April 30, 2008

Master cleanse detox

I plan to do this " master cleanse lemonade detox " , sounds a bit " unusual " for sum1 like me, who love..oh no, addicted to food..yummy..

* while writing this post i'm thinking about those indonesian local food that make me crave for it taste


And, i've been cutting down my meal since monday..yeah, so i drank all liquid things like milk or soup and ate sumting solid ( but light ) in the evening..

I keep telling my boyfriend that i really wanna lose 18 pounds and clean my digestive system..at first he seems like doubting me..=(

Well, then i print out all the information about this master cleanse things and give it to him to read..with a little bit of forced of course. He read about it though..i'm happy.

And after keep repeating the same thing about this program to him or because he want to see me losing my weight..he finally support me. He even wanna go with me to Mustafa to buy those ingredients.. tonite *excited

Things to buy:


Cayenne Pepper

Maple syrup grade B

Purified water

Laxative tea


So, for 14 day i have to drink around 8 glass of lemonade during day and take a cup of laxative tea at night and salt water early in the morning with empty stomach.

I have to take this salt water things EVERY morning, and according to those who had experience this detox before..this salt water things really kickin' ur shit of u..*literally* uhh...stop imagine, ok? i'm gonna confirm about it soon...hahaha..

So for this Salt Water Flush i have to put:

2 teaspoon of Sea salt uniodized with a glass of luke warm purified water.

And the lemonade:

For every 10 oz of (spring or purified) water,
combine: 2 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice
2 tbsp genuine maple syrup
1/10 tsp cayenne pepper

uhmm..seems like a tough day to pass by!

But, i dunno why..i'm so excited to start..and i read a lot about this master cleanse could really clean ur system and push all the toxin away from ur body..i can't wait to be healthy again..not becoz i am sick now..but i really feel that ever since i move to Singapore, i am weaker than i used to be. *Excited*

I'm gonna keep track about my Detox, and i'm gonna write all the symptoms, improvement, craving or even sickness that expected to be happen.

2 Days counting down from my detox..anyway, tomorrow nite me and arf invite ricky and jojo for dinner..i'm gonna cook seafood for them..hopefully it will good or else??!! i'm gonna buy sumting from resto and claim it as mine!hahahahaha...

Ciao..gonna do some work!

April 25, 2008

Pertemanan yang aneh..

Pagi ini gw chat ma Matek en Nilam lewat meebo, then pembicaraan goes ngalor ngidul seperti biasa..sampe ngomongin masalah kerjaan sama mereka, tentang future job-nya sih mei2 ( aka Nilamdut )..nah pas baca condition job-nya mei2..which is sama persis kayak kantor gw sekarang ( gw langsung takut mei2 kejeblos lubang yg sama, yaitu kerja di company tanpa bonus dan semua serba tergantung management )jadi gw juz scratch out ke dia busuk2nya..TRUS YAH..lewat tulisan itu mereka berdua berasa gw marah2 loh..padahal itu lewat MEEBO! -_-'

~ Well gw ga marah, cuman gw takut banget si gendut itu di bully sama employer singapore yang terkenal suka bully orang ~

Well, trus gw ga enak ati sendiri lah..jd saya minta maap, mei blg gini:

" El, i know you..that's why i'm calling u friend "
--------- gaya ni mei2..sok filosofis ----------

trus yah, ya gw blg kalo gw cuman mau yg the best buat dia lah, mei blg gini:

" i know el, banyak hal yang ga gw pikirin..i only want wut i want..blablabla..*lupa kelanjutannya, ga penting sih* "
---------------- gw tambah berasa pu hau i se ------------------------

trus gw minta maap ( lagi) . Si meidut itu jawab " enough la el ! "
---------- dasar tzun dut, comfort gw kek -------------

Ya begitulah pagi jumat gw yang sedikti hingar bingar di dalem kepala, menvisualisasikan suara matek yang annoying en Nilam yang lg excited.

~ Dan mereka komplen katanya gw memaksa mereka baca blog gw, gw ga paksa kok..saya hanya mau berbagi idup gw yang sedikit runyam gara2 temenan ma lu orang!


Apa? mo komplen lagi??

oh2, terus yah..si mei2 blg gw buta warna, padahal gw jelas2 nulis font-nya pake warna krem..tapi dia bilang itu merah?!?!?! sapa yang buta coba?? mei2!

krem dibilang merah.


April 24, 2008

Piece of heaven with a golden cream!

