June 12, 2013

How To: Create your very own professional facial (at home).

I won't call this post as tutorial, but I prefer to call this my tips sharing for you who loves to pamper yourself at home and enjoying the professional result as the outcome. :)

Flash back to about 1.5 years ago when my blog has not got any recognition (means no sponsor, no treatment invite, etc) and I just quit my full time job to pursue my study in Professional make up artistry, I was so limited in term of " pampering budget ", so I cut down my frequency to go to salon, facial spa, and manicure and pedicure.

 With that limitation, I am still vain and want to keep my old maintenance thingy - still believe that my skin is an investment and will gain me some cash in the future. Lol! - So, I created my own home facial regime. Its working! although the result is not as good as the professional one.

You know, one of the reason we go to pro facial is to get the steaming machine that we don't usually get at home. That face steamer works wonder to do the:

- Deep cleansing
- Moisturizing for a deep moisture retention.
(my preggie skin condition need this so bad!)

And lucky me to have new baby joining my facial at home regime, and turning it into a pro facial treatment at home.

If you keen to find out what are the things needed for my facial at home, keep reading!


For me, I like to follow the rule of:
1. Deep cleansing
2. Exfoliating
3. Facial massage
4. Mask

Cleanser and Toner: 
Decleor Aroma Cleanse

For me, this preggie time has taken the moisture in my skin, and nothing - seriously NO other facial cleanser could help my extreme dry skin but this lovely Decleor.

I plan to re-purchase the full size after this batch is finished.


Facial Massager and Mask:
Sonic Cleanse and Khiels Rare Earth Deep Pore cleansing Masque

Facial steamer:

Let's start with a bunny headband, to hold your hair.

I like to wrapped a dry towel around it as well for a quick hand wipe after every steps :P
No lah, I actually wrapped it around to cover my ears and fine hair around my face. I don't like it when those little fine hair get's into cleanser or even mask.

Take your cleanser :)

Dot it generously all over your face and gently massage it in circular motion to give a relax feeling to your skin :)

I love to spend around 1-2 mins in doing my hand massage to the face.

Take the facial steamer,

Fill up the water..

Switch it on and let the Ionic steam start " brewing " :)

Once you see the steam start coming out like the photo below..

Take the facial steamer 10 cm away from your face..and hold it for 3 Mins and let the hot steam helps to lift the dirt and oil off skin.

After that, you can wash your face or in my preference..wipe it off with facial cotton.

Then double clean it with Sonic cleanse soaked in warm water.

Then continue with a light toner..

To give you a non sticky feeling after the cleansing milk + the steam.

By this steps, you can already see that my skin is waaay cleaner than it was before.
And pardon me if my face look lighter than my neck, this is a mistake a I committed long back when I started to use skincare, so ladies..use skincare all the way down to your neck to avoid my mistake.

Have I told u that CURE is the only exfoliate liquid I use all this time?
Be it on face, elbow, knee and even the back of my ankle - pretty much everywhere that has skin folding.

..and as always, it never fails me. Love u, cure!

 After the simple exfoliation, I like to put my face under the hot steam for 10 mins to soften the stubborn area and let my nose area softer for the little extraction after the steaming session.

Then I used this sterilized stainless stick to push some black head and white head out of my nose. I DO NOT recommend this if you have an active pimples or a super sensitive skin. It works for me so far, because I pushed it gently and never caused me any breakout the next day. Use it gently and wisely, ok?

Last step, Mask time!
It's totally up to you on the mask type, for me..ever since my purpose of having this facial at home is to clean my face, might as well I go for the Deep pore cleansing by Khiels for a total clean feeling.

Apply it and wait for 15 mins while doing whatever you want!

Rinse it with warm water..and you will get a clean and glowing face afterwards.
You don't have to worry in getting red blemished after the extraction if you do it gently, and REMEMBER - It never ok and there is no such thing as " beauty is pain " when it comes to facial. 

Know your limit and enjoy the beauty of facial (at home).

'Till the next sharing session..stay safe and pretty!



  1. Uhuyyyy, manteb banget dagh perawatan wajahnya XD . . .
    gw punya cara sendiri mbak (yang Murmerr dan sadis, ohohoohhooo). Seminggu sekali udah cukup kan yah mbak ??

    find me here :http://buleipotan.blogspot.com/2013/04/perawatan-wajah-di-rumah.html

    1. Cukup nona ^^
      Jangan sering2 exfoliate juga ^^

  2. Facial steamerrrrrnyaaaaaa *histeris*

    1. Belinya Di Major department di Singapore ada kok say ^^

  3. facial steamernya beli dimana sis? *mupeng*

    1. Belinya Di Major department di Singapore ada kok say ^^

  4. facial steamernya beli dimana sis? *mupeng*

  5. el, pipi mu tak bisa berbohong yaaa... ada dd bayi seh... ;)

    1. Tak bisa neh!
      tangan paha kaki semuanya juga sudah ga ada yang bisa bo'ong! HUHUHUHU.

  6. gilaa.. kulitnya sehat abiss!
    btw, CURE itu ada di indo ga yah?
    and another thing, i'm very intrigue to use SK II but afraid of the price. Is it really worth it?

    1. Hi Tantri,

      Aku sih cocok sama SK II yah..en kebetulan lagi nge-draft post aku soal SK II nih..nantiin yah! For me, it's really worth the so called - investment. :)


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