lot, kalo engga bisa depresi gw!
3. Suka punya angan2 yang ga pernah kesampean, eg: punya badan bagus yang agak sedikit tone, trus pengen banget do eyelid surgery, pengen banget bisa jd ce yang fashionable tapi ga jd korban mode. ^_^
4. Kl lagi otw ke satu tempat and lagi suka make my own story di kepala gw..about anything or something related with me and orther person yang kadang ga pernah gw ketemu..(maksud gw actor2 asia yg gw lg demen..huhuhuhu)
5. Gw suka banget difoto and kadang gw buka fs cuma buat liat foto2 gw sendiri, baru cek2 foto orang laen..(ini namanya narcis yah??)
6. Gw gampang banget kebawa kalo urusan feeling, haduhh..ini susah diejlaskan..tapi buat temen2 ku sekalian..kau tau maksud ku kan??hahhhaa..
So, now i'm going to choose 6 people to be tagged!!humm..humm..
1. Adin, knapa adin..karena gw rasa unik aja..soalnya mo diliat darimana pun juga karakter gw en dia ga akan pernah mungkin nyambung punya!!tapi sumhow..i think dia ngerti gw more than gw tau diri gw sendiri..
2. Henny, kita jarang ngmg, tapi kalo ketemu segudang bahan buat di update bikin tagihan telpon naek.hahhaha..sayang wkt di sg, gw belom 'menemukan diri gw kembali' kalo engga, it will be a wild sg experience!!huahauhau..btw, lu mesti tulis another 6 unik things about u ( lagi)..
3. Buncis a.k.a irwan-san, temanku..yang aku suka..dan amat sangat suka buat dibejo-in!hahaha..berawal dari temen sebangku di sma 2, en sampe sekarang masi sama aja thing i like about him, he always turn my sadness into happiness..cuma belakangan pas sama2 nyari kerja, kita ber2 sama2 desperado! saling mengiba nasib tak ada hibur2an..hihihi..
4. Bije, huhuhuhu...temanku ini memiliki antena dengan frekuensi yang sama dengan diriku, ga bisa ga respon kalo ada sinyal kuat dari lawan jenis!!hahahaha..miss her, and i really want to meet her lovely kim yong hun.
5. Wenny, Cank, Candy: yang ini paket bisa dipisain, kalo salah satu ilang or ga lengkap..kurang klop aja rasanya!semua ketololan menjadi satu dan idup ku berasa indah bersama mereka..
6. Robin, si hemaphrodit yang satu ini..terlalu cinta sama diri sendiri en mengimpartasikan roh cinta diri sendiri ke gw, sampe akhirnya gw jg cinta diri's a great things to meet him in my path of life!
*eh, ternyata it's quite fun juga loh isi beginian..thx Hen!


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