June 27, 2019

Winter is here!

LIFE is finally back on track and winter is here!

This is my 4th winter since we bought our one way ticket from Singapore to Auckland. Slowly but surely, Auckland has become a home for me - although Singapore always hold a special place in my heart. 

Days ago, I miss my Singapore life badly. I felt that my life in Singapore was a kind of life that I always wanted. Vibrant. Quick pace. Advance. It was a good one. But then, I took a step back and look around here, I feel happy. I feel that I am blessed to be in a place where I can get 1 year maternity leave to be with my baby and still get paid from the government. I feel that there must be a reason we are here today, and I choose to embrace that.

Anyway, just want to say hi again after a long break from this blog. 

These photos was from previous winter :)
I never got a chance to post them and I got a lot of question on how to get this makeup done.

Honestly, this was a quick makeup done at very odd hour because I couldn't sleep. 
Am glad it turned out alright.

I can't remember the products I use, but hey..I will be posting more makeup stuff more frequent in my IG (@eldiona) - let's get in touch, there.

January 02, 2019

Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year, guys!
May 2019 bring peace, luck and a serene calmness in us :)

2018 lewat gitu aja yah! The biggest highlight buat gw adalah journey gw dari hamil Arielle sampe ngelahiran di Sept 2018’kemaren. Pregnancy yang rusuh throughout tapi pas anaknya brojol, kalem, nyenengin dan ga bikin repot sama sekali.

2018 juga taon yang banyak berkat banget buat kita sekeluarga. Kerjaan nanjak dan juga lumbung makin penuh. Semoga taon ini, makin nanjak lagi dan makin penuh lagi. Dan buat temen temen juga, biar kita sama sama penuin lumbung yuk, saling dukung, saling bantu dan saling seneng kalo orang laen berhasil.

2018 juga taon dimana gw belajar kalo semua it’s gonna be ok. Kadang kalo lagi dijalanin susah banget, tapi kalo badainya uda lewat..kita jadi makin kuat dan yakin kalo semua selalu ada jalan keluarnya.

2018 kemaren gw juga berasa Tuhan pulihin hubungan keluarga. Tuhan bukain ati gw untuk keluarga yang pernah bikin gw dongkol dan maafin mereka. Ternyata, lebih enak punya alloes daripada enemy. Hati damai jadinya. :)

2018 juga taon dimana gw berasa bersyukur banget punya strong social circle yang positive dan ngedukung banget. Gw build a great relationship with certain people dan gw tau, mereka bakalan stay in my life for a while.

Bersyukur banget buat 2018.
Tuhan jawab my heart desire to have a baby girl. Tuhan kasi baby girl yang baik, sehat dan lucu.
Gw masi sering nitikin aer mata kalo liat Arielle bobo, bersyukur banget karena Tuhan jawab doa gw.

Sekali lagi, selamat taon baru yah mentemen.

October 12, 2018

Himalaya Botanique Complete Care Toothpaste

Hello Mid October!

I just can’t believe how times flies and soon enough we are start listening Christmas jingle. How have you guys been doing? Thank you for your kind message and notes, I’m unable to reply each and one of you yet - but thank you! Feeling the love and grateful :)

Little update, me and Arielle both are well, still adjusting to our new routine and she is such a lovely baby. I can’t wait to share my birth story with you guys. Stay tuned for this.

In this post, I’d like to share Himalaya Herb Singapore Toothpaste that I’ve been using since my late pregnancy. I’ve been using this since I was 32 weeks pregnant up to today and it solves my sensitive gum problem due to hormonal thing.

My gum bleeds pretty bad towards end of pregnancy and I’ve been switching toothpaste when I was traveling back in Jakarta, Japan and Singapore - it was such a pain, and it’s really such a relieve to find one that solve my gum problem.

Having it free from nasty chemicals below, Himalaya Herb are made from 100% organic certified ingredients and 97% natural sources. They don’t contain harmful ingredients and give us a natural oral care.

Another fun thing that I learnt from the awesome team behind Himalaya Herb Singapore is to make my DIY natural toothpaste. All you need as below and voila - a natural toothpaste is yours!

I have yet to try this but definitely will when baby Arielle is more settle with her routine :)
Himalaya range available in major pharmacies in SIngapore Island wide. 

