February 25, 2009


Hmm..i quite like February just becoz my beday is on this month, but after had a conversation with lili, she said " i luv Feb becoz this is the only month where i can get my salary earlier " as my company always pay salary in the last day of the month, i really think that reason make all sense..

So counting down..today is 25 Feb, it's mean..another 3 days..yipee..

and a brand new month coming for me..as a new 25 yrs old girl, single and moderately happy..i have few things to achieve by this year

1. Do more saving this year..start from feb-dec '09
2. Trying hard not to spend too much money on shoes
3. Taking holiday to Port dickson on May, Jakarta on May, and Hongkong on October
4. Go to gym at least 3 times a week
5. Learn how to make salted egg yolk prawn
6. Buy Genee award competition ticket (if available)
7. Go to national museum and Jurong bird park
8. Meet Tzunskie
9. Lose 5 kg
10.Living healthy life

10 things to achieve..hopefully, i can achieve it..

*cross finger*

February 24, 2009

10 tipe orang yg menyebalkan

1. Yang sok Holy..apa2 bawa nama Tuhan

2. Yang sok Holy taboo ngomongin sex etc..tapi nonton bokep di kamar

3. Yang ngerasa penting jelasin apa yang dia pikir tentang dirinya ke orang laen..

4. Yang sok sanggup spending duit berlebihan..padahal utang credit card..

5. Yang sok penting..kalo pas diundang ke satu acara dan ga bisa dateng terus berlebihan cara minta maaf-nya..padahal yang ngundang jg cm basa basi..

6. Yang suka niru-niru..mulai dari cara ngomong sampe jenis beli lotion..

7. Yang keinginannya harus diikutin..* well that is me*

8. Yang suka jadi center attention..dengan cara sok centil, kl liat serangga kecil bisa sampe histeris dan pura2 mo nangis..

9. Yang suka ganggu laki orang ato cewek orang..

10. Yang berasa keren kalo abis berantem ato mabok..

February 23, 2009

Sunny Rainy Zoo Sunday

after staying here (SG) for almostt 2 years..i went to Singapore Zoo..
My friend always say that this place is " a must" place to visits
So, we went there yesterday..
and i luv it!

Well, actually nothing special about this ladies room, only it's 1/2 outdoor

and very windy..^_^

Zoo's Ladies room

Ehm.."POP" popcorn..My fault!

I'm so excited about everything


a bit extra gesture when i turned around

and i accidentally hit the popcorn bag (Arf was holding it)

and it flies..lightly before

it reach the ground..


Anyway, Arf took lots of great pics of the animals there

Will show the picture off on the next entry

In the meantime, just take a look of his pro style

then you decide

whether he can go to a "Real" pro or not

Stay tune for the next entry

Hmm..this pic..haiz..

It was raining heavily..


Don't u think it's such aa big turn off?
i'm expecting a bright sunshine showering me to the end of my trip,
not this literally "shower" as using water from above..


And to close our trip, i asked Arf to accompany me visit
"Fish doctor"
Which is actually fish spa

Look @ Arf face, he said " ihh geli..hihihi..geli...hihihi"

But it's really ticklish and addicted in the same time..

we pay $10 for 15 min

Rate: 7/10

Interested to try?

Just go to the nearest Kenko spa and reflexology

*btw, i'm not trying to advertise this place here..so u google it urself*


Done with my Zoo trip..i enjoyed my Sunday evening with Sandra brown novel and a glass of cold cappucinno..

n' close my day with watching "Slumdog Millionaire"


February 20, 2009


Anybody know the best cream to relieve pain in the knee..?


It's painful inside..

*take a deep breathe...huuuu...


February 19, 2009

my favo ad

Eh i found this very interesting advertisement
paste along MRT door

it's about those people who sniffed glue
this ad is like their letter
and it posted as if it's a real letter
even with the real looking scotch tape on the top of the paper..

*click for a bigger view*
I even came close to this ad and touch it, stupid huh?
it becoz it looks really real..

Project 2

Ike chose to publish our working table as our 2nd project
So here is " my lovely messy table "

My everyday view

And this is wut i see when i turn my head to the right

And when i look down?

