June 23, 2013

Hair Do tutorial: Romantic ROM hair do

So, I think I left you ladies hanging with this photo after my ROM make up tutorial right?

Now, shall we start by getting your tease comb ready?

As this is the simple ROM hair do that you can do it on your own..you might want to have:
Hair spray, Bobbi pin, Flower head band, and tease comb, to be around you. It just to make things easier for you to work with your hair.

Let's start!

Step 1: Separate the hair to make a bee hive puff at the crown of your head.

Lift it up..

..and puff it up. This is a kind of hair that you want to achieve in creating this romantic simple ROM up do.

2. Tease your hair!
Take a little part of your hair and back comb it in layer.
Keep doing it part by part, until it creates the messy hair as below:

Once you get the volume that you like..try to smoothen out the surface of the hair.

and get your styling hair spray ready :)

Spray it generously! while styling the hair to keep in place.

Get 2 Bobbi Pin to secure the hair in X shape.

3. Curl/style your hair!
Using Panasonic multi styling straightener curler in medium size to give a little hold of the hair texture when you style it.

More info about the product go to:

Place the hair between the curler and curl it outward for both left and right side of the hair.

With the Panasonic medium size curler and outward curl, you will get this hair texture.

4. Accessories!
Whether it be tiara or the flower headband that I pick for this hair do..a hair accessories could do a lot of difference in creating the look. I personally think, flower will give a romantic feel for ROM look.

I placed the flower headback all around the beehive puff I created earlier.
Bobbi pin it to keep the headband in place.

Take a section of hair and tart looping the hair through the headband..If you have a longer hair than mine, it's even better! All you need to do is to keep looping and wrapping the headband with your hair.

Slowly loop and wrapping the hair to the headband until all the hair section are looped.

Pardon my thinning hair due to the pregnancy hormone :(

Once are done with the looping thingy, it's time to work on your fringe :)

Full fringe or side fringe, both is suitable for this hair look!

I'll go for the full fringe to cover my big forehead :P

I hope this simple ROM hair do tutorial could help or inspired you to do your little DIY hairdo for your special day :)

'Till the next tutorial :)


  1. Tutorial ini lrbih doable buat gue. Keren & simple.

    1. simple abis sih tutorial yah ini :)
      beneran gampang dibikin sendiri ^^

  2. er.... cakeeeepppp banget hair do nya... thx's banget ua tutorialnya, nanti dicoba ah pas poto prewed :D

    1. Silahkan dicoba yaa :)
      kalo rambut kamu lebih panjang dr aku..bakalan lebih cakep lagi deh :)

  3. Awsome... luar biasa sekali Elrica... Makasih buat tutorialnya. Pengen coba di rumah... :)

  4. awwwww...so cute!!! tengkiu buat hair tut nya ^^


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