January 31, 2013

Vanity Trove - " my special " FEBRUARY TROVE

Olla ladies!

With this post, I welcome my Favourite month

 - especially 2013 February-

Apart from my buffday, Valentines day and the shortest month of all..this month, I am featured in my favourite beauty box, Vanity Trove!

In this month of love, let's together create a brand new beautiful YOU :)

With a romantic surprised wrapped in a sweet pinkish paper, expect some collection of this gorgeous beauty products delivered to your doorstep.

Do you wanna see what's inside my February Trove?

 photo FE0DC7FE-22C5-4B8E-B5B1-EFA9FE3E0B54-3460-000002B8B819565B.jpg

I'm so excited to tryout many of the products this time! I wanna try Khiel's for my dark spot, Skin 79 BB cream (I'm amazed that actually this sampling size really come handy for traveling!), Yuan soap - skin healing thingy and of course the Pure Rosey DKNY perfume.

And on top of all that, I received:

 This special treat could be yours too :))
Just subscribe through my Vanity link, HERE for Singapore readers, and HERE for my fellow Indonesian readers. As simple as putting " PinkBuble " as the code from today until 14 February, you are entitle to get the extra beauty treat like what I got on your March Trove :)
Not bad yea? just insert the code and you got extra something on your trove!

You remember I mentioned about the VANITY magazine that comes with every trove, right?
For the February issue..I am contributing my secret in achieving 7 gorgeous look :)

 photo 55A47F95-B23D-414E-A565-C2BE6864AC81-3460-000002B8C3119420.jpg

Tadaaa..Tadaaa Tadaaa!!

 photo A8E15866-62CF-47EB-AE00-E8F840139455-3460-000002B8C88E0F93.jpg

Don't ask me for extra copy of this, ok? I don't have it :P
but you can get the February back order Trove that has my secrets in it :P
Order it HERE

Thank you for your support! and do spread the nice words for this special February edition as my birthday gift, maybe?


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  1. Hey there, I love your piece in the Vanity mag, some amazing looks and really makes me want to be more adventurous with my makeup. Excellent lovely, keep up the great and more mportantly beautiful work. BTW I love you CNY hair, fab xx :-)


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