January 05, 2013

Pink Lens? anyone?

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Thank you LoveShoppingHolics for sending me this 2 lovely lens :)
I originally plan to post this up by the weekend, but it seems like so many people keep asking me where and how to get this pink lens..so I post it up earlier! And here you go people..you can get it from LoveShoppingHolics :)

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I'm gonna share up my first lens, which is a very unique colour of pink and black combination!
Usually we pair up pink and black to get a romantic yet mysterious feel in outfit..but what do you think of the impression on pink x black combination in contact lens?

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Is it still romantic?

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Or mysterious?
*like i can ever be one lor..* hahahha..

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In anyway of what ever the impression is, I wore this lens for my Mr.'s cousin wedding back in Indonesia.
Although, at first.. I was a bit shock on how I look like on them, but I immediately love the distinct look I could creates using this lens.

So, go and grab this pretty lens while it last!
Get the promo code from the banner on my right column :)

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  1. Wooooooow!! Buagus bgt ci dipake kmuuu >.<

  2. Didn't expect the pink lenses and red lips to match so well together! Nice!

  3. Jadi mirip ungu muda gitu ya El, tapi tetep cute kok! ^^

  4. the red Lip's So stunning <3 #salahfokus


  5. Awww your lippie more attract me than the lens lol...
    Sorry but I love the red :p


  6. gue ga berani pake contact lens, takut nyasar lensnya hihihi *parno*

    bagus el di mata elo :)

  7. kereen dan cantiikk banget El.

    so gorgeuous!

  8. omg....elrica cantik bgt...mau matanya wrn pink kek..merah kek..apa kek....ttp aja cantik..... *lgsg pusing


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