June 21, 2013

A little about..my gynae, the hospital and the due date..

Ok, I finally write it down here as record about my pregnancy journal :)
Many people ask who is my Gynae? Where am I going to delivered the baby at? and when is my baby due?

So far, my baby will due on 12 Oct 2013 (I don't know if  it going to change nearer to the date) and I am seeing and already sign a maternity package with Dr. Henry Cheng, his clinic is in Bishan. This is the 2nd gynae I see, after feeling disappointed from the 1st Gynae from Paragon medical. 

I would rather not to disclose the name of the 1st gynae, but I think I am done of being annoyed by the nurse in the receptionist table every single time I came for check up and tired of trying digging out information from the Dr. about pregnancy, coz he said nothing. - sigh -

Anyway, with Dr. Cheng I feel more comfortable although he is occasionally in not so good mood and joking in a sarcastic way. He is very straight forward about everything he said, it's either you can take it or you will think he is rude. As for me, I like it! either it's good or bad, you got your answer right on your face.
Put that aside, I think he is awesome in what he is doing, and to read a lot of review about (his sarcasm) and his professionalism, I think I am in a good hand. :)

His front desk service is awesome as well, most of the auntie are friendly :)
Except 1 ridiculous auntie that answer you in a hurry manner like she is about to pee and can't wait to hang up your phone, and everything you ask, forever is your fault! hahaha..like today when she is about to put my phone through to Dr. Cheng, and the line just cut off from their side, she called back and start with a rude
" Elrica, I asked you to hold, you HANG UP ISSIT? "
Damn it! " NO auntie! It's YOUR phone that disconnected "

And I bet it's the same auntie who didn't allowed me to meet Dr. Cheng when I already called up (and already set urgent appointment - with another nice auntie) on urgent fungal infection down there. She keep going on and on and on, on how somebody need to Q for their turn. OMG lah, I am on my freaking turn auntie, and it's my name written in your appointment book. So, I hope and bless everybody who came to this awesome clinic never encounter her service..or else, it will be a nice check up experience.

Apart from that auntie, the rest was AWESOME, I love to sit and chat with the other auntie in the clinic. As I always take weekdays morning appointment where usually less people queuing, I can ask more question about the package, the hospital and how usually things goes near the pregnancy due date to the other auntie and they are sharing it in details with you.

As for the hospital, we are planning for the maternity tour in Mt. Alvernia on August, 10.
So far, over the phone I found the staff at Mt. Alvernia are very friendly and accommodating..although I know..I am not the sweetest person on earth, I am still expecting a good manner from the service industry.
And Mt. Alvernia, so far..has it.

Am gonna share more on the maternity tour later on, and for those who are looking for a good gynae in Singapore, you might want to consider:

Dr. Henry Cheng
Women's Specialist Centre 
Bishan add : Blk502, St. 11, #01-356 
Tel : 6552 7377

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  1. I'm so excited for you Elrica, time flies and your little one will be born in a few months time. Rest as much as you can my dear and take care. Stay indoors.


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