Barusan baca-baca blog-nya kak Ria..en liat tulisan-tulisannya yang positive, en itu bikin gw mikir loh " how far did i go from that period ? " maksudnya period dimana gw bisa mikir positive untuk hal2 jelek yang terjadi di idup gw..how long i've been gone from " My faith world " haahhh...*hela napas panjang sambil mikir..

-ternyata yang struggle soal idup and bisa sedih bukan cuma saya yah?-

I thank God for good things that happen in my life, but i often ask for His responsibility when it turns bad! *malu ati..

En gw bener2 nyadar kalo i'm no longer a positive girl that i used to be..and i miss to be one ( again ). My blog full of anger and disappointment..of everything, working place, people, family, EVERYTHING! yang sebenernya mungkin it was me yang jadi masalahnya..bukan environment.

I miss the time when i can support people and how they said i'm such a blessing for them..gosh, i forget how it feel..

i dunno what has happened to me, i start to:

1. Hate church..
2. Hate people in church..
3. hate anyhtign related with Church..

Sampe tadi siang ngobrol ma Ko' Wisin, he's really...ah...* aer mata gw mulai ngambang lagi nie...* he's really a person with golden heart. That's the word..* golden heart* he won't call you for attending services or fellowship but he will guide and go together with you..luv him *hugs..
I start to think people like me, who've been disappointed by church shud really come to him if u dunno how to come to HIM!he'll introduce u to Him.

Ahh..i feel good to finally find a piece of heaven in my day!

April 21, 2008

Amazing day ^_^

I found today as an " Amazing day " for me..why? because today is the first day that i didn't put my eyes on " watch " "computer clock " or anything related with time..while i'm in office! until now, i realise..eh, it's 6.03 pm! well done el!

April 17, 2008

weight loss virtual model..

I found this:

jadi disitu uda gw masukin berat gw..yang akhirnya gw publish!..ahh.demi memotivasi diri gw ni!

Doakan saya yah! * pake nada pejuang benteng Takeshi

April 12, 2008


Ok, call me crazy to bring this topic up again..and i really dun care if the person whom i write about is reading my blog..! becoz i suddenly feel " bo kambuan " ( not satisfy ) if i don't wrote it out...

This is about some1 in my past..some1 close to me in the past, that i found a bit phsyco..and weird of course, pathetic..not to forget to mention it!

It started when i came back from my CNY trip from Jakarta, as long as i remember i never promised about meeting him! ya..i definitely never!i always say " we'll see how.. or.. " if i have time, maybe yes..."

my happy-sad CNY went well 'till the very last nite before my return to sg...this guy (call him " Y ") gave me a call..and asked whether i'm free that nite...

* u know wut..do u think i will free in my last day in indo? use ur ass to think mr. Y *

then of course i said "no, i'm out for dinner and karaoke * eventho i can't sing* with some friends"

u are free to join if you want to..* i'm quite nice by inviting him, rite?

then the conversation goes like this:

Y: uhmm...i have a band practise, later i'll call u..."

Me: i dun have local number..i have returned it to my mum!

Y: so how? who should i call?

Me: i'm going out with H..u can call her

Y: ok

Then until the end of the nite he didn't call at all...and after we finished karaoke my friend said he called her cellphone...and i didn't manage to see him..* wink

So i happily came back to sg and he emailed me...with a very weird email..i translate the Indonesia part!! * the one with blue hi-lite is translated by me

his email, only the point that i want to clear on!:

There’s no report when u in Jakarta last week ago… I'm waiting for your news since I now u already arrived in Jakarta…

~ why should i report to you????

All i know from ur last email that u are going to meet PBers…Honestly.. i really want to see you.. Just wanna know, is there any changes on u physically or ur character… What I believe.. it's definitely a positive changes.

~ wut do u care about my changes?? and of course it's positive..

=Cause no news from u 'till day six..And, i dunno ur GSm number so i initiatively called u..Right??

~ yeah..so?

to be honest… I’m little bit sad and disappointed with u in that time…you are the one who ask me to meet you, but when u are in JKT, you gimme no news..and when finally got u..yet it still blur * actually blur is not the rite word..but it juz like uncertain..

~ i didn't promise u anyhting..it juz ur wish that really keen to meet me and u come to ur halusination of me promising that to u!

But, i try to understand you, u said u re busy..in the end...to be honest i'm disappointed but i dun want to remember it

~ I dun need ur understanding at all, i dun even care if you dissapointed! *sorry...did i hurt u by saying this?? do u think i care?

So I decided to forgive u and except u the way u are..

~ EXCUSE ME??? U FORGIVE ME?? u shud say sorry to me for sending me this stupid email and it annoyed my inbox! sigh..wut's in his head? btw, it's accept dude not axcept * quoted from matex!

