June 18, 2013

Back to Salon De Choix!

3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1, Singapore, 
Singapore s239519

Sharon Wu
6836 2959

I keep my hair colour the same but put a little magenta red to ease my boring hair mood.
It seems like no matter what, I keep end up in this colour tone for my highlight.
Not sure if it's because I like it a lot or it is because no other tone that could match my skin tone as good as red hue. >.<'

Have I told you that my soft korean perm hair is still as good as the day I left Salon De Choix a month a go?

 photo photo3_zpsc52885b0.jpg

The whole process of hair treatment and the colouring is pretty much the same as before, and as always..I am looking forward to see the end result :D

 photo photo4_zps6e2116dd.jpg

See how the monthly treatment at Salon De Choix keeps the dry ends away from my bleached, coloured, and permed hair? Usually after we bleached our hair, we tend to have a split ends and the annoying bristle right? but really thanks to the treatment Sharon gave to me, my hair is always in a top notch condition.

 photo photo5_zps5ba939fc.jpg

 photo photo4_zpsdf8960fe.jpg

 photo photo5_zpsd3c69768.jpg

Also, one thing I love about Sharon's hair cut skill, is like..even after a month..you can still see the perfect layering she did on me.
 photo photo3_zps4c8e3191.jpg

This is something fun I would like to share with you about hair colouring :)

Have you ever wanna go out and have a crazy colour hair but you are scared to carry the colour the next day as it is too fancy for your job or your school?

How about having it done semi permanently with this cute hair crayon by Salon De Choix?
It lasted until the 2nd wash :)

 photo photo1_zps2692a320.jpg

I am choosing blue colour to go along with the magenta highlight! :P
 photo photo5_zps8a0d9e87.jpg

Half way done..
 photo photo3_zps544520c8.jpg

..and tadaaaaaa!!!! Nice right!!!
 photo photo2_zps982a14d2.jpg

Lets have a little crazy fun colour for your school holiday or your mid year break!

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  1. Great hair do, and yup hair chalk is awesome fun :)

    1. yap yap!! i think its fun to experiment the colour with!

  2. Absolutely love your hair! I just had magenta tips with a few highlights. Only problem it doesn't last too long - 3 weeks at most for me. Those coloured chalks are a fab idea...I love the Blue-Purple you got. Now I want to do the same :-)

    1. ah yeah, i know what u mean :)
      Mine started to faded away after the 2nd week too, but i'll bear with it :) Lovee red tone too much.

  3. El, gue pernah make ini crayon, tapi baju gue jadi biru2, karena dia gampang banget nempel ke bahan lain. Lo gitu juga kaga? Apa gue pakenya salah ya?

    1. gw ga luntur seh..di catok trus di style juga ga luntur rambut birunya..

  4. Me likeeeey!!! Keren! Gue juga mau Digital Wave, tapi mau nunggu rambut panjangan dikit.

    1. he eh..hayuk hayuk ditunggu poto rambut ber digital wave nya ^^

  5. keren ya kalo di kakak, coba di aku, haduuh, begimana bentuknya.^^

  6. ih lucu juga ya hair chalk begitu...dikeramasin langsung ilang?

    1. ho oh, 2 x keramas langsung ilang kok :)


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