May 30, 2008

Junk food!! Yucks! + Farewell + beday

Farewell + Junk food
Today, officially farewell for Lan and Shirlley...and again we are losing good people from this place!
Netty, Ice and Janet Birthday
So they celebrate it 2 in 1 with
Junk food!!! Arrgghhh!!


But i ate this things, and why the taste is not as good as before???
it taste weird and not pleasant if i may say!
it's too flour-ish and oily!!
HAte it!
Anyway, these are the pics of the farewell beday party thingy.
~ Us all together ~

Karen, me, taty and Netty

How come i still look so FAT?? oh no..

That's all folk!

May 29, 2008

~ keep it ? ~ dump it ! ~

It's kinda funny, when i decided to stop talking to sum1..or chose to ignore that person forever..
He send me sum1 to remind me that it won't work that way..
and i should do other way around.
So, i just did..
I called him up, and talked about crap for few minutes
Actually, it didn't cause me any bad feeling at all
Sumhow, i'm glad that i did what He want me to do
I think i'm ready to forgive
I just realise, all this time..i keep that hatred inside me..and it killing me by time
Now i know
I choose to " DUMP OUT " my hatred
I'm so ready to see GREAT things happen

May 23, 2008

My ex boss last day..

Nothing much, juz few pics to show

a bit normal

May 21, 2008

9 days post Master cleanse


Wanna update my post master cleanse result!!

They said you will gain 1/2 of ur weight back after finish this cleanse..but for my case, i do gain my weight back..but it's only around 1,5 kg!! so i still lost 4,5 kg! but the feeling isn't good..when i weigh myself and see the scale is up 1 bar to the right, it really freak me out!! so during my travelling schedule i went for gym every day for an hour! and when i got back to singapore..i still go to gym for 2 days in a 5 days in a row, for sum1 like me..wut an achievement! *wink

Actually, i plan to do it again for my best friend wedding..but gotta search for the side effect first..then go for my decision! OR maybe i'll just skip my dinner! humm..

I still feel good and happy, i finally can wear skinny jeans without looking so bumpy! and arf bought me a new dress, skirt, and top as my present after master cleanse! i feel even better!!

Some of my friend said " i dun feel like eating meat after this cleanse..i only luv veggie and fruit " but why it didn't happen to me..i still love meat, well it's quite hard to digest at first..but i think my tummy really soon get used to it already!

Whoaa..really plan to drop it 'till 58 kg!! yea..yea..i know..i'm heavy!

~ it's about lunch time now..and i'm hungry!!Photobucket

May 11, 2008

Day 10

Uhm..i miss out day 9! well today is officially my end of lemonade diet..but today i started drinking soup..the veggie soup, why? * i tot u'll be having it on next tuesday?? * yeah..yeah..the reason why i HAVE to stop it earlier than i suppose to is becoz my travelling schedule...!! first my travelling schedule will be on tuesday, so i can't continue the diet up to today..if i still doing it 'till's mean i still hv to drink my soup on tuesday..which is quite imposibble! u remember that after breaking the diet u need to drink OJ in the 11th day and soup on 12th day..then u can start sumting solid on the 3rd day after cleansing!

So, my conclusion after doing this cleansing is IT'S WORTH TO TRY and actually it's quite addicted..hohoo..i feel good, i feel lighter, i feel slimmer, and i feel i'm ready to start my new lifestyle! i'm so ready!!

So total, i lost 6kg..and my size 6 according to FCUK size!
i'm happy..more than ever!

di postingan gw yg kmrn soal dilemma dr colleague gw itu..kan gw ngerasa discourage banget en mereka ga respek ma keputusan gw utk do this cleansing!


kemaren gw iseng tanya dia " so, istri lu gmn..jd lakuin ini ga?? ato lu uda convince dia utk ga usah yg menurut scientist ga guna??"

dia blg " istri gw masi mo lakuin tuh..entar gw jg ah abis travelling!"

and dalem ati gw happy luar biasa dan puas ati!

May 09, 2008


My colleague just found out that scientist said " detox " is nothing..then i'm like..err..really??

Well it said that " lemonade diet " is not harmful but for your pocket..well, uhmm...maybe!hahaha..

Then, i have questions about this nothing detox things..If it really nothing then what is the explanation for :

1. My extra smooth skin?
2. My way better?
3. My alert mind?
4. My sensitive smellin' sense?

I dunno lah, but i still believe it is least for me and people who tried it before..

Happy master cleanse!

Day 8

My 8th day, everything seems pretty good for me..

Last nite i didn't take my laxative tea..becoz i want to sleep without any distraction ^_^

No more symptoms, except my mini pimples..and nothing much to's getting dry! my tongue still coated with that whity things but not as thick as day 3 or 4..i hope it will clear by day 9 or i can start with my OJ day!

I'm kinda having dillema, shud i continue 'till 14 days or shud i stop on day 10?

I feel good with this cleansing, but i miss the feeling of chewing food..oh..oh..wut to do?

