June 22, 2013

Make up tutorial: ROM make up :)

Olla ladies and bride to be, 
Am now sharing a little tips of how I usually do ROM make up :)
- Just in case, you are new to my blog..I am a certified professional make up artist that creates beauty in Make up By Bubbly Brush -

I was inspired by few blogger friends that about to get married soon and few make up clients that I have to turned down because it will be too near to my due date. So, I was thinking..to share my tips and trick for you to see of why do you need professional MUA to help you on the big day :)
Or maybe considering of doing your own make up! why not?

This is me, without make up :)
I know, I don't look good..although I would say I have a good skin as a canvas to begin with.
...and if you would like to know what did I do to my skin apart being a religious SK II user for 5 years, I also do my facial at home

On this post and the next post of my ROM hair tutorial, I am gonna show you a step by step to transform my before to the me after make up as photos below:
No photoshop in making my face look smaller and sharper, I use shading powder to contour my face and the rest is my angle in taking photos.

For ROM make up, you would want something fresh, light looking and most importantly comfortable on your skin, and this is why you should avoid many layers of foundation to cover your flaws.

Always: Conceal.
Take concealer, colour corrector of even the Kryolan TV stick in ivory like I use to cover up any flaw.

I always start my make up with a even skin tone.

Always: Invest in a good foundation.
Oh yes, a good foundation would make your skin look flawless, and safe your time in creating a good smooth base that you want for your special day.

It's totally up to you if you want to use your hand (just make sure it's clean) or a foundation brush to even out the foundation on your face.

Always: Powder up after your foundation.
Unfortunately, we are not staying in a country that will leave us happy to go without powder up our skin after the foundation. You definitely want to keep your foundation in place to keep you going at least 4-5 hours to host your guest and photo taking session. So yeah, powder up.

Always: Contour your face.
Especially if your face are like mine - contour-less - you need contouring/shading powder to just give a subtle " mark " to name cheekbone and/or nose bridge.

For ROM make up, I don't usually go for a cream shading technique as I do for Bridal lunch or dinner day.
Let's keep it light remember?

A little on the temple, nose bridge, under the cheekbone and below the chin are some areas that will do you a lot of favour when you are taking photos. 

Always: Get a right blush colour

My skin tone is Ivory with a little pinkish tone under the sun, and I love how it looks on my skin..so I go for the pale pinkish tone for my look.

Swipe it along the cheekbone and NOT on the apple of the cheek. 
*We are not 5 y/o kindie in school performance.*

You might wondering, why I am start with blush before eye make up?
Everybody has their own way to do make up, just like when you shower..some start from the head to toe, some goes for body then the head. *I'll go the 1st one - if you care to know * :P

One thing that I always share to those who are enrolled in my private make up class, having your blush done before your eye make up works as your gauge to know how strong you want your look to be. Have you ever start with your eye make up, then you think " ah perfect! " so you finished the look with your blush and lips, and suddenly you look " Too much " ? 

Did you just nod? If you do, you might want to try my blush before brows technique. :D

Always: Trim your eyebrow neatly.
Nope, not thinly..but neatly.

Use eyebrow powder to create a softer and natural look on your eyebrow.
It just so passe' to have a nicely drawn inked eyebrow like our Momma time.

Always: Frame your eyes
Either with pencil/gel/liquid eyeliner..just frame it to define your eyes.

Extend the eyeliner to creates an illusion of a bigger eyes.
Oh, I forever use this illusion to enhance my eyes.

Next, if you have a short and fine natural lashes..you can skin the part where you have to curl your natural lash and go straight to the faux lashes.

Currently loving Starlash Kawaii TL 010 type of lash :)

But If you do have a long lashes, please..do me a favour in curling your eyelash first. :P
It's very annoying to see faux lashes going up curl while your natural lashes pointing down.

" I'm scared of eyelash curler!! "
..oh, I get this a lot whenever I am about to curl my client lashes with the normal lashes curler.

So now, let me introduce to you this lovely 
Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler EH-SE60
More info: Panasonic facebook

It's so safe, easy to use and pretty much you just need to spend at least 1 mins per side to creates a gorgeous uplifting lashes.

It comes with heated 360 degree rotating comb and run in AA battery power.

Once you get the desire lifted lashes, let's stick our faux lashes :)

Always: Use a good eyeshadow.
Why? because it might safe your time in picking up the pigment and blending it smoothly.

As you see, I am applying " silly " colour on my entire lid below the crease and mix it with "serious "colour on the 1/3 outer part of it.

and blend it with my blending brush after dippin' it to natural eyeshadow colour.
That's pretty much all for the eye make up, pretty easy right?

As for the lips, I bet ROM won't be too much of " Wedding kiss! " and " You may kiss the bride " , so I still put a kissable natural colour gloss to my client for ROM. Although, if you prefer to go matte - that is completely fine.

Here is the final look of my ROM make up tutorial :)
Fresh, light and still do the magic of make up!

Stay tuned for the next ROM hair tutorial :)


  1. What a useful and beautiful tutorial Elrica. I always do my blush first too. Thanks or the great blush link, I'm an amber blush person.

  2. Ah so nice Ca! Dont think i could do it though.

  3. ahh you look beautiful ce! nice tutorial~

  4. HAsilnya bagusss :D
    Mau coba cara El nanti makeup nya mulai dari blush on dulu :)

  5. bubbly as always... :) I love how you shape your brows...


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