March 30, 2009

He's there and He listen to my pray...

Minggu lalu itu minggu paling nyebelin yg uda jadi siklus tiap taon..well, produksi bentar lagi mulai..banyak kerjaan yang harus diberesin soalnya sekarang gw yang kerjain semuanya..sampe hal-hal kecil pun kayak siapin sampel, sampe buat order untuk tiap negara yang biasanya kerjaan atasan gw di lempar ke gw..trus minggu depan gw harus pegi ke negara laen untuk urus meeting besar.

Dan di meja gw ada 3 kerjaan penting yang harus kelar bersamaan, dan pas gw tanya atasan gw..dia bilang kalo gw ga kelar kerjaan gw yang satu, gw ga boleh pegi ikut rapat ke negara laen..*kayak ngancem gitu* ya, wut the heck lah! ga pegi ya ga big deal! tapi tahap itu bener2 bikin gw stress, ditambah lagi ya ada orang indihe itu loh..berasa superior dan sok's in their blood!

Trus ya in my little pray gw cuma bilang " Lord, i can't stand people attitude in the office..i can't stand the way they act superior-ly, and I need you to help me here..i can't take it anymore!trus Lord, sumting here is beyond my"

And amazingly!!!!! 1 kerjaan gw yang gw takut banget ga kelar, ternyata di outsource ke company laen..jadi ilang satu urusan!! en gw back to my track untuk urusan kerjaan..en soal orang2 yg nyebelin en sok superior, masi tetep ada..but i hope God is givin' me the strength to let that "annoying" feeling gone as the day goes..

For u Ciez..

There's moment when i think that friend do change, by time, space and distance..and in the same time I'm thinking of how they feel towards me they still feel me as their best friend? or that position is actually replaced by some other people? i will never know..

Yesterday, i really feel that i miss Ciez..and there's a doubt in me when i was about to contacted i just let it go..

But today, just now to be precise..we talked over MSN and he said that yesterday he felt the same towards me about this friendship thingy too..and I'm totally happy realizing that he is still there and my place is still belong to me. And the feeling still connected like it used to be.

Thanks for being there..for me..even u're miles away!

Random tot!

Random thought of where and how i am today..

Finally settling down in Singapore, a place where i always want to be 2 years back..with money, and shopping heaven, with convenience MRT and buses, with job and income way bigger than i can ever imagine..but today i realise i gain sumting...i loss sumting...

no more Wenny's car picking me up for teaching Ballet

no more Adin's car for Late nite dinner

no more Ciez phone call in the middle of the nite or just when i needed

no more Candy and cank cracking jokes

no more Bin2 to make me feel beautiful

no more Mum and Dad around bugging me to come back home at 10 pm

no more My stupid cousin calling for facial or massage time!

How i miss my hometown, even flood, fly, and neighbour seems ok to me now..T_T

Earth hour

Yesterday, 8.30-9.30 PM..we participated in what so "IN" called
" earth hour "

Well, i actually wasn't so into it..but then ok, for the sake of contributing in saving our earth from new evil call "global warming", me and Arf spent our one earth hour in orchard..

View from Orchard during earth hour and some other places..

Indo-chine cafe in earth hour mode!

McDonald too

The bling-bling tangs!

And Wisma Atria

Plus Aaron at home...


March 29, 2009

One gloomy day of me...

Top: U2
Skirt: AMK hub small shop
Shoes: Leopard pattern fro Mitju
Bag: MNG
Necklace: Far east

Ah..another food from Jamoo Shangri-la Surabaya

I'm glad of having food taste and addicted enjoy and feel guilty in the end!

That's the whole phase of eating process in my dictionary..

I hate the contradiction, but i take it as a challenge..

of eating then dieting..

*u are lucky, slim healthy lady*

Hmm..actually i quite disappointed with the food here, of where my expectation will be on the same level like Satoo - Shangri-la Jakarta

But, unfortunetly..

Satoo is better.


Western food:

- Breaded beef
- Cream spinach with snapper fish
- Stewed clam
- Papadum ( it was in the western section)


- Tom Yum noodle with assorted seafood

( this is the best of all)

Japanese food + cold dishes:

- Miso soup
- Salmon sashimi
- Cold scallop with asparagus
- Cold prawn salad


- Strawberry pudding
- Lemon fudge cake
- Watermelon in chocolate dip
- Coconut macaron

Sunny Saturday!

My Sunny Saturday with Arf

With My Sun color outfit

Top: Mangga dua mall
Jeans: Zara jeans
Bag: MNG
Shoes: Mondo


Starry Button

I really can't stand the weather in Singapore lately..

It's been very SUMMER with a warm wind topping on it!


So, my today outfit was inspired by the weather..


Nothing just a food..


My steak experiment!

