August 29, 2012

Plum-ish blue make up tutorial ^^

Continuing from the Purple Valentine look that I did, last weekend I made another tutorial still on the similar shades of purple. This look will be a kind of soft hues of purple with a dash of bluish as an accent.

Are you this colour kind of person? I am not. 
But it turned out not so bad and I still can carry this for night look :) -or maybe day look?

Anyway, I started the look after the basic make up that I already applied earlier. If you haven't check my quick 10 mins basic make up, go and check it out ^^

So started from this look:

I touch my face up with MAC Studio Perfect.

These 4 bottom right eyeshadow are the colour range that I choose:

I love to start my eye make up with framing my eyes, it's either with black eyeshadow or eyeliner.

Wing it upward that going to be our guideline to create the eyeshadow shape.

First, take a deeper shade of purple and apply it within the outer corner of your eyes following the dot below

Then the lighter shade on the inner corner.

Once you are done with this 2 steps of eye shadow, you should be able to see the gradation of the eyeshadow on your eyes.

From here, take the dark blue eyeshadow and overlay it from the inner corner to the outer corner following the shape of the blue dotted line.

And to finish the eye make up, take any light or white colour.


And swipe lightly all over your eyelid, with more accent under the brow bone.

Repeat the same for the other eyes, put on your lashes, blush, and lipstick. are done!

 Hope you gals like the tutorial and enjoy trying it at home :)

'Till next tutorial :)

August 28, 2012

Skinstreet Sonic Cleanse!


Gals gals..I found a new tools to clean my face and have it massaged in the same time!


The Sonic Cleanse Skincare System utilizes the power of sonic technology (at vibrations of more than 300 oscillations per second) to provide gentle cleansing, exfoliation, hydration and toning in order to reveal fresh and radiant skin.

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I've been trying this for sometimes and still using it until today!
I like it because it's fun-vibrate all the way man! relaxing and promotes my face blood circulation.
Just something I need to close my day.

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Skinstreet Sonic Cleanse comes with 4 different attachments included in the package, I experience deeper and better cleansing, more exfoliation, more product absorption and toning for my wrinkles line.

I usually have more time to indulge myself with this home kind of treatment at night, and of course to let my skin has it's own " me time " before I'm off to lala land!

After removing my eye make up,
I usually start massaging my whole face with the 3 lil bump attachment.
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Then I continue my cleaning regime with the 2nd brush head (the plain white for sensitive skin).
Wet the head of the brush with a warm water..

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Apply my cleanser on it (I am currently using Rachel K Cleanser - LOVING THIS!)
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Turn it on :)
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and start cleaning your face.
What I do: I gently roll it over in circular motion all over my face.

The back and forth oscillating motion effectively cleanses, clarifies and stimulates the skin. Unlike devices that use rotary technology, the Sonic Cleanse Skincare System does not pull and tug on the skin causing irritation, and allows for a much deeper cleansing.

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Wash it up and go to the next stage:)

If you think it's troublesome to apply moisturiser using this sponge attachment, yes it's true!
it is of course more complicated than applying using your hand. But the next question is " can your hand do what this Sonic Cleanse has to offer? "

No? Yes?

My hand definitely cannot vibrate that fast, all my triceps fat will jiggling all over and that is not pleasant to see and ugh..i don't want to talk about this.. Sooo..where were we?

Applying moisturiser using Skinstreet Sonic Cleanse, sponge attachment.
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Yes. I put my SK II skin signature on it and using the same methode to apply it. Circular motion.

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Clean more than ever!

You can get this cool Skinstreet Sonic Cleanse at this Skinstreet website for $98, and enjoy 20% discount if you ordered within 28 August 2012- 11 September 2012 by quoting

at the checkout

Happy trying gals, I recommend this!
Again, not because I am know I am forever too honest with my opinion.
If it's not worth to buy, I will surely tell it in front of your face.
But this one, Yes! buy it.

August 26, 2012

10 mins make up!

Oh, I know how it feels when we are rushing in the morning >.<' 
Be it to office, school or even sending your kids to the school. 

 But I also know, it's important to look fresh with a little effort only :) Again, if you think your wake up face is natural enough and presentable to look good the whole day, lucky U and I am not talking to you now. 

But the rest of ladies, that is less lucky like me, read on!

My average make up time in the morning is 10 mins :)
Usually it will be around 8 am - 8.10 am, that is before I grab my bag, put on my shoes and brisk walking to the bus stop.

If you think doing make up and look good within 10 mins is kinda impossible, Bobbi Brown once did make up in 1 minute. I'm not kidding. Google up!

So for my 10 mins make up:

I started with SKin 79 BB cream and Sampar Glamour Shot afterwards.
Never heard about what is Sampar? me too! until I received the sample in my August Trove-Vanity Trove (VT already available in Indonesia! Yay!)