And when i'm feeling hungry

The end..

sleepy ZZzzz..

B'day celebration @ Double bay

No story..
just pictures..
taken @ Double bay Raffles city
my beday celebration
Special thanks to Jojo and Arf

Luvin the Strawberry on Shortcake
Luvin the place
Luvin the companion!

February 18, 2009

Women are from Venus..

I do have feelings too
please take a good care of it..

February 17, 2009

Compact or loose?

Buset tu orang " bedaknya tebel amat..."
Matilah..kayak topeng
Beh! dempul..
sounds familiar?

ini kita yang komentarin orang ato jangan2 kita yang dikomentarin orang?


let's find out!

Powder alias bedak kan ada 2 macem yah..

yang loose (bubuk)

ato yang compact (padet)

Nah, sekarang pinter2 milih tipe bedak yang cocok sama kulit kita aja.

Do's and Don't dalam pilih warna yang bener..


1. Jangan pilih shade ato warna yang paling terang supaya keliatan putih, karena orang laen ga segitu butanya..dan mereka bisa liat perbedaan warna muka kita sama leher, kan aneh!

2. Jangan pake 2 way cake yang warna nya ke pink2an kalo warna muka kita itu rada kuning-kebanyakan muka orang asia kan kuning..soalnya warna pink itu ga bisa bikin complexion muka kita jadi lebih ok.


1. Selalu tes bedak di pipi ato di dagu, bukan di tangan ya..kan warna muka sama tangan beda..

2. Selalu pilih shade yang lebih terang sedikit dari muka kita..Soalnya makin lama tu bedak di muka kita, make up akan oxidise dan lebih menggelap setelah beberapa jam.

Pinter pinter milihnya ya..sesekali juga boleh tanya mbak yang jualan, tapi make sure kita tau apa yang kita mau..kalo engga, ntar dikerjain embak-nya disuruh beli ini itu..

Waktu Sincia kemaren gw ke rumah oma gw, trus ada suster yang jagain oma gw..dia blg " cici, kok bedak cici ga tebel ya? merek apa sih?"

duh sus, ini bukan soal merek loh..tapi ada rumusnya:

for natural look..always think less, not more

option 1: Foundation ringan + loose powder + lip gloss or sheer gloss or matte warna terang + alis yang rapi dan ga botak2 + eyeliner yang tipis aja buat tegesin mata kita + eye shadow warna ringan buat nge contour mata + blush yg cocok sama warna kulit kita

option 2: Compact powder + yang sama kayak di atas

Jadi intinya, jangan pernah pake foundation trus di dempul lagi sama compact powder,
jadinya bisa tebel aje..dan jd kayak lenong!

Oh satu lagi:

Do's and Don't dalam cara pemakaian bedak compact


1. Jangan poles sponge di compact, itu bikin bedak nempel kebanyakan di sponge nya.

2. Jangan sering2 touch up muka kita pake 2 way cake compact powder, entar efeknya jadi ketebelan en memperjelas kerutan2 di muka..belon lagi kadang suka retak2..-_-'

3. Jangan tutupin blemish ( merah2 di muka ) pake bedak compact ya, pake concealer aja..yg sesuai fungsi.


1. Tepok aja sponge nya ke bedaknya..trus tepok2in seiprit-iprit ke muka kita..trus ratain..

2. Untuk hasil yang matte dan fresh..touch up muka pake press powder aja..

Happy hunting yo..

En Tek, kalo pake bedak bisa gatel2..itu berarti lu ga cocok sama bedak itu..
but it doesn't mean lu ga bisa pake bedak ok?
go for Clinique yang untuk muka alergi ato cari yang yang uda di tes alergic levelnya..

Source: Herworld magazine and mas2 manis di Bobbi Brown Shaw house

February 16, 2009


I'm officially Moved out from my old place last Sunday,
and i took this pic with my owner..
She's nice in her way..but too much like mom,
and again,
i like freedom.


Vals day update..

Happy Vals day All..i know it's a bit late
but i hope your Vals day
quite good like mine!

