June 29, 2012

Random tots!

I have lotsa lotsa things in my mind! 
and I really don't know how to combine it all in one beautiful paragraph that connect to each other.
I just cudn't find the right way to phrase it.

So yeah, it will be a random post!


I'm excited for my Vietnam trip tomorrow!

I need this. 
I need a short gateaway.
I am too hectic.
I am too stressed.


Have you ever feel that you finally living a life that you always wanted to have, 
but when you are living it..it is apparently sucking up all your energy.
Like, totally!


I am finally have a new boss.
Nice and sweet.
But he is not really talking to me.
Maybe something is wrong with me
or..I dunno..I think I am just thinking too much.


I found my comfort..

comfort drink: Lychee Martini
comfort girlfriend: Lily
comfort colleague: Sexy voice
comfort food: Indomie (teteup ya bo, selera nusantara) ^^
comfort place: my bed


Things I am excited about:

Lan's wedding
My company Trade show
Singapore blog award crowning day


I just realise one of the reason I fell in love with my Mr. is 
His New Zealand accent.


I miss having one day, relaxing at home..
watching Korean drama and thinking about Daniel henney!


I miss being myself


Packing time!

June 28, 2012

Mary Chia x Pinkbuble Spa Party -Finale

Sponsored event

When I went in, I saw this wonderful machine is ready in the Vanity area.

The Integra machine :)

Why is this machine so wonderful?
*stay with me-am gonna come to that part later on my next post*

And Jenita is ready to experience it, the staff said it could helps with the double chin..
so she is really eager to prove it! :D

We all were really kaypoh to see it, and even Sharon from Mary Chia was there to join us too ^^

 Its my turn to be extra kaypoh too..

This is what she wrote in her blog about this treatment:

" i did face lifting. hahahaa.
they said it can reduce my double chin. i dont really believe it at first,
but after she did my right cheek and asked me to see myself in the mirror,

i was so shocked!! like a centimeter or 2 are gone from my chin. and im like
"Okay, you better do the other cheek or i will look very scary!" hahahaha."

I felt the same way like Jenita,
for the 3rd treatment from Mary Chia..
I did this Integra treatment for the whole body :)
* honestly, this is really cool*
I'll blog about it in my separate post.

While Jenita is happy admiring her new face shape,
I found Melissa with her thigh contouring treatment :)

Rebecca with her tummy contouring treatment :)

After the treatment, we are back to food :)

And some random "show leg " kind of post..but there's no leg shown @_@

After everybody is done with the treatment, we gather down at the refreshment area to do some 
lucky draw ^^

and..the Leaders Insolution BB set 
(sponsored by Cossy Pte Ltd, sole distributor for Leaders Insolution Singapore)
goes to...

Congrats Meilany!

Hope you happy with that awesome gift!
*i want one!*

I & the generous sponsors did prepare something for the guest of the night, which y'all already know in the previous post. And I am happy when they open it and start "wow..ooh.." ing on what they found inside :)

Hope you all enjoy the night ladies!

Thank you one more time for all the sponsors ^^

And We call it a NIGHT!


June 25, 2012

Mary Chia x Pinkbuble Spa Party ~ main

Sponsored event

" Going home should be this Cozy and pleasurable"
By Sharon Tan
19 June 2012
Mary Chia Goldhill


As many of you already know,
Pinkbuble In Da House is one of the finalist for 
Singapore Blog Award x Mary Chia Best beauty blog 2012
and with this amazing opportunity in hand..I was given one amazing task, 
which is arranging my own spa party.

Like I already mentioned it here, home concept is my choice, and I really plan to make it really comfortable for my guest. Before I make my guest feel comfortable, I myself need to feel comfortable with the party I am working with. So my very first pic goes to especially Shu Juan and Sharon, Thank you for your both kind gesture and support to us.

I think I don't have to describe one by one again for what is inside my goodie bag, but in case you miss it..you can always check what my guest bring home on that night, right...Here.