So BB cream, you gals know what it is, especially this famous  Skin 79 BB cream! so am gonna talk a little more about Sampar Glamour Shot; this new in town product claim to instantly minimizes wrinkles and imperfections while matifying the complexion. Is it works? about the wrinkle part, I don't know - I don't have wrinkle yet. The matifying effect? Yes, it works!
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I use Mac Studio perfect to cover my dark circle. 
It works for me - I'm lazy to use concealer for daily make up :P

And the rest, as simple as filling up your eyebrow, frame your eyes with eyeliner, mascara, and light pinkish blush to freshen up the whole look. Done!

And don't forget the lipbalm ^^

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And here you go!

Photo on the left, taken this morning just after I wake up and shower :D
And photo on the right: after my quick 10 mins make up.

I think I look better.

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If I can look better in 10 mins, why can't you?

Have a fabulous day Peeps!

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Monday is coming!!


Btw, just a random question: If you only have 10 mins left in your life, what will you do and why?
As for me, I think i will call my mum and dad to tell them i love them and see them in heaven, and cuddling up with my Mr. until the time is up.
Wuts yours?

Morilins Organic Facial Therapy mask.

Mask Review

From August Trove-Vanity Trove, I got one Morilins Organic Facial Therapy mask.

First time trying the Organic mask, and pretty excited to know that this mask is quite unique because it contain Phyto Collagen, which is a natural moisturiser & Protection- extracted from fermented soy beans.

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Giga white for Skin lightening, to limits melanin production, lightens pigment spots, anti axidant, desensitizing, moiturising.

Cornflower for Anti inflamation, astrigents, soothing, firms, tightens, and toning effect.

This is how it look inside the packaging.
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This is funny, when I tried to fit the mask..I was confuse, because the mask is too small for my face. I was like..
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U gotta be kidding me ?!
Then, I read the packaging and realise..maybe it meant to be like that because they have special features which is something they call " Diamond Plaid " Stretch sheet.

It's a stretchable material for superior fit across facial contours, regardless of size and shape.
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Ok, let me pull it upward to at least covered my forehead.
It's fit better than before, but not really covering the whole face still.
Is it because I don't pull it hard enough? or it just don't fit my face.
No idea.

Anybody ever encountered something like this before? Or is it just me?
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Eventhough the mask doesn't fit my face well, I kinda like the moist feeling that left on my skin after using the mask. It's soothing and refreshing.

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Will I buy this again?, until someone show me how this things could fit my face.

August 24, 2012

Thank u Coca Cola!

I was checking on my Spam box, and I found one email from Coca Cola Singapore.

The first thing in my mind " is it a hoax? "
you know sometimes you found this winning lottery thingy in spam box, but hey..
how come this time they know I am winning the Mary Chia Best Beauty Blog?!
Too details to be a hoax I guess :P

Immediately, I crossed check the email address aaand.. it is from Coca Cola Singapore!


That is just tooo sweet of them! I am happy and feel loved!!
and what makes me even more happy?

They do drop me that legendary bottle of Coke (in a glass bottle!)
for me to share the happiness with my friends and family!
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Very generous and thoughtful!
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Thank you Coca Cola Singapore!

And oh, check this out!

I am literally crying when I watch this clip,
I feel so touched and  I think I know how they feel.
I know how hard it is to be apart from my family and friends,
..and I think it will be harder for them.

Celebrating might be a toast of a bottle or glass, but I think to share the happiness is way more meaningful and makes it the happiest moment in life!

August 23, 2012

My little NAIL SPACE by Ginza


Yeap, it's about NAIL this time ^^

If you notice, I never had any Nail art tutorial at all in my blog, that's because I simply don't know how to draw nice design to my right hand nails. You know, that problem..left hand seems not cooperating nicely when it comes to return favour to the right hand. :D
* This sounds to politically right huh? the fact is, I am suck at Nails!
and I never good at it! hehehehe*

So I always go for the expert to get my Nail art done!

In Nail Space, expect a lot of design, friendly service 
and warm personality of Jean, the Owner of the Salon.

The collection of colours they have are amazing. You name it, they have it!

Homey and cozy location to get your nail done.

Aaaand a lot of Nail art design for you to choose as well.

My manicure ritual start as it's protocol.

Removing the old Gelish Nail polish

Cuticle removal

And start the designing steps.

My manicurist is Winnie..she is so good and supaaa detail.
Every single dot she makes is perfect. I don't know how she do that.

And because mine is gelish nail polish, 
I have to put my hand in a box that has this bluish lighting thingy. 
(what do u call this lighting again?)
*it makes my nail looks Neon-ing*

Look at this! Polkadot and glittery ribbons.
Do u like the design I choose?

I love it!
Thanks Winnie for making it perfect for me.

Love this much! yay yay yay!

If you keen to try out their service, they have a first trial price:

Classic Mani + Pedi for $42
Gelish Mani + Cuticle for $30
Express Mani + Pedi for $22

Do book your appointment at 62912672 
and look for Winnie if you drop by

Nail space at Blk34
Whampoa West #01-51, S330034
Boon Keng MRT, Exit B. 

Or you can visit their other outlet at
1, Park Road
People's park Complex #03-02, S059108
Chinatown MRT.
P: 65361622

Thank you to Nail Space for inviting me down!
I like how expert Winnie did my nail and love your homey service.

Gals, go to to know more about their service.


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