Always love u El….my sister in Christ…Ho3…Ya wis.. Just wanna say it, it relieve me….HA2… Hope the best for u always….Gud Luck..Say hi to arief… Bye

~ well, i know i'm simply irresistible and lovely...but stop saying always love me..becoz i love u ..no more!

Urrgghhh...Sometimes, i dun understand..and i feel guilty too..i dun understand the part why he has to forgive me...and i feel guilty becoz i know i shudn't feel this way..and i shud forgive him too..* uhmm..if i forgive him..i think i should write him an email too ..hahhaha...


ah, it's raining..

April 09, 2008

Laki-laki paling menjijikan yang pernah gw liat..

~ Steven Lim ~

Gw pernah di stop dia dia depan paragon, dia blg mo cabutin alis mata gw karena

dia EXPERT..???!!?? hah?

Ternyata punya ternyata, dia emang rada gebleg orangnya..ga percaya?

lu buka dah tu website dia di : http://www.stevenlim.net/ or liat kelakuan butut dia di youtube!

Warning !! jangan kaget liat kelakuan dia yang super sexy..ada bagian dia:

1. nyanyi lagu brian adam di shower

2. pake cangcut doank nari2..

3. mo ala striptis pake lagu michael jackson..

4. gaya sok imut sambil " ta cia hau..wo se steven lim..bla..bla..bla..and i'm from sinciapo "

Liat aja deh ndiri...*geleng-geleng kepala* ga bisa bayangin lagi..

Pas gw tunjukin si arip dia blg

" kalo aku kyk gitu gmn?"

gw blg " one word rip.."



the myth of water

You won't believe this:

Aer ternyata ga berguna apa2..en itu cuma nambain bladder lu!

Tapi ya, gw masi aja tuh minum aer banyak2 tiap hari en gw masi yakin kalo aer itu bisa detox..tp science berkata laen..gmn dunk??

mungkin brain wash nyokap gw lebih berhasil, dari kecil nyokap gw selalu bilang :

"ca, banyak-banyak minum aer putih biar ga panas dalem"

en itu mentok di pala gw..!

trus ni ada 5 myth soal aer:

Myth No. 1: Drink Eight Glasses Each Day

Myth No. 2: Drinking Lots of Water Helps Clear Out Toxins

Myth No. 3: Lots of Water Equals Healthier Skin

Myth No. 4: Drinking Extra Water Leads to Weight Loss

Myth No. 5: It's Easy to Get Dehydrated During a Workout

hohoho..cuma ada sedikit contradictive jg sih di pala gw!!..antara science dan omongan bunda!

Anyway...tetep minum banyak2 ga pa pa lahya..toh itu ga ngerusak badan!

ya ga sih?

read this for more info.

April 07, 2008

my favo white choco!

If u are a fans of white chocolate like me..u should try

my new lovers!

It comes in a small block like this

It melt and taste like..a white chocolate..with cream inside..but there's no filling at all..it juz simply white chocolate..


April 03, 2008

He cares for me and u

Gw sempet bimbang soal setiap doa2 yang tiap malem gw doain, i dunno apa God dengerin ato engga..tapi gw yakin banget sekarang kalo Dia denger gw tiap malem, feel great aja rasanya ..gw ngerasa Tuhan jawab keraguan gw loh.

Minggu kemaren gw dateng ke service gitu, trus gw masi terus bertanya2.."God, sebenernya lu denger ga gw ngmg sama lu tiap malem..gw minta ini itu, gw kadang bersyukur juga loh..and there's things that i need ur help..please let me know u are with me "

Juz after i said that..ada lagu..

Dia mengerti

Dia peduli..

Pada persoalan yang engkau hadapi..

Tapi satu hal yang Dia minta..


Sampai mujizat itu nyata..."

~ Then i'm too sure..He's with me!

April 02, 2008

Bloody PMS

PMS? shit...this is the worst things that i HAVE to experience every month!!

I just read an article about this shit and it said " the cause of PMS is unknown "


are u serious? so there's no reason for the crying thingy, extreme emotional feeling, and all..

I maybe write this post becoz i 'm so angry with my PMS condition..everything and everybody annoyed me!..there were one time when i had my PMS..my friend said

" i think u have interpesonal problem.."

WTF?? dun tell me u never get ur PMS turn..or maybe...well i dunno, i dun care!

But, wut irritates me the most is..when u are having ur PMS, u don't know it..and people around u try to figure it out..and it irritate u even more!


read this article.


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