January 23, 2009

lunch buddies

Isn't cute seeing 3 different skin tone gather together and having their lunch?
yes they are cute..and it looks like
"United color of beneton ad"
we are the cute model here:
left to right
lili, me, shoba

Singapore Malay, Indo chinese, and Indian..
unity in diversity
(^O^ )' Y

OX tail soup

My experiment..and it was

Arief said " mm..it taste good!"
~ ^_^~


Location: Ministry of food Marina square
this entry is really crap..
b'coz i just want to show how different is my complexion under different lighting of my Lovely Olympus FE-320 pink color

Manual shot

Set to "P" for wutever it stands for..and put flash on it

Set to " P " without flash


January 19, 2009

~ ~

Sumting inside here

room sweet room..

I love this room
really luv it
but i can't afford it anymore
16 OCtober 2007 $450 + $30 (electricity and water bill) = $ 480
today, 19 January 2009
$600 + $70 ( water and electricity bill) = $ 670
When all the property rental is going down..i think my interest in this room is going down as well!
it's quite a significant number isn't?
well i know, comfort shud come first but..ah never mind!
i'm moving out
It located in central area, Ang mo Kio 7 stops away from orchard MRT and literally 5 min walking distance to MRT and bus interchange
and opposite of my BF apartment
*and i'm not trying to do some sort of advertising here..
i just want to record my very first room in SG

view from my room
and see that building behind those apartment
in front of my room
that is AMK hub, well i consider that as a quite decent mall in this area
and one more thing and the main reason of me taking this room
it has 9 doors cabinet!!
isn't cool??
9 doors ok?

Start with this to put my wutever things in

All tops

earings hanger

All bottom, and i really think i have more of skirt than pants
the whole line of skirt
and 3 hangers of pants

folded clothes and bags
ooooohhh...i'm so gonna miss my lovely cabinet!



hey look at this pretty white tissue with red polkadot pattern on it..
thanks to u , paper..

Damn paper cut

ma food...

i Just came back from My regular Surabaya trip and proudly present my must have food in Surabaya (again) hihihi..i really can't get enough eating this things and it's been almost 1 1/2 years since we started business with one factory here.

look at my coconut..

And oh.."tahu telor"

tahu for tofu and telor for egg

so it's basically tofu on egg with peanut sauce and this time we asked for extra chilli in peanut sauce..and it taste just way better than it used to be.

Raw veggie in peanut sauce

my baby..
deep friend shrimp ball


End of Surabaya food
and change to food of my life

Unagi hot stone rice..
Ministry of food
Price: $ 6 sumting
Rate: 10.8/10
and if u are a kind of person who like type of rice that burned by the stone, u should try this one..just keep it a bit longer before u stir it..

Chicken katsu toji
Ministry of food Marina square
Price :$10 +
Rate: 8/10
not so special but still my favourite
and i know this one (which i know) a bit weird for most people
..but i like it..

i like aeroplane food

Silk air

destination: SG-Surabaya morning flight
Rate: 7/10
Price: included in air fare

January 14, 2009

"apple" or "apple"

This conversation happened in my office department betwen me and balvinder..
Arip sent me one link about "apple machintos" one day sale catalogue..b'coz i know Bal interested in gadget things..i informed him..
me: "balvinder, apple on sale for one day"
bal: *without any interest in what i said* "no, i don't want apple"
me: * start thinking...and found sumting is wrong* " hei, i'm not talking about apple as fruit..it's Apple mac.." *and start laughing..* :D
*and bal make it even worst..* he said "i was about to said ..NTUC (hypermart) offer $1.80 for 8 apples"
conversation of the day!
oh man...
after graduating from Communication school..i finally realise that..noise in communication, communication barrier and term of reference does exist..

Auntie oon

Ini kejadiannya beberapa hari lalu di lift apartemen arip..

scene nya tuh ada satu tante2 yg kalo disini dipanggil auntie..trus sama kita (arip en gw) trus gw ngborol2 sama arip cekakak cekikik..lalalalala..sampe tiba2 si auntie ngeliatin gw en bilang gini:

A ( auntie) : *pake bahasa mandarin* Ni men she' han kuo ren ma? -> gw ga tau nulisnya gmn? tapi artinya " are u guys korean?"

Me: * pake bahasa mandarin yg pas2an* " pu she..wo men she'.." -> artinya " bukan..kita..."

A: " ahh..ni men she' Jepen ren ma?" -> artinya " ahh..u guys must be japanese "

Me: " Pu she..wo men she' ini ren" -> artinya " bukan..kita orang indo"

A: " ohh..hau.." -> artinya " oh ok"

trus kita sampe ke lantai satu..ga berapa langkah

arip bilang " itu auntie bego yah???"

..gw yang bingung..kok tiba2 arip ngmg gitu..

trus arip bilang " dia kok tanya kita orang korea ato jepang tapi nanya-nya pake bahasa mandarin....aneh!"

hihihi..eh, iya juga ya...ga kepikiran gw!

auntie nya oon, dia anggep semua yg berparas cina ngerti bahasa dia kali ya..^_^

January 12, 2009


Just a simple update of me..i found my new room, and this time..i'll be staying with Netty, my ex colleague and my future roomate..a very small room for two, but we just love it..so we took it, and gonna move out next month..
and need to take some of my clothes back to Jakarta..

January 09, 2009

my 4 wish list

Setelah mikir-mikir..trus mikir lagi..gw bikin top 4 list yang gw mau sekarang ini
walo yg pertama involve other party yang ga bisa dibujuk dalam waktu singkat :P
1. Get married

Ini gara-gara family en temen2 yang mulai kasih presure, yang kadang susah bener buat dijawab..abis gmn kalo pihak laen yang berkaitan ga mau??
2. Tone body

ehm..ehm..progress on the way..
3. Paris

Ga tau gara perancis pinter memPR kan negara nya ato gimana..tapi gw en Jojo punya rencana mo minum kopi di pinggir jalan paris sambil baca majalah en kongkow ga jelas..en dress up tentunya!hihi..karena ini bakal masi lama juga..
akhirnya kita minum kopi en kongkow di dempsey..

boleh lah ya?

4. Leopard pattern shoes

Bagus kan?? ini bisalah gw cari..dan ga perlu sapa2 untuk bantuin gw to make it happen, kecuali orang2 yang tau beli sepatu ini dimana???


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