January 01, 2013

Happy new year!!

Am currently doing the count down here in Indonesia with my family! And nothing could be more enjoyable than to be with my loved one and family :)

So, Me and Arief shouting a one big HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you from Pekanbaru!

*toss convetti*

Woohooooo...wishing all the best for all of us, many many good luck, baby dust and a full year of mostly up and joy!

Have a happy, happy new year!


  1. Selamat tahun baru el & rip
    Semoga sehat dan sukses terus menyertai sepanjang tahun kedepan :)

  2. merry xmas n happy new year el n arip, semoga doanya terkabul, dapet baby girl, aduh nanti bisa lenongan bareng donk di blog haha gua mikirnya panjang amat :P

  3. Happy New Year El! ....and happy trying ya...for little Elrica....

  4. Happy New Year El! and happy trying too...for little Elrica...

  5. Happy New Year El... biarpun udah lewat bbrp hari :P Tapi semoga apa yg lu inginkan tercapai di tahun ini ya.


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