October 31, 2012

Fun weekend at Moleskine Words Singapore!

So, yeah..long weekend spent in bookstores actually not a bad idea!
Especially when there is this fun workshop " Moleskine Words " by Moleskine :))

With that 150 stamps to create my own stories from, I attempt to make a wonderful one!
Hahahha..I planned to create something that shown my creativity and being proud of my own creativity...

But guess what? It's not as easy as it seems! Mwuahahahaha...I was started with a stoned look on my blank Moleskine cahier book, wondering why am I being stuck and why my creativity department in my brain have not start doing their job..

After a good couple of minutes, I started to take my first stamp! and created this:

See, How my creativity starts flowing..

But after a moment, I see people around me start participating and they were like " hey, I want an " AND "..anybody see that? " or " I saw " TOMORROW " somewhere, pass to me please " and " There there!! Pass me that " LOVE " ...

I think , I think highly on myself!
Man, I was far from being creative..shame on me!!hahahaha..

See how creative they can be?

So I tried to make my next attempt, and I came up with simply this.

Stressful (because I realized I am nowhere near creative) yet fun, because it gets you addicted on it!
Man, I see many of them could finished the whole pages of it creating their own stories :)

And here is Alex, my friend :)
Same, we both a distance away from creative..but we love taking photos, so we kinda camwhoring the whole session :P

And again, this is my proud book! and this is my story..
I don't dance like Star anymore, but I was and how I wish am still dancing like one. T_T
*BIG sob sob..*

After all, I must say this is a fun activity to do and people really spent 45 mins to an hour in the booth to creates their stories.

Good to know that in this city where people literally run in running their life and juggle their activities, there are still some people that love to take a pause, and telling their stories to the whole world :)

A super cute couple that creates story about each other

Sisters..telling me a story about their earth

Joey from Iisjong.blogspot.com with her tagline.

Roxanne love letter to Xavier :)
I'm glad to be a part of Moleskine Words.
For more photos: go to 

Oh btw,
Happy Halloween friends!

October 30, 2012


Dari tadi gw ketik beberapa kata, trus gw apus..ngetik apus lagi.. intinya gw lagi galau! *halah*
Dah lama gw ga berasa galau pisan begini, beberapa bulan belakangan ini..gw either hepi bahagia bener ato ga, berasa keki en marah, tapi ampir kaga pernah berasa galau.

Tapi ga tau malem ini mendadak kok gw berasa ni ati gundah gulana ga jelas, kalo mo dibilang gw worry on something..mungkin, tapi apa yah? gw berasa semuanya just right on my plate gituh sekarang..kerjaan lagi indah dan bersinar, blogging life pun cakep, Bubbly Brush puji Tuhan pun berjalan lancar.
Harusnya gw ga berasa kenapa napa ya sekarang..tapi haduh..ati kok tak tenang -_-'

Trus gw berasa idup gw kok agak flat yah, pada pernah ga sih berasa idup kok begini begini aja..
bukan soal materi yah, tapi lebih ke..kok rutinitas gw ya?
 pagi bangun, naek bus ~ ngarep2 ada bule ganteng se bus~, trus lanjut mrt, sampe kantor, kopi, kerja, pulang, dinner bareng arip, ato ga ke launching event.
Begitu melolo..saban minggu. Ngulang lagi terus2an.

Ga ada yang bikin gw excited gituh.
*ga jelas juga apa gw yang bosenan tahap akut!*

Apa mungkin hari ini gw liat temen kantor gw yang bakal resign en pulang ke kampung halamannya terlihat begitu excited yah? Gw sungguh selama 8 bulan ini ga pernah ngeliat temen kantor gw ini sebahagia ini!
Pagi ini dia cm blg " gw bakal resign " dan intinya dia happy karena dia bisa got together with the wife (istrinya di China). Seharian bahagiaaaa amat, en ngomong melolooo ampun dah!