September 12, 2018

Hair Treatment at Midori Salon - Novena

One thing I realized since I become a mom is I have less and less time to make myself feel and look good, but in the same time I know - I needed to feel and look good to be able to have that " yep - this will do " to step out of the house confidently and run my day. It's funny when I posted my experience in Midori Salon - Novena in my IG stories (@eldiona) sometimes ago, I received plenty of message and comments from Mommies in Singapore on how this Japanese Salon actually their go to salon for their routine hair treatment. Honestly, I know why they pick this place..

First of all, the location is conveniently located at Novena. Is at 238 Thomson Road #03-43/44 Velocity @ Novena Square Singapore 307683 to be exact. Basically, you hop out at Novena Station, take escalator up the the 3rd floor of Novena Square and you will see this Salon.

This is the reception area. It's pretty serene and quiet for Friday morning when I was there. There were customers enjoying their treatment with a gentle conversation with the stylist. I like the ambiance. It's peaceful.

Yuan - my stylist of the day greeted me and checked my hair condition to pick the right treatment for my hair. Because I was like 30 weeks pregnant, we decided to choose the treatment that is safe for my scalp and hair. I love the fact that they care, instead of pushing me to do all hair perm or sort of highly chemical kind of treatment. This win brownie point in my eyes. :)

We decided to go with Nano treatment for my hair, which basically applying treatment with nano spray that let my hair absorbing all the nutrients. 

Yuan applying the treatment patiently, section by section to ensure all part of hair gets what it needs. Then leave it for around 15-20 mins under the nano spray to work it's magic.

Can you see the nano spray steam?
Meanwhile, he gave me the BEST neck massage I ever had! I was in Japan for 10 days before I went for the treatment, and really - neck massage is what I need. Head on to my IG (@eldiona) and go to " Midori Salon " highlight section to see what I'm talking about. 

Then we off to the washing and blow drying session. 

No auntie style here! It's fresh, young and very up to date style I got from Yuan. The last thing I want is to leave Salon looking like auntie with tight curl! Thank goodness, we will not get this from Midori Salon. 

I highly recommend Yuan as my and your stylist. He listen to what I want and he gives the best suggestion that fit to what my hair needs. Here is the price list for you to consider, but for me - I will definitely come back in a heartbeat.

Enjoy your treatment :)

August 21, 2018

Counting down to meet this little princess..

Udah mau 35 weeks dong kakak..gila cepet banget berasanya untuk pregnancy yang kedua ini :)
Pada berasa gitu ga sih untuk hamil yang kedua? Besok kita ada appointment ketemu gynae nya untuk nge cek if everything is ok.

Daku mo share kalo one of the best thing di nz ini, selama proses kehamilan, ngelahirin en 6 weeks setelah ngelahirin ada midwife yang dateng ngunjungin kita en baby - dan ini semuanya gratis! Kalo kita pake jalur government health semuanya ini gretong beneran euy. Cuman beda banget sama pelayanan sama proses nya kayak di sg or jakarta. Kita ga bole milih c-sect karena kita mau, tapi cuman boleh kl misalnya ada komplikasi ato emergency. Trus kita ga bisa milih dokternya, cuman dokter yang pas available at that moment di rumah sakit. Dan ga ada ceritanya scan saban ketemu midwife, jd cuman diukur lingkar perut and didenger detak jantungnya.

Kalo misalnya kita pilih jalur private, kita bayar sekitar $4500-$5000 dan itu udah all in.
Ga ada lagi uang tetek bengek kayak bayar tissue sekotak, cotton bud, pampers macam pas di rumah sakit SG - ngehe abis. Tapi systemnya juga beda kayak di SG or Jakarta - scan nya ga secanggih dokter di situ. Disini alat scan nya butut kayak computer jaman bahela, dan kita harus ke ultrasound centre gitu untuk di scan sama sonographer expert nya. Dan....ga bisa milih dokternya juga. Di tiap private clinic ada bunch of doctor yang saban ketemu, beda beda semua - dan kalo lahirannya normal, sapa yang pas on roaster yang ngurusin lahirannya kita. Lucu ya?

Di week 34-35 ini, gw uda naek 10 kgs dong - omg. Walo ga segila pas hamil ethan naeknya, ini perut kok rasanya guede pol! En still getting bigger rasanya, uda sesek cui. Lol! We are really grateful for this pregnancy, bersyukur kalo Tuhan masi kasih kepercayaan buat kita to raise another kind soul in this world. Blessing upon our family yang ga pernah kurang dan selalu ada sukacita di rumah. Walo ga nenteng Hermès di ketek, gw tetep bahagia pol karena i have peace in my heart.

