July 31, 2012

Have u been to Singapore Flyer?

I just went! last week :)

My very first time in Singapore flyer, 
and I ride it twice in a row!

I know..I know...I am so so so late about this Singapore flyer hype thingy, but I guess I made it up with riding it twice in a row..*mwaahaha..sounds so damn kiasu~*

My very first ride was immediately after I won the Singapore blog award 2012, together with all the winner in all category.

Together with Caren (Winner for the best blogshop) and Kevin (Winner for G market category)
 On my first ride, I cudn't take much photos because I left my camera with my Mr. downstairs.
But thanks to Caren for the picture. ^^

The second ride, I went up with my Mr.
For friends and family that plan to go for Singapore flyer for one of your tourist destination here in Singapore..read this..am gonna take you throughout the short but Uhmazing 30mins 
on Singapore flyer.


The journey in Singapore flyer started with Journey of dream:

The latest attraction and a whole new flight experience at Singapore Flyer, and be awed by an engaging multimedia showcase that provides a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Singapore Story and the iconic Singapore Flyer, and extend your experience onboard the scenic flight on the Flyer, taking in amazing 360° views of Singapore and beyond

Credit: Singapore flyer website.

I kinda have a mixed feeling during this Journey of dream moment, I want to spend longer time to see what they have to offer but in the same time, I can't wait to hop on to the Singapore flyer capsule to experience the what so called " 360' view of Singapore "

Haiz..dilemma over small matters. >.<'

Anyway, pardon my sua ku-ness for taking picture the whole ride.

Ok, I admit that was just an excuse! the fact is, I am vain and the view and everything are too great to be missed!
So, always bring your camera whenever you come to this place.

I start with my camwhoring action :P

When I was Q-ing for my turn to get into the capsule, I saw one capsule with the dining table inside, I want!!! somebody take me to dine inside the capsule! please..yes? yes? anybody?

I imagine myself having romantic dinner here with my Mr.

I want la..


When it comes to our turn, we hopped into the capsule and start to enjoy our ride.
It's safe and not caused any dizziness. (at least for me)

I am so enjoying my ride. Still so grateful for the Sba 2012 and absorbing all moment in my quiet time inside Singapore flyer. It moves slowly and steady all the way to the top.

I love the peaceful feeling I have when I reach the top, and not to forget the amazing view you will get from the top. 

A clear unblocked view of Singapore.

Love it much.

Thank u Singapore flyer for the amazing ride.

Till' next ride :)

For more info, check out

Thank u so much..

For this awesome badge ^^

Thank u again Omy & Mary Chia

July 27, 2012

Ihihihi..berkah di hari Jumat :)

Bangun telat..mandi bebek..sabet tank top di tumpukan baju, sabet cardigan paling atas di keranjang baju, ambil celana chino dark blue, poles bedak baru hasil gratisan event semalem, ambil tas trus kuar rumah.

Sampe di lift ngaca, yaoloooo!
Muka gw ireng, ternyata bedaknya buat kulit warna tan coba..balik lagi ke rumah, cuci mukaaaa! Trus lari lagi keluar rumah untuk ngejer bus.

Hoki banget, bus yg gw mau..pas banget dateng, lari....naek..hap! Tap kartu dan di depan gw dong ada bule mirip gerald butler dan dia senyum ma gw sambil bilang " what a friday huh? "

woooo..tiba2 jumat gw sedikit membaik..dalem ati "Oh yeaaa..sir, indeed "what a friday" for me with ur smile"
Heheehe..senang lah. Charming pol.

Tapi kejadian nyata nya mah, pas dia bilang gitu gw cuma sok cool and bilang " yeah man! " trus nyelonong ke belakang.

Abis itu pasang earphone, sambil kesenengan. Ihihihi..ganteng euy.
berkah ku di Jumat pagi.

Happy friday semuah!

July 26, 2012

Nip + Fab Products & Press preview event

 What if I say you can fix the body part that you hate in just spending less than $30?
*Are you frowning now?*

and wondering what am I talking about?

A little boobs enlargement with less than $30?

You can sculpt your body in less than $30?

Tone your abs also with less than $30?