Meat: Prime ribeye $ 17 for 2 pieces

Button mushroom: $3 per box

Mini potatos: $1.70 for one bag

Are you interested in trying?

This is my way..or you can modify as u like it


Marinate the meat!

a tricky way to marinate ur meat..

use: beef stock ( in my case, i use chicken stock), pepper, and dry crash chilli

leave it for 45 min-1 hr

it absorbed the flavor amazingly!

then pan grill it


Prepare ur Mashed Potato..




Sauteed mushroom

Do not use extra oil in doing the mushroom, b'coz mushroom works like sponge..!

u just dun wanna bite the "oily" mushroom

trust me..


March 27, 2009

buntut lagi..

My lovely oxtail!

4 pcs ox tail
rebus di panci ato pake presto

Kentang 3 pcs

Bawang putih cincang 1 sendok makan

Bawang merah 3 siung

Cabe rawit sesuka ati

trus bumbu giling rempah2 instant

Corriender kering


Setelah rebus ox tailnya, angkat tiris-in

Masukin semua bumbu kecuali bumbu giling rempah n corriender kering untuk di tumis sampe wangi..

Setelah selesai, campur tumisan ini sama aer mendidih(yang bekas rebus buntut), tambain aer lagi kl aer bekas rebusannya kurang..masukin buntut + bumbu rempah+ corriender keringnya.

Jadi deh! cara simpel masak di dapur SG..yg serba kecil dan minimalis.

bad habit!

Yeah i know..nothing to brag about "bad habit"!

I just feel like sharing a little nasty side of me, that's all..

and Arf said i even pick my nose during sometime when we travel in group, we sleep together with others in one room and he always sleep besides me, and he noticed about this habit!


* as a prove, he took this picture candid-ly*

Ok laarr..i admit! it is my habit!


March 25, 2009

i'm off to Indonesia...(again)

This time will be only for 1 simple day..

I feel tired...

I feel like slepping..

I feel like getting a break..

But here i am..

in Changi airport..ready for boarding..

March 23, 2009

Bobbi brown workshop

Bobbi Brown Workshop!

Have i told you guys that i am in luv with Bobbi brown?


Just a simple sneak peak of the workshop that i joined yesterday..

It was held in Shaw house

Fee: $150 (fully redeemable as voucher)

and i got

Complimentary spa voucher $180

Welcome gift (blusher)

10 way for a better make up book

numerology review based on ur birthday number

3 hour workshop with make up artist

6 session of each 30 min-45 min in any Bobbi Brown counter

Not bad..Totally worth it!

This is view from My spot that i chose and with my goodie bag..

Bakers Inn complimentary snack!

- starwberry cheesecake in cup
- smoke salmon with olive
- Manggo tart
- Olive pasta
- Some watery spinach or sumting that is look like that..i dunno..


They asked us to remove our make up and apply toner..

i thought it will be "just that"

but they gave us anti aging cream, eye cream, and SPF 15

as a skincare product

then they help us to decide wut color suits our skin tone for foundation and stuff..

I'll go into more details next time..


*the whole things i got and purchase from the voucher*

-member card
-note for face
-numerology review
-color combination gradient chart

*from left to right*

-corrector $41
- complimentary blush
-lip gloss $33
- concealer (with power + puff) $57
- cheeks and lips pot rouge $41

and i tried this smokey eyes on purple..

but i look like racoon instead..

Wut do you think?

Crazy Kat wed!

Singapore wedding

*special thanks for Kat2 and Ah beng in ur special day*

Yeah..if u guys wonder, who kat2 here..she is the crazy kat, my roomate in most of other countries we visited and my dearly colleague..

It's just been an amazing experience and time for me to involve in her wedding, of which Singaporean wedding is sumting new to me..

mostly, we, Indonesia will do the church, temple or other ceremony in the morninh and held the party at nite, rite?

Here, they have this kind of game call "gate crash " so basically it's a simple bully for our groom and how much effort he willing to do in order to meet his bride!

and of course, we as the " jie mei " (aka bridesmaid) need to come up with plan to bully the groom and the groom's men..

First stage:

We (girls) have to negotiate the price of the "ang pau" (red envelope=money) for letting them ( groom and gang) enter the hotel or house where the bride stays.

*negotiation keep going on reach agreement*

Second stage:


for wut ever question we asked..the answer it's always we have to punish them

like this..

And more games:


Until we feel satisfied and usually..we stop when we feel that he's good enough for the bride..

And the meeting moment..

Then the rest remain the same like our Indonesia wedding..

They meet up

Open up veil

Kissing each other

Taking picture..

again...and again..

and some more picture..

just like i did..


With Sunrise colleague

With Ena..

With the bride
and oh..

look at this decoration..

isn't cute..?

it's handmade..