Last nite we went to Abel's beday dinner..and surprisingly, i didn't feel tempted to try their steak..even it looks super duper yummy! aaron keep teasing me to eat..and i cud say no to steak..* quite amazing tho * but..but..i do ask Arf to keep the biscuit that given by his cousin, Yessy...for me! the blueberry biscuit look yummy and i want to taste it!!!

Oh, i tried Midori..and fell in luv with it! Gonna be my favorite drink of the year!! ~ Thanks Yes and Arf!

I still have "The Elimination" every morning, and it's quite weird..becoz i dun eat for almost 8 days now..and it still come out solid sumtimes..

And from people's blog, it said ur sense of smelling will increase on the day of 4 or 5 ...uhmm..i forgot! and it's trueeee!!!

It's pretty strange u know, becoz suddenly u can smell all little things that actually exist but u never for my case:

1. I'm working in footwear department, when i smell all the rubber smell..i feel like puking..
2. Arf's smell...I ALWAYS like arf when he's sweating..i luv his sweat smell! but suddenly..i can't take it!..and he quite surprise that i asked him to take a shower before come near to me...Sorry arf..but it's beyond my control!
3. People's body company is Indian company, and according to Russel Peter..Indian expired faster than other races..dun blame me for that, watch Russel Peter show!
So, u know how suffer am i?? i used to put body spray..but now, i put my white musk perfume behind my all i can smell is my lovely musk..luckily, i can stand perfume smell!

Whoa, it's kinda experience for me to do this things..

Really plan to do it on August! but the next cleanse will only take 3 days..for maintanance only!

* feel good and happy *

May 08, 2008

Day 7

I still can't believe that i still doing this detox things up to today...Day 7!

Welcome to my new day! *still proud of myself

A lot of symptom happened to me : Mini pimples ( with no infection ) come out from my behind ears down to my neck, my joint..i feel sore T_T, back ache..damn toxin!

A good things to report this morning is :

- The white coat..on my tongue, is getting clearer than this the sign of toxin leaving my body? yes? yes?

I feel great and good..but this morning Larry * my boss* showed me his cooking picture, smoke salmon and grilled chicken! then suddenly...i feel like breaking this cleanse! shaitz!!

Update's mid day already! another temptation for tonite..abel's beday, jacksplace! keep it mind that i can't eat yet!!!

May 07, 2008

Day 6

Day 6..u rock el!

4 days to go for my freedom of eating!! wow..

yesterday, i was l----l this close from quiting my cleanse..but i keep telling myself, be strong and be still..stick to it! stick to it! don't stop or u will regret!i keep repeating the same words again and over again..and I made it! i am a winner for my own 5th day..*proud

For those who want to try this cleanse, please STICK TO IT! and u'll see the was very hard for the first 3 days..but after that, u start to enjoy the feeling of:

- not letting food control you
- U taking control of urself
- U never realise u have a super strong will power
- Being healthy
- Energetic..but don't go to gym! trust me
- Super alert mind

It's all worth it!!

btw, total i have lost..wait, i start at 144 lbs..and now i'm on 132 lbs..12 pounds!! i lost 12 pounds in 5 days! but they said i will gain 1/2 of the weight i have to be prepare!

Oh, i do feel hungry..but don't want to eat...but i'm craving for the smell, taste, texture and chewing!

So far no symptoms yet, only my tongue still coated by white layer and my skin is getting smoother..perfect! good complexion and smooth skin..this is wut i want!

Yay ^_^

May 06, 2008

Food i want to eat

- Granola almond cereal with milk
- Korean rameon with egg
- Soup spoon, Tokyo chicken stew and clam chowder plus spicy wedges
- Cafe de Cartel ribs + fish and prawn platters
- Seafood platters
- My own creative food: mayonese prawn, brocolli scallop, bakut teh, kwetiao goreng.

That's all for now

Day 5


My 5th day!! Can't believe i'm out of solid food for 5 days en i'm still feelin' good!

I stop losing weight..hix..but keep telling myself and people i'm doing this for cleasing not diet-ing...i lied! hahaha..Btw, they said that in certain stages the weight will stop goin' down for few days and then start to lose again..looking forward to it *wink

Anyway, for's really true..whenever i had my tea, the following morning SWF not as intense as taking Only Salt water. humm..wut to do..wut to do..i don't enjoy the cramp that tea caused me!humm..

Last nite i accompanied arf to EAT at Din tai Fung..shaitz..i almost robbed his cup of noodle and sipped the must be damn good! but instead of doing that i just sit nicely and talk.. sipping my 2 cups of jasmine tea...they said peppermint tea is ok, so i assumed jasmine tea is ok too. haha..oh, well..

No symptoms so far, only my tongue coated with a thick white layer and i feel my mouth is kinda mucois..

I don't feel hungry but i feel bloated this morning!

last nite went for gym, and i almost lost my energy! weird..i feel like i'm having so much energy but when i went for gym and do some sit up and walking on treadmil for 10 min..i felt all the energy gone..sumwhere i dunno..
i better stay relax..for the next 5 days! wuw...

2.43 Pm

Huix..i suddenly so sick about this detox things, i feel tired ( must be the gym last nite ) and i feel hungry!!! extremely hungry..and all the body ache and slight head ache plus an uncomfortable feeling in my right knee join! is it becoz all the toxin?

May 05, 2008

Day 4

Mid day..

4th day...woohhhooo..i'm proud of myself!

still 6 days to go before the OJ day..i now i can do it! sum of my friends did warn me about not to force myself into this kind of things..and ask me to stop when it goes beyond my control..but the problem is why would i stop from being so good, so light, so energetic, and so positive!!

tell me..why should i stop?

Plus the benefit of losing weight and having extra " food " money..

tell me?

Last nite i drank that "bloddy" laxative tea, and as works but whenever i drink the takes SW react an hour later..not like 2 days ago where i skipped the tea, the SWF came 10 min after i drank it! why?why? is it the metabolism things..i dunno!

oh, i suddenly getting this back ache and feel a bit dizzy...shud i stop? way man!

but really, this back ache is sudden effect after i took my 5th and 6th glass of the glorious it the sign of toxin leaving ur body? hope so..

Anyway, i plan to go to gym tonite..feel like doing sit ups...hope for the energy!

Gotta back to work, update later..^_*


Came back from gym and feel tired and dizzy..i shudn't do gym today...

Btw, all symptoms gone and craving for scallop brocolli..

Off to bed

May 04, 2008

Day 3


I just had my SWF..surprisingly, this morning it no longer take 1 hour to start the elimination..i just sit around 10 min and i feel like! and the elimination quite bad this morning, usually for 2nd elimination the liquid color will be slightly transparent, but just still as dark as the first one. humm..i wonder why?

and..and..i lost another 2 pounds *yay* ^_^

when i weighed myself, i just can't believe this detox can make me lose weight in a pretty intense way..hahhaha..i dunno how to say it, but i'm just amazed!

no symptoms so far and i feel my skin is tighter and smoother, weird..but oh, i had a bad breath and suddenly i feel like i have odour!!! shit..shit..but i read in sum1's blog..that bad breath, odour, muscle pain, bodyache and all is the sign that the toxin start leaving your body...well, it better be true! but for me, the odour is not like Indian or ang moh odour kind of more like there's one kind of smell that i never had before and it stick with me!!

~ update later, gotta get ready for church!


End of day 3. yayaya..i know i can make it! no more hunger pang and temptation..but i do crave of instant noodles..korean instant noddle and thai noodles! weird...

Anyway, welcome day 4!


Day 2

Yesterday was my 2nd day, and it was ok..only i had my lunch around 3pm becoz i have to stay back in the office 'till around 3 pm..*but yesterday was saturday* yeah i know...wut to do?

Symptoms: slight headache and no more dry lips and sore throat..i think my sore throat in the 1st day caused by the salt water.

I didn't take my laxative tea..i wanted to have a "good sleep" for my weekend leasure, i hate to wake up in the middle of the night becoz of tummy pain!!

oh, i lost 4 pounds..not bad! and i start to lost my back fat..i can start to fell all my bone structure appear more than before.gud-gud!

But yesterday, i'm craving for food..there was no special food that i craved for..but i juz want food! luckily arf had his dinner not in front of me..or else i might steal a bite and sleep in regret!

i run out of distilled water, need to buy it now..see ya later..

May 02, 2008

Day 1

Day 1 for detox and 1st day period

~ wut a combination ~

Symptoms: a bit dizzy, dry lips, sore throat but only when i swallow sumting.

The Salt Water Flush (SWF from here on) was awful!!! it's pretty bad actually..but woke around 5.30 am and i drank it straight away did help me..i feel like threw up, but i quickly drink water and get back to sleep.

5.40 First elimination, and it's solid..can wait for the SWF effect..

keep waiting..

and waiting..

try to sleep..

i can't!


then after 1 hour 10 min, i feel like farting...but i read sumwhere, when u feel like gasing..u should do it in toilet..or u will regret!

So, i trust that whoever guy..and he's rite..suddenly all the liquid elimination happened and i'm least sum rotting things in my colon start leaving my body.

i had this liquid elimination for 3 times, the 1st time it's kinda dark and the 3rd is quite transparent! ~ i really dunno wut is this ~...and still dun wanna know.

now is 6.08 Pm and day 1 is almost end..i feel good because i can make it and i really want to do it for 10 days before i start the Orange juice and veggie soup 'till 14 days.

Gotta go back home and have my 5th glass of the lemonade!
oh, btw this morning i put TOO MUCH cayenne pepper...and it burnt my throat! shaitz...

Gonna update my weight tomorrow.


Detox day 0

Tomorrow, i'm gonna start my detox..i have weigh myself and ready to drink my laxative tea..

Now is around 10.30 pm, hopefully this tea won't wake me up in the middle of the night..*cross finger.

All the best for me.



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