Like i told you,

i started my Vals day with a bit of anger..

of course with Arf.

But i tried to get rid of that feeling by talking to him..

that finally sooth my feeling back.



At work, i got this cute EZ link sticker from Kat2

Thanks Kat!


And so.. after working 1/2 day on that V day,

as usual i took bus 25

and i found this




isn't it cute?

sumbody fold heart paper, and b'coz i found it..i assume it's for me!
thanks stranger!

i didn't take it though, i just took a pic of it!
that's enough..


I reached home and i found this on the table!
ok i admit that,
i hate flowers, i keep saying it just a waste of money, i don't like to receive flower!
and I'm sorry
i was wrong!
It's beautiful!
It is really beautiful..and i feel so stupid!

And finally,
My Vals day cooking and dinner

And no picture of me and Arf
how stupid we are?


quarter of century..me..

Office Celebration

Am i lucky or what?

I am surrounded by good friends and great family!

and i feel the love even more, especially

on my Beday!

early in the morning i came to office and i found:

Chocolate from Bal!

Which is quite surprise for me,

remembering he always forget where he put his pen at

and today he remember my beday!

Thank you Bal!!

And during lunch time i ordered vegetarian Pizza for Bal

and BBQ chicken pizza for Me, Lili and Shoba.

It was a simple lunch, but happiness what's matter

I got Pendant from SK jewel, given by Lili and Shoba

2 Sweetest gift from my dearest friends in office!

I appreciated so so Much!

Mask 101


i started to use this masking thingy when i found out that actually my skin is getting dry after almost 24 hours spending in AC room..


of course i feel like moisturize my skin, so i randomly chose this

SHIZUKU brand, and it turned out FABULOUSLY great!

So here my step by step putting Mask on ur face!

1. ALWAYS..i said ALWAYS clean your make up, no matter how lazy you are

2. Clean your face

my choice: Kanebo clay (RP xxx.000- i can't remember) wash
and Neutrogena scrub (S$ 13.90-NTUC)

3. Choose your own mask, i love things that moisturize your skin

and you can pick this one for cheap and great result.

review: after putting this mask over night..u'll find a baby moist and texture on your face!

I know..i can't believe it either!

well..of course,different people has different choice and skin type..

So, choose smartly!

4. Putting your mask gently on your clean face

and keep adjusting until it cover all your face!

keep it up to 15 min and massage gently in circular motion!

* extra*

usually there's a lot of liquid inside the plastic of the mask..dun waste it, apply on your other body part like neck and body..xixixi..

Happy masking!

Moving day...

Like i told ya..i'm moving to my new place..

Picture taken by Arf during my busy packing

last week and finally today..i finished my stuff from the old place

and throw all in to my new place..

it's still in a big mess..will update my new place soon!

I hope i like my new place as much as i like the old one

And yeah, 15 min count down to my B'DAY!

February 14, 2009

i forget sumting..

As perfect as i planned my Vals day..it never goes right for me!
and i'm completely forget about it..
like today, i start my Vals day with anger!
hope it get better..
it better be..

i miss NZ

There are things that i remember from

New Zealand

1. Nature

2. Artistic building

3. Adventure

4. Road trip

5. Out of Petrol

I'll be back next year!

February 13, 2009

Vals day -1

I Have bought 80% of my ingredients for Vals day dinner with Arf

Hmm..actually i picked the things he paid for it

but anyway, we bought it..
about my pasta recipe
there will be a slight changes
like using bacon and olive instead of crab meat and breadcrumbs
but after all..
this is my prediction of how my vals day pasta will look like

*photo sample from a la pastora pasta fresca*

plus extra chilli flakes on it

*crossing my finger*

My Ballet

I miss my Ballet
how I wish to feel the pain in my toes
once again..
I miss my Ballet
for making me realise there's
a talent in me..
I miss my Ballet
to making me feel
I miss my Ballet
to give me the stage

How i miss that each and everyday..

February 12, 2009

Happy 50th beday , Barbie!

This month, barbie reaching 50 years old and look how gorgeous she is still?

the secret of being 50 and looking fabulous:

Go Pink!