Ok, I think it's enough..lemme share it :)


I was invited for Nip + Fab Press Preview at Naumi hotel 
for their Newly launch products in Singapore!
and yeah, this is the product I am talking about!

Seriously, I was excited to come to this event, apart from meeting other beauty blogger, 
I always excited about new products in town. 

We were greet by friendly PR people, pretty food and champagne!
*uh, loveeee party*

We've been pampered by so many Nip + Fab products all around the suite room, and everybody is busy taking picture of the product and trying the sample.

This is the fabulous body range that beauty guru, Maria Hazistefanis bring in to Singapore this time.
I really can't wait for the new range *in blue* to be launched in Singapore.

 Jennifer Aniston is a user of Nip + Fab Dry Leg Fix..and me too! but not too long..until my mum found this product, tried it and brought it back to Indonesia.

She said " I will take this, this is sooo good! see this, see this *showing her healed dry leg*" to me.
She did make a phone call to my Auntie in Indonesia and asking her whether she want to try the newly found "miracle cream" for their dry leg.

Btw, I took them to Watson to buy some Dry Leg Fix for my mum's circle of friend.

Geez mum, you can be beauty blogger cum evangelist of Nip+Fab products really soon.

Meet Mina, 
the amazing and amusing presenter of the night!
For whatever she said, it does put a smile on my face.

2 Products that I am sooo looking forward to try.

Or maybe this one?

But this one, BUY THIS!!
I already tweeted, Instagram and sprinkle beauty dust everywhere about this 

 Dry Hand Fix.

it's so


Don't forget to grab that in Watson, ok?

Beauty Bloggers all over the room having a beauty session Q&A..

And of course with Mina again, this time with her champagne.

Thank you so much Nip+Fab for your generous full size Goodie bag.

Love them.
Thank u very much.

And do you know that Nip+Fab Dry hand Fix is the resident in my bag now?

July 24, 2012

Singapore Blog Award 2012~Finale'

21 July 2012
Singapore Flyer Food Trail

The theme: 

Nope, I didn't come in costume and I'm glad I did not..
because that day was too hot to be in costume.
Man..the weather is crazy..but the fun, is AMAZING!

My Mr. came with me to attend the party.

This is my very first year to experience Singapore Blog Awards and wow..so many bloggers in the venue and I love the feeling to be around them. It's like, a bunch of people with the same interest sharing the moments. Love it much.

This is I don't know who..but he caught my attention because of his Loki costume :)
this awesome guy really put an effort to be in the Theme, with the damn hot weather and that outfit?
I salute u Man! I think u deserved the best costume :)

The award ceremony started with the super blogger award,

The Super Blogger :)
Then the special category:


Kevin Soh

Then they start announcing my category which is

Mary Chia Best Beauty Blog
Sharon from Mary Chia came to the stage to present the award, and as always, she look gorgeous.
Damn gorgeous.


The Journey with Mary Chia and Omy  has been quite one amazing experience for me.

And after introducing all the 10 finalist..
They mentioned my name as

Best Beauty Blogger 2012

I burst-ed out my sugar cane drinks when I heard my name being called.
so un-glam hor?
I really didn't expect that, I mean..I am so new to Singapore blogsphere and the whole experience itself is already a gift for me. I feel so grateful and really honoured to received the Award.
*my heart really goes Pom-pom man*

The next thing I know, I walked up to the stage to received the award from Sharon, while making sure..I won't stumble my steps on those little stairs :)

The feeling is overwhelming.
Good things happened when u least expecting it.
Damn true for me on that day.

I am really really grateful..(and happy)..

Thank you so much for all friends and readers that voted for me during this period. 
I really really appreciate it.
*big hug for u all *

This is a bit Ya-ya hor? but I like the board ler..

After that, Omy team take me for a short interview that you already seen on the video earlier.

I am still so so so happy and still couldn't believe that I actually made it,
so..pardon my Grin smile all over the video.
*bow 90' degree*

Me and Kevin.

Thank you Janet ^^

Group photos with all the winner.
Congrats All.

Thank you once again Mary Chia and Omy for giving me this special award.
It means a lot to me.


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