I think I made a right choice by throwing all the budget with a little top up from my own pocket to engaged Le Memoire as my party planner. 
Not that I'm lazy to prepare my own, but I let the best plan for me. :)

Look at how gorgeous they made this. Love it.

All are custom made just for me and my guest that night.

Also, thank you Hic'cup for sponsoring the yummy Asian soup drink for us!

For the guest, 
I love how they are so supportive to my spa party and it's really amazing how they mingle and talking to each other like one big hectic family. Even for some of them, it's their first meeting.

During the spa party, 
I made them change to Mary Chia's kimono and slippers throughout the party.

Now you see why my invitation is with this little pinky me with a kimono and sandals?
Just as I promised, my dear guest..you don't have to worry about what you wear and don't worry about your heels as well :)

Just enjoy!
 My party start with lotsa lotsa picture at the photobooth and many warm photos to look at, at this present moment..

With jenita ^^

Ms. Gillian, me and Ms. Mita ^^

This is Icha, the talented writers :)
The author of Cintapucino & Beauty case.

Becky, Lan, Me and Finna ^^

Me and Melissa ^^

I am beyond happy, when my guest excitedly came down and immediately escorted by Mary Chia staff to change the kimono, taken their particular and their body composition analysis just like we all the finalist had, and straight away enjoy the treatment. *No time wasted*

When we are waiting for our turn for treatment, we mingle in this reception area enjoying our light refreshment by Le Me'moire.

Mita (one of my reader) whom I met for the very first time impress me with her email to win this invite. She wrote pretty details about why she love my blog and she is been reading my blog since 2010.
Omg. I am so touched. T_T

All this while, I think I write more non sense rather than some good information, but this is one good motivation for me, when we are doing something that we love wholeheartedly (in my case, I'm spreading the gospel of beauty) , nothing is wasted. Someone is reading it and I am happy.

Sisterly chat between me and my reader, Mita ^^

Some of them enjoy express manicure from
 " Just for your nails only "

Ira (the owner & art nail expert) from Just for Your Nails Only

Me and the ladies posing awkwardly ^^

Meanwhile we are having fun at the reception area, most of my guest enjoying their treatment inside the room..stay tuned with me for what kind of fun going on inside..

I'm going in..really soon..

June 21, 2012

Journey with Mary Chia~ Weight vaporiser

Second Treatment from Mary Chia:

  Intensive Weight Vaporiser (45-min|$145)

This treatment known for it's fat-burning capability, and can you imagine that 15 mins of this Mary Chia's signature slimming treatment is equivalent to 45 mins of rigorous exercise?

Let me take you to the whole process :) 

Me, getting ready ^^
and yes i know this picture is not important, but am vain.
So bear with me much.

This whole process includes 4 steps.

1. Thermal vibrations from the exclusive circulatory DX bed. (15 mins)



Oh yeah, sleeping in this bed going to be tiring because it's constantly rocking you left and right with warm heat in it. 
15 Mins of this process could me make sweat, and indeed, it's equal to 45 mins rigorous exercise. 


2. Sauna (10 mins)

Just like another 10 mins normal sauna.
Nothing really special on this step, but you sweat like hell inside the sauna.
D'oh, it is sauna. I know.



 3. Pressure Baloon (15 mins)

This blue going to be baloon is wrapped around my tummy, and with the air pressure repeatedly compresses and relaxes my abs area. Apparently the air pressure application creates an intensive detox and inch loss effect as well.



4. Wrapping me.

It is a standard procedures of keeping the treatment on its place after every session.
I was wrapped just like a ready departed expensive luggage.
Over and over again.

And after 2 hours of keeping myself inside the plastic wrap, my Mr. need to cut it with a scissors and its full of ewwww sweat. haahahha..

And I am nearly a kg lighter as well.

I know you don't believe me.
Just stay tuned for the 3rd treatment post and my weight card tracker revealed day. 

Till' the next treatment.



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