June 19, 2013

Towards the end of June 2013..

Today hits my 23 weeks of pregnancy- or 1 week to my 6th month journey with this little bundle of joy inside me :)


Up to today..I have gained 7 kg - when baby is on 500 grams.
I am no longer comfortable using my pre-preggie clothes coz my arm and thigh is taking most of the kgs instead of my tummy :P

I start feeling like I " literally " has nothing to wear whenever I am getting ready to work every morning T_T, and forget about looking good whenever I am attending any beauty events to keep my existence. 
Boobies getting bigger and the nipple turns darker..it jsut so weird to see myself in this changes. 
The usual colour that compliments my fair skin has turn into a big range of contrast and somehow it doesn't look nice.
My waist below skin has turned darker..or some medical term called it 
" chloasma or melasma gravidarum ", and not only that, my armpit, inner thigh and certain part of my neck started it black patch..I feel less sexy - if this term still exist in me.

My persistent Eczema grows happily on my dry skin during this preggie period >.<'
Tried not so warm water to bath with, moisturized every inch of my skin, and even some comforting scented oil to keep it always smooth and Eczema free. Not so much win in fighting Eczema during preggie.
on top of that, talking about one stubborn dark spot on my right cheekbone..that definitely join the party in making my freckles look more prominent. T_T

Although I know this is nothing compare to the joy I will experience when the baby is on board, I somehow can't help myself from feeling a little ugly than before, and second to the excitement of meeting my baby, I want my old figure to be back.


  1. You still look as pretty as ever in your recent pics :-) You may have gained weight but you'll lose it in no time if you are determined and you'll be too busy to eat! (I'm joking LOL!). Regarding the freckles and dark spot...I do think your pigmentation changes during pregnancy, I notice this too with some small darker marks on my face and legs (yes, would you believe legs!) I remember a friend of mine saying she went to holiday in the sun when she was pregnant and got a sun tan that lasted and lasted and lasted. You don't mention stretch marks so that's a blessing for you. I was lucky that way too, but friends have them and hate them. However you feel now...the journey will be sooooooo very worth it when you meet your little Mr xx :-)

    1. Clareee..*tele-hug* :)
      Thank you for the words..I know that this changes will come, I just not know that it will be this much :P
      I'm gonna hang in there and i really hope, those stretchmark thingy won't appear until the very end.

  2. Dulu gue pas hamil muka gue jerawatan mampus. Berasa kaya anak baru puber. Setelah melahirkan berangaur-angsur ilang jerawatnya. So hang in there Mommy! This too shall pass.

    1. I'm hang in tightly!!
      and hope everything will be ok!

  3. moga2 lancar2 dan sehat2 terus ya ric...

  4. Kok ga disertai dengan foto sebagai barang bukti sih El??
    Aduh El... lo masih cantik kaliiii.... Gw liat lo yang di instagram, cantik-cantik aja. Ibu hamil tu aura cantiknya beda. Dinikmatin aja El, kan cuma 9 bulan loh >> sotoy berat kaya udah pernah hamil ajeeee....

    1. Aje gilaaa di..hahahah...masa poto nipple gw pajang di blog..nipple gw punya lagi! hahahaha. kacoooo ah!

      Gw masi 4 month to go nih! 4 bulan asoy to go >.<;

  5. Gw mau komen ngeliat last reply ke Dian jadi ngakak....
    El, minta tolong Bang Arief buat muji2 tiap hari siapa tau bisa jadi mood booster hahaha. Lu masih cantik kog el, masih oke & seksi jd berjuanglah sