June 17, 2013

My editorial shoot using Panasonic curler and Liese Hair Spray!

Tried and tested!

Liese Free Arrange and Liese Super hard hairspray
for my today's editorial shoot,

and Panasonic multi styling straightener.

As a make up artist, I mostly invest on hair styling tools that is good and has a lot of function :) It is simply fuss free to just bring 1 tools that do multi jobs - believe me, you don't wanna end up bringing 4 different curler to the shoot location, when the designer haven't decide the hair look or - just in case - the designer suddenly change her mind about the hair look. :P

Anyway, just to share this new baby that I use for today's editorial shoot.
This Panasonic multi styling straightener comes in 5 different function in creating:
- Medium curl
- Large curl
- Extra large curl
- Volumizer

and it has the heat temperature controller range from 1-5.

For today's look, I am using the medium curl to create the soft curl as a base styling.
More info about the product go to:

Meet my model of the day :)
This is Lisa,

and today I am creating this hair look for her:

She has a supeeeer long straight hair..
..and in order to get that hair look, I am using Liese free arrange for the setting curl to start with.

With the Panasonic medium curl, I curled up her hair and easy set it with Liese Free arrange hairspray :)

Then I begin to do the styling and locking the hair based, using Liese Super hard hairspray :)

and oh, just a little tips to share on how to:
" bump up our hair "

Tease your hair near to the root, spray 15 cm far Liese super hard  to the hair root 
and you will get the hair bump as what I did to my model below :)

Overall, I am pretty happy with the make up and hair look of today's shoot.
The curl and the bump stay up until the last outfit even though it was pretty windy at Marina Barrage.

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