Gw sedih dia berenti dari team, tapi gw happy banget ngeliat dia begitu, trus gw jadi mikir..apa yah yang kira kira bakal bikin gw bisa se-excited ituh? 
~ mungkin ini awal kegalauan gw..hahaahah..gajebo deh bo!~


Anyway, bulan November ini eke bakal sok sibuk :P
Weekend, full sama Bubbly Brush :)

Tapi dong bo, 
Dec gw sama sekali ga ngambil job Bubbly Brush karena bulan December eke mo travelling!
Sini aku beberkan rencana Dec kuh..*ini mo cerita apa pamer coba?*
Aku mo cerita! *uda nulis gini panjang, baru mulai ceritanya sekarang yak!*

Jadi ceritanya, gw ma Arip kan belon pergi honeymoon..dari yang rencananya mo ke Japan, Maldives, Europe apalah itu..ga kesampean. Karena simply, abis merit..langsung gitu kita balik ke rutinitas hari2, trus gw berenti kerja (bo lui), dan mulai kerjaan baru sampe sekarang.

Abis merit, kita ada pergi ke NZ, ke HK Macau en Vietnam, tapi itu kan either beramai ramai ato ga nge -lenongin bride :) Nah, Dec ini..kita mo Honeymoon dong!! *basi gila*
Tanya kemana?
*Gubrak kan?*

Tau gitu dari dulu aja napa, abis merit sekalian honeymoon!
Kan dulu sok, masak merit di Bali, honeymoonnya di Bali juga? males ah.
*Songong gaya gw..emang!*

Ga tanggung tanggung, seminggu gw bakal nangkring di Bali! hahahaha..
*tak ada rotan akar pun jadi lah mas*
Hadeuh, nasib.

Lalu lalu, the next weekend nya..gw akan ke Taiwan! 
Selama 4 hari, ada company trip..lalu akhir bulannya gw akan terbang ke Pekanbaru dan new year-an disana.

The End deh buat taon ini.

Sekian cerita ngalor ngidul gw malem ini.
Masi gundah dan ngantuk.

Gw ngarep ngarep besok pagi bangun, suasana ati enakan dikit neh.

October 29, 2012

{Korean} style make up tutorial

I blame Korean Drama for being such an addiction!
Am so #Hate myself to the max when I am so hooked to Korean Drama..Haiz haiz..-_-'
~ It's kinda make me ' hallucinating ' until i don't know when --> Quoted from my dearest Magdalene ~

I keep asking myself
"why did I start watching it in the first place?" while watching it..hahahaha..
- you know how it feel..-

*Am currently watching "faith" everybody, go and watch it! and let's get insane together*
Anyway, as always it is such a fairytale,
Handsome heroic actor x pretty lady with such an effortless looking make up!
Too good to be true. 

Anyway, I admit it..I am just jealous with the girl character :P
She is pretty and glowing, damn beautiful for her age. *face-palm to myself*
So excuse me with this crazy-ness in my head about this drama.

With that K-drama syndrome in my head,
I am inspired to create the " effortless" Korean make up look.

Clearly it's an effort-full kind of make up to create with an effort less make up as the end result.

So, this is the project of transforming the "Before me" to the "After me" as shown in the photo below.
So OMFG right?
I know I am not born pretty, but Thank God for whoever invented make up and thank goodness for my skill ^^


~I am wearing Freskon Alluring in Mystical black for my circle lens~


To achieve the Korean glowing skin, start with Laneige BB Snow as a based.

Cover any blemishes on your face using concealer :)
I am using Kryolan TV paint stick in beige.

With the same Kryolan TV Paint stick, I am creating the highlight on my face.
Not doing the S shape this time, but I draw a half butterfly instead.

Continue with the contouring using creme foundation that 3 tone darker than my skin.

Just a little bit near the cheekbone :)

Blend it nicely with a full brush.

Pick a shimmer white eyeshadow and apply it on your eyelid :)

Draw a thin eyeliner just in your lashline and slightly above it.

Now, let's draw the Korean eyebrow.
They tend to have a straight and thicker eyebrow, and mine is hairless with an arc.

If you have the same problem like mine:
Draw a straight line in the lower brow first:

Then slowly filling it up using eyebrow brush and powder eyebrow.

Choose a pinkish blush to put a "blushing " effect on your cheek :)

And as seen in the K drama that I am currently watching, they have this matte pinkish lips.

I don't have a matte pink lips, so I just apply the glossy pink lipstick..

And I take loose powder..

To create the matte effect :)

Here you go:
My interpretation of the Korean effortless make up look.

*just in case you ask, I took a quick hair wash after I am done with the make up*

To create my hair :)
*Cannot show my "just wake up " hair lah..*

Happy trying and hope you liked it :)

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Kamsa hamnida!

October 28, 2012

Pinkbuble x Vanity Trove make up challenge Winner!

Sorry to keep you waiting for the result!
Believe me,..it's worth the wait :)

Wanna know why?
Just hold on first! ^^

Let me announce 2 WINNERS that I think doing the look that very close to mine :)


Connieta V

Dina P

So, both of you..I love your looks and thank you for joining this make up challenge!
don't forget to drop me your home address for me to send your Prizzie!!


You know, it's kinda hard to choose only 2 winners, because I think..all of you, girls, are too gorgeous..and deserve the winning as well :)

So the Gorgeous Vanity Trove and I are going to do something fun about it :)

I have uploaded your photo in:
and what you need to do is collecting the " LIKE " on your photos :))

and the gorgeous girl who collect the MOST LIKES, will walk away with 
A BOX of the gorgeous

This Box is just for reference, OK?
You might received your own surprised when you have your box ^^

And not only that, 
for you who votes for them,..if they win..you will stand a chance to win too!
So, the winner with the most " likes " will choose 1 lucky voters to received something special from Vanity Trove too! Wooohoooo...everybody is full of prizzie ^^

Let's start collecting the " likes "!!!

Start with like-ing Pinkbuble's and Vanity Trove's 
facebook page to be eligible for the votes :)

Come on come on!!
Vote for the gorgeous lady :)

October 25, 2012

Retro Nouveau Inspired hair ~ Salon De Choix


I'm back to:

To get my hair done.


Last Sunday, I made appointment and spent 5 hours to get my new hair!
If you have followed me in Instagram (@eldiona) and twitter (@pinkbuble) , thank u very much.
You might already seen the sneak peak I took during the process, but for those who have not follow me yet..here you go, and just follow me there too, ok? :P

This is the latest hair of mine, I think it is still ok..only a little messy as always.
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

But I kinda annoyed with the faded red highlight that I did last time.
So Sharon (the Owner & Director) at Salon De Choix, helps me to create a new look for me.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Inspired by Retro Nouveau - shadow illusion technique,
my bottom section hair dyed in Dark pink color and Ash brown at the top.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

The whole process of dying my hair takes around 4 hours, so if you keen to create this hair,
just make sure you have something else to do instead of just reading magazine in the Salon.

I brought my laptop to watch K drama :P
and a cup of my favourite Mocha in Salon de Choix helps me to kill the time.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

One more thing that I love the most whenever I go to a Salon is to get the hair treatment.
*Somehow, I feel less guilty in colouring my hair if I get the treatment afterwards* :P

This time in Salon De Choix, I tried Shu Uemura line for the hair treatment.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

A combination of Shu Uemura Moisture Velvet to keep it smooth and healthy, and a Musk Rose Oil to boost the vibrancy of coloured hair are the choice of the day.

Cassandra also applied Shu Uemura Essence Absolue on my hair before she blow dry it and seriously, it makes my hair become so smooth and easy to style.

Thank you Sharon for having me at Salon De choix again ^^
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

And Thanks Cassandra for being my stylist on that day ^^
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App


So, come and meet them everybody:

3 Killiney Rd #01-06 Winsland House 1.




On separate note, I did a camwhoring session in my room and play around with ma new hair.
Warning: photo bombing below ^^

Ahh..I love the colour!

Now I wanna know, will you choose this kind of hair color?



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