January 20, 2013

New Biore Facial Foam!

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So, to try out the 1 minute wonder they claim to received after using the Biore new series,
I go for these 2 lovely tubes of :

Biore for Radiant refined skin (scrub)
Biore for Moist supple skin

First of all, who doesn't know " Biore " when it comes to face cleanser category?
But do you that the new Biore series has a higher cleansing ability? It also low in skin irritation as the cleansing chemical does not penetrate into the skin?

Basically, (here is the good news for us) it is the first cleanser that works to rebalance our skin.
Reduce oil in T-zone and replenish the moisture at U-zone.

See the 2 different texture of it?
Biore extra moist comes in a more concentrated for compare to the lighter and scrubby texture of the Biore scrub

I personally loves the Biore facial foam extra moist more than the other on. I love the supple-ness I got after every wash, and kinda like to " boing boing " effect on the skin, and it doesn't dry up my skin.

 photo 89C86C96-C467-4D61-AE79-D29FB8389AAF-1033-000001624D08E8D5.jpg

I found the Biore facial foam scrub tend to give a tight feeling after I used it.
Although I must say, a clean mint feeling after using the Biore facial foam scrub is not a doubt, I just don't like the tight after use feeling of it. But If you don't have any problem with that, just go ahead and experience a new level of Biore facial cleanser.

*The Biore Facial Foam Series is available at Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, Unity and other majore departmental stores.

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  1. Aku pakai biore dari SMP, tapi sekarang nggak pake lagi. Yang scrub kalau habis dipakai emang efeknya keset banget, jadi merasa bersih setelah pakainya. Tapi kalau sekarang seiring usia kayaknya bakal suka yang lebih moist itu deh..


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