And thank u , Mrs Handler
for creating such a beautiful doll in the earth.

"A bit about Barbie"
The Barbie doll was invented in 1959 by Ruth Handler (co-founder of Mattel), whose own daughter was called Barbara. Barbie was introduced to the world at the American Toy Fair in New York City.

The doll was intended to be a teenage fashion doll. There has been some controversy over Barbie's figure when it realized that if Barbie was a real person her measurements would be an impossible 36-18-38. The Ken doll was named after Ruth's son.

Barbie first had bendable legs in 1965.

"A bit about Mrs. Handler"

Ruth Handler After fighting breast cancer and undergoing a mastectomy in 1970 Ruth Handler, one of the creators of the Barbie Doll, surveyed the market for a suitable prosthetic breast.

Disappointed in the options available, she set about designing a replacement breast that was more similar to a natural one. In 1975, Handler received a patent for Nearly Me, a prosthesis made of material close in weight and density to natural breasts.
Source: Wikipedia

Easy mascara

Request from Matek

" How to apply Mascara?"

Sebelon gw tulis ini, cuma mau bilang..kalo saya bukan expert yo..jd kalo ada yg bisa cari source di Majalah2 yang dari expert..ya monggo dibaca disono, gw post ini cm mo share aja cara gampang and simpel pake alat-alat make up and looks like an easy job to do for a natural fabulous looking ^_^

First: beli Mascara, cari yang waterproof..

"ah susah dibersiin" "adow berat di mata"

susah dibersiin? ga juga kok..beli aja make up remover yang utk Waterproof!
berat dimata? beauty is pain honey..lagian, kalo itu bisa bikin mata kita lebih ekspresif and looking " wow" apa salahnya tahan beratnya itu..
entar lama-lama juga biasa karena terbiasa kok :P

kenapa waterproof?
gini..kita cewek, kadang suka tersentuh gara2 hal2 sepele ato suka mendadak nangis pas PMS..jadi, supaya ga ada mata rakun..gara2 mascara luntur..cari aman-nya aja..

Kalo bulu mata pendek dan agak2 jarang kayak gw, beli yang ada basic coatnya..supaya bulu mata keliatan tebel dan lebat..dan selalu pake yang basic coat (warna putih) dulu baru yang item.

Apply Mascara pelan dan dari pangkal bulu mata terus sampe ujungnya..

1st coat: done!

tunggu sebentar sampe agak kering..then

timpa pake yang warna item

Pastiin...semua bagian yang putih rapi ke cover sama yang warna item,
kalo engga entar aneh..kayak ada uban di bulu mata.
Happy trying!
"eyes is the window of your heart"

Project 1

Me and Ike planned our blogging project..

So every week, we will choose one topic to put in our blog..just for fun!

And this week, its about "your Wednesday outfit"

So, this is mine..a simple casual outfit for my mid week in the office..luckily, i dun have to wear formal in the office..unless there's a special event or special guest in the office.

Oh no, this picture taken last nite..after dinner..look at my tummy..round and not sexy at all...did i said sexy? forget it..

February 11, 2009

my eye make up

Hmm..this entry is to answer few question from Matek and Nilam..

Of how i use my eyeliner..

Pencil first for this entry :

This is all you need to create a warm eye.

i used:

eyebrow pencil (viva)Rp 15,000 around S$2

eyebrow powder and brush (daiso) S$2

eyeliner (Dior-noir) S$36

eyeliner (silky girl-olive green) $9

Mascara (L'oreal-black) $16 at DFS

next step..after using all the basic things like concealer (which i don't have) and powder..u take the black eyeliner to frame your eyes..from inside to outer side of your eyes..
just frame it as you like it to be..

FYI, i might using a different technique from experts did..but it works for me!

i like to create almond shape to frame my eyes..so i pulled the line and keep it thick in the end of my eyes

You see the different?

Keep applying the same to the other eyes and blend and blend it even more

tadah! for both eyes..

and if you guys notice..i darken my face complexion..
just to avoid a pale looking face..
i use Bobbi brown blush coral to make it shine and 1 shade darker.

and read this!


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