Aku mohon doa nya yah supaya baby dan eke selalu sehat, lahirannya cepet, safe, and rather painless delivery :p

July 23, 2018

5 Things To Be Grateful For..

Ikutan posting berjamaah kali ini..telat banget emang, tapi tetep eke mo share 5 things yang gw berasa grateful for...

1. Pindah ke New Zealand
Sebenernya kita rencana mo pindah ke NZ pas taon 2011 langsung setelah married. Tapi taon ini economic crisis di NZ dan karir kita di Singapore pas lagi bagus bagusnya, jadinya ditunda dulu. Baru kejadian di taon 2015, pas entong umur 22 bulan..bang Arip mutusin buat balik ke kampung Nz, dan bener aja (walo proses settle nya lamaaaaaa banget buat gw) - it is the best place to build my family. Udaranya fresh, kesehatan anak sampe umur 13 gratis, imunisasi gratis, lahiran kl jalur public gratis, sama bisa gaya gaya an baju 4 musim. :D

2. Kerja di kantor sekarang
Nama perusahaan nya ga gw sebut yah..tp gw kerja di biggest retailer di NZ dan sering sample sale! Selama 3 taon terakhir ini, gw beli baju, isi rumah, baju entong semua barang $1 ato $2 doang. Lol! Kita mak mak kan suka diskonan kan yaa?

3. Hamil yang kedua 
Walo prosesnya 1.5 taon dan ajubile nausea nya ga keru keruan..kita dapet baby girl yang kita doain selama ini. 

4. Mesin kopi nespresso
Penggila kopi, ngacung! Ga bisa kalo sehari ga minum kopi, itu adalah sayah. Mesin ini hematin duit jajan eke, 1 capsule nya 50 cents kalo beli di sg..$1 kl beli di nz - dan bisa minum kopi enak. :p

5. Mudik ke Jakarta dan liburan taon 2018 ini
Grateful karena masi dikasi berkat buat balik, en dikasi kesempatan sama kesehatan di bunting gede ini buat liburan. 10 weeks count down to the sleepless night ni..jadinya seneng banget masi bisa hore hore sekarang. 

Ternyata, banyak yah hal hal yang bisa kita grateful for kalo di list satu satu..dan bikin kita jadi bersyukur untuk idup ini :)

June 27, 2018

A day in the sea..

Sejak kita pindah ke New Zealand 3 taon lalu, masi tetep aja banyak yang nanya gimana caranya kita adaptasi di tempat baru yang beda banget dr idup kita dulu di Singapore. Buat si abang mah kayak ikan balik ke habitatnya, yang dimana dia happy banget..idup di tempat yang adem, musimnya beda beda dan juga malah happy banget di negara yang support work life balance. 

Buat eke? sulit....kakak! 
2 Taon. It took me 2 taon buat finally berasa mantep, iyah..I can live with this. 
Dan yang ternyata, gw happy disini. Although, berasa banget beda lifestyle dari yang dulu di SG..dan jadinya ditanya balik sama temen temen baru disini, ngapain pindah ke NZ? Idup di Singapore itu gimana sih? Yang akhirnya, nanti dibikin video kecil aja deh soal bedanya tiap tiap negara. :)

Sekarang, mo cerita soal kita spend one day in the sea..tapi ga pake berenang. :P
Kita charter kapal pas birthday si abang kemaren..dan ternyata enak banget yah di laut itu..tenang, never ending horizon and kagum sama alam jadinya.

Kita pergi 2 keluarga buat celebrate birthday - dan pengen have a good quality time yang beda pas birthday, akhirnya kita mutusin buat ajak si entong pergi mancing :)

Ada anak kota yang seneng dapet hasil pancingan! Kita berasa seneng banget si entong dapet kesempetan buat explore yang gini ginian disini. Jadi ga melulu ipad ato henponan di rumah. Dan kita peratiin anak anak kiwi sini, kl lagi di luaran gini yah..jarang banget kasi anak anaknya gadget, jadi mereka either dikasi buku gambar ato disuruh lelarian aja di taman. haha :)

Ini 3 musketeer yang hari itu sibuk nangkepin ikan - rusuh ya bo jagain 3 anak di atas kapal dan ga pake pelampung. Mak nya yang deg deg an luar biasa.. omg.

