November 23, 2015

Auckland Guide: Burger Burger @ Ponsonby Central

Being a newbie in Auckland has it's advantages! For me, i am giving myself an excuse to dine out weekly " in order " to have something new to share about great spot and food in Auckland. This time round, it's Burger burger at Ponsonby central.

Located in one of the prime location at the heart of Auckland, Ponsonby Central is definitely a must place to go for weekend brunch with family, friends, or alone (why not?). The place has gorgeous selection of restaurant to choose from, find out more about the restaurant here.

My date for the day was Sharon, we were strolling around to find a right spot for our catch up session, and because it was a peak Saturday brunch time (and raining; gosh, what a timing) - all places mostly are occupied, or not quite what we want to sit at. Then Sharon was like having a light bulb moment of Burger Burger.  Okie dokie, off we go in search of the resto.

Greeted by a very cheerful and helpful lady, and bunch of friendly kitchen staff as well - we just got our catch up spot. I decided to get a fish bunnuce (bun lettuce, geddit?), beef on bun for Sharon, kumara fries, coffee for myself and sparkling drink for Sharon.  The food was awesome, affordable $20ish per person, and everything was just nice. Although I am not very impressed of eating a fish with bunch of lettuce wrapped on at first, but i guess it's a very very good option for carb free diet.

It felt so good to have a few hours off " mommy duty" to just be with girl friend and sharing about everything. Having to move to Auckland worries me in  terms of getting new friends. I met Sharon at my current work place, it was really just a quick hi and bye as we were swamped by our work and stuff - then in the first 2 weeks i joined the company, Sharon left for next adventure. Thank goodness for whatsapp and social media, we are back catching up over food, coffee and more coffee.

Back to the location, do visit this place if you have a day or more to spend in Auckland city. It's worth it :D

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November 08, 2015

Long Weekend!

Gosh, This post was drafted during the labour day holiday and just happened to sit still in my draft and " poof!"  in November we are. Goodness, time does fly, ey?

Anyhoo, I jsut want to share my #OOTD on that awesome long weekend. Although, I always have my Monday off - I still loving the mood of everyone during long weekend. It's like you have 2 Fridays in a week :)

Wearing Zara Trench coat, tops, and legging - pair it up with Wakai platform :)
Pushing lil one in Phil & Ted buggy for a our stroll in the city.

And also, just a quick update - Life in Auckland is finally absorbing well in me. A little unhappiness here and there, but I finally start to think that this place might the next home for us. If you think you'll be interested to read more on my Auckland guide in this blog, comment up and let me know what would you like to know :)

Another moment for me to realize that GOD is so GOOD.
Jadi beberapa minggu ini, gw totally shut myself down dari semuanya, I stop being creative, ga mood masak, ga mood nge blog(apalagi ini ye), I just don't feel like doing anything. Kalo bisa, I would rather ngelingker di ranjang, sambil nontonin Harvey Specter. ihiy. Trus gw kepikriannya tuh, balik SG - I want to go back to my life di SG. Gw lupa what was the reason kita keluar dr SG dan pindah ke NZ and I hated my NZ life. Gw berasa I am supposed to be a better me disini, my life, my blog, my career. Tapi kenyataannya, ga gitu - dan gw manusia ambisius ini, stress sendiri. Then, I start asking " I want YOU to answer, tell me that the choice we made are the best " - dan dong, the next moment pas di gereja, pastor gw blg " Hey someone, when God tell Abraham to go, He asked him to believe the unseen future He set for him. It is going to be a same theme but different stories for you."
Amen to that. untung dijawab ye, kl enga - masi ga nge blog juga gw. hahahaha.

Thank u Pamela for your kind words and the soothing encouragement, dan Felicia yang blak blak an abis pointed out my problem, dan ya emang iya bener banget!! Aku finally feel better!

Ini gw kalo OOTD kok ya bingung mo bergaya gimana yah? nya hasilnya bagus cakep kayak fashion blogger nge top gitu..cuman susah aje. Ide dong, gimana ini?
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