January 28, 2013

I am a BLOGGER not a BEGGAR!

Ah yes, I never denied I love being beauty (and lifestyle) blogger!
Invitation after invitation, products review from skin care to hotel review, and not to mentioned meeting new friends, bloggers, and business associates.

This 2nd job has been very fruitful and rewarding for me, personally.
I love pushing the brands for the company, and when I got the positive feedback on how my take does count, I feel happy. I feel fulfilled.

So I keep maintaining a good relationship with PR agencies, company representative and I do respect other bloggers as well. RESPECT is my key in life. I keep this philosophy tightly within me, and I feel easily annoyed whenever I see people with little respect to each other, or even worse, to themselves.

 Just now, I received a very upsetting treatment from a well known beauty company.
 I was told by the PR agency to collect some items to help them on the review. Ok.
 Usually, I am very very lazy if I have to collect the items personally, but because their office is just across the road, I agreed to collect it.

Upon my arrival to the office - a fancy one, I would say.
The receptionist is pretty annoying and keep asking me to come back again, because she don't know anything about what I am asking. *knock..knock..where is the brain here?
You don't know about it? ask the brand representative I mentioned lah!
Then after a while, the brand rep showed up and said
 "why are you coming at this hour? " - Speechless.
Fine, your lunch time is at 1pm, I get it!
I arrived at 12.45 ok?

It just that their stupid receptionist didn't know what to do and keep procrastinating in calling her.
And actually, she can just pass me the items that SHE WANT ME to review and I will go.
U happy, me? even happier.

But what makes me very annoyed just now is questions after questions, asking me to go back and come again after lunch, some questions like " What items do you want???! "

~ Hello! I was there to help out your PR agency ok, I don't want your products..
I have tons of products at home, and definitely not craving over your simple products! Please lah!! Even strong brand as Bobbi Brown gave a super generous goodie doesn't show wtf attitude like you ~
 I am not a beggar blogger, and I don't deserved that attitude either.
Don't assume that I Waaant your product so much!

But I just simply said " I am collecting ABC as mentioned by your PR agency. "

I was planning to just go out and forget about the shit! But this big beauty company works with me in other brand too, and they are lovely people to work with. So, I am very much contain myself thinking a good relation I have build with the company. Don't plan to ruin it because of one stupid receptionist and one annoying brand rep. 


So yeah..this is the other side of being involved in blogging world.

We sometimes still meet low EQ people in a high society environment.


  1. waw,.. so proud of this girl....she really has a back bone...

    1. Gondoooooook mampus gw moment itu T_T

  2. Replies
    1. Ati gw rasanya keperes Han waktu mereka ngmg kesannya gw ngemis product ke mereka!! pengen lempar kartu nama aja rasanya.

  3. wah iya males banget kalo kayak begitu ya ric...

    1. banget Man!! mereka yg minta tolong, kenapa juga mereka yang perlakuin gw as if gw yg pengen banget ama barang mereka. sebal mampus.

  4. padahal sebenernya kalo elo mau nyombong bisa ya el, tp elo tetep rendah hati, i like it :)

    1. Tau gtu mending gw nyombong aja ya Deb sekalian! sebel abis loh gw.
      Rasanya ga enak aja dihina gitu..hahahahah *sensi gw

  5. ihh...gue jadi ikutan sebel. tapi elu hebat. tenang banget ngadepinnya :-)

    1. Kaga! gw ga tenang samsek!! muka gw uda berobah kali pas ngomong ma tuh orang..

  6. Now that's some attitude that any beauty blogger must have! =)
    Hiya there, gue liat link lo dari blog nya Candella, nggak nyangka ada orang Indo yang bisa jadi blogger ngetop di sgp. =)
    Gue merasa blogging world di sgp is all about looks and vanity and it's very different from Indonesia blogging style. Hebat lo bisa menggabungkan keduanya. (Anyway I moved here to Singapore about 2 years ago).
    Good luck with your blog, Pinky! =D

  7. Aduuu... Kurang ajar banget ya. Tp memang kita ga bs musuhin perusahaannya siy, yg perlu dikeplak tuh org yg kerjanya.


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