Kita naek kapal jam 7.30 mulai..dan kelarnya jam 4 sore balik ke dermaganya, yang ada semuanya tepar jam 3 sore..kena angin sepoi sepoi sama gajlukannya kapal - molor semua. Eke berasa idup beda banget disini..dari anak kota yang sekota kotanya, gw ga nyangka kl gw bakal enjoy simple life di New Zealand ini. Cuman one thing yang kita belajar, dimana aja kita bisa bahagia kok..asal expectationnya aja yang mesti di adjust. :)

Nanti satu satu dibahas yah soal how life is much different here in a good and bad way..do let me know kalo ada yang penasaran tentang topik tertentu soal NZ. :)

May 22, 2018

Baby no. 2 is on the way

I've been wanting to share the news!
We are expecting baby no. 2 and currently feeling so over the moon. The 2nd journey is pretty long and hard I would say, we tried for the last 1.5 years and it didn't happen until now. We are feeling blessed and would like to cherish this moment as family ☺️.

Perasaan waktu sama Ethan, pregnancy nya pretty smooth and enjoyable banget - beda banget sama yang kedua ini. The first 14 weeks, alamakjang maboknya ga keruan! Makan salah, ga makan lebih salah lagi..lol. Thank goodness, sekarang di week yang ke 21 uda mulai bisa makan normal ama aktifitas normal lagi.

Doain ya, semoga everything goes smoothly and kami sehat sehat selalu. Amin

November 08, 2017

Beauty Post - Chosungah 22

After spending more than 8 years in Singapore, I feel like I'm being pampered to the max in terms of convenience, technology, transport and of course shopping options. It keep up with new launches pretty fast and for me as beauty addict - it means getting access to new brand in pretty quick waiting time. Unfortunately for me now - and "thank God" for my husband, I don't have access to all shopping heaven here in New Zealand. Zara and H&M just launched a year or so ago, No Sephora in town, I repeat - NO sephora in town! Arrrggghhhh...beauty lover, can you imagine not going to Sephora for 2 years? It's drying you out, aye? 

But thank goodness, God bless you - Mecca Maxima - it's now open in Queen street :D
I finally have access to my world, the world of beauty and all shades of everything you can slap on the face. LOL!

I picked this C&T Blend fresh mix by Chosungah 22. The makeup artist from Korea finally making this line and giving us a chance to have the dewy korean look that I've been ooohhh and aaahhhh-ing whenever I watch K-drama.

First impression:
Oh shit, they only have 4 colours - after a test and trial, my skin tone is on their Ivory shade. phiuff, good to know that I have matching shade, because you don't want to look ermm, weird, with different skin tone between the face and your neck, right?

The packaging is flawless. Compact and quite edgy with chrome looking all over.

The pump is quite ergonomic I would say. It's right where your thumb is when you tilt the bottle upside down to get the product out. Although it claim to be use directly from the bottle to the face, I find it turn out quite patchy on my face. So I prefer to use my BB cushion sponge or brush as applicator.

I will create makeup tutorial using this product but I personally think this product is awesome for my dry skin with Auckland spring dry climate as of now.  It could be too moist for oily skin and definitely not humid climate friendly. I'm going to test this in summer when the humidity tends to be more humid than now. 

I love the coverage on this C&T Blend fresh mix. You can build them up of wear it light in just one layer. Will prepare my makeup tutorial soon, stay tuned!

November 05, 2017

Auckland Life - Halloween Trick or Treat

It's our first Halloween Trick or Treat things ever!
We are not a big fan of celebrating Halloween and it's not really a big thing in New Zealand anyway, but this year, my work place created one big trick or treat event for kids in the office! 130 kids showed up with amazing costumes and the CEO dressed up as Avengers! I kinda get why this is a big thing in US or any other countries that celebrated this event..bukan soal celebrating the dead buat gw, tapi ngeliat anak anak seru ngumpulin permennya itu loh, kayak..whoaaaa...candies!!!

I didn't dressed up as anything, just simply plain black dress and was planning to wear no makeup so it's Halloween enough, lol! I changed my mind. Anyhoo..after the fun stuff at the office, we decided to tag along our friend to do Trick or treat in the neighborhood - boy, it was fun!

These 3 little kiddos knocked almost all neighbourhood door to get some treats :)
Plenty generous people around and seeing all these little bundles so excited to knock every doors does bring one new experience for us.

The house decorations are simple, more to like spider web and some pumpkin stuff in front of the house, unlike some fancy stuff in the Christmas. Nevertheless, the fun is still there.

The weather that day was amazing!
Tapi makin malem anginnya makin kenceng dong, dan gw ga bawa jaket euy. Alhasil, besoknya minum aer jahe en panadol. Sekian our first Halloween di Auckland.

..and Ethan said " Next year let's collect more lollies, Mommy "

Yok dah tong.


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