June 06, 2013

Vote for me for 2013 Singapore Blog Award - Best beauty blog :)

Hey yaaaaa!!

I am back as 2013 Singapore Blog Awards - Best beauty Blog finalist!
This year, the category sponsored by one of my favourite brand


has been one truly amazing and a kick start event for my beauty blog life, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity. Super thank you to OMY.SG  for hosting this event and having me on board  for the 2nd time! 

Support me again this year please..
I promise I will make a good and a nice photo of me for you to see despite my ballooning figure and face of being a preggers.
Do vote for me HERE
And it will redirect you to Panasonic Singapore facebook page:

One vote for me a day ok?

And also..vote for the other category too! 
Many of my friends is in the final this year..^^

Kamsiaa much!


Wut do you think?


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