March 20, 2009

back to sg soon..

Hi..skrg uda di erpot mo balik ke sg, masi pagi jam 9.12...leyeh2 di longue erpot..tunggu boarding.

En semalem gw mikir aja mendadak..abis baca blog-nya ibu2 temen2 mikir wut kind of mum will i be? gw baca kok, semua ibu2 kayaknya tough banget handle anak2nya, sabar banget..en rasanya sayaaaaang banget sama anak2nya, sampe gw yg baca di tulisan aja berasa sayangnya..gmn aslinya coba..trus salut aja sama para mommies en i wish i have their strength kalo uda waktunya gw punya anak..

trus gw mikir lagi, gw kagum aja sama mommies..prioritas mereka kyknya bukan diri mereka lagi, tapi bener2 anaknya..^_^ sedangkan gw sekarang..mikirnya masih *ah besok beli anting baru di bugis street* *adow, kalung ini ga cocok sama baju yg itu..cari yg laen ah* --> jadi malu sendiri..
Bener2..butuh konsultasi dengan para mommies kl sudah tiba saatnya..hihihi..

duh, ike..gmn nasib kita ke depannya ya?? kita jadi mommy yg gimana ya?? hihi..

random tot!ga penting sih memang..

trus2 gw mo cerita soal trip gw disini..AKU SEBAL!
kan supplier gw orang korea, baek rabu kemaren kita dinner bareng di resto korea sama orang2 korea laennya (vendor2 pabrik), nah yaaaa...ada satu pak korea ini gesturenya tuh...sexually annoying loh! dia liat gw pake tampang mesum, sambil tanya " kita pernah ketemu ya sebelonnya " gw bilang " engga pernah.." lalu dia kasih kartu nama dia sambil pegang tangan gw!! arrggghhh...babi! langsugn gw tarik aja en pasang tampang dingin ke dia tapi gw masi ngobrol2 sama vendor yg laen..

arrggghhh...kenapa sih kl di urusan bisnis gitu, laki2 suka begitu..heran...!!!


March 18, 2009

Berkunjung ke suroboyo..lagi..

blah..blah..skrg lg di erpot, gw harus berangkat ke surabaya lagi untuk ketemu supplier gw, agak males kali ini pergi soalnya..belun sebulan kita mampir kemari, sekarang harus dateng lagi..rasanya cape packing en unpack koper, males bobo di hotel sendirian..sepi rasanya, uda mulai bosen makanan surabaya, pingin sate padang..ngelantur abis...!

manager gw blg akhir bulan mungkin harus ke suroboyo lagi, untuk urusin kerjaan baru..T_T lelah batin sebelun pegi..trus awal bulan depan gw di jadwalin pegi ke vietnam..*pingin pegi sih* tapi kerjaan kantor belun kelar-kelar..dan FYI, kerjaan gw bukan stewardress pegawai kantor bagian marketing yang mencakup production, development, event, dan kegiatan marketing laen2nya..kl kata orang sini " pau ka liao " arti terjemahannya sih " bungkus semua " ga nyambung sih..maksudnya semua kerjaan jg dikerjain..-_-''

bersyukur el..bersyukur elrica...-_-'

ummm there's few thing to blog about food actually..

ntar jumat pas balik br posting deh, weekend kemaren masak steak pake mashed potato..ternyata oh ternyata, gampang ya bikin mashed potato..entar di post deh step by step gaya marinate paling ampuh..hahaha..cara curang!

ngantuk bo..skrg jam 7.15 am..lg nunggu boarding..


update soon!be back hari jumat..

March 16, 2009

British..oh british..

I'm loving British guy!

i'm loving Simon cowell


currently..Robert Pattinson, the vampire..

Watch this

Holly molly, especially when he said " urrgghh..i can't answer that!"

holly British!

March 15, 2009

Yuckz to the max!!

Take a look of the pic below my pic carefully

After Suntec we went to Bao today @Marina Square

We ordered this dim sum, it looks really yummy..

Until i found this!!!!!!!!!!!

There's an insect inside the Bao!!!!

YUCKSSSSS to the max!!

i immediately returned this to the manager and she return me my money and gave me a complimentary plate of fried dumpling!

But i have lost my appetite...



My Saturday outfit

I just wanna have an easy outfit to go hunting for kat's bridesmaid wedding dress and accompany Arf to Suntec..

so i chose:

Polo shirt: Mangga 2 mall

Jeans: Levis

Slippers: Far east plaza

Bag: MNG

First stop to go was Far east plaza and i found the white dress for Kat's wedding. and i bought another 3 necklace to match the dress..

*random pic by Arf*
*a very cloudy Saturday*

Next destination:

Suntec IT show

Yaikz..Super crowded!

i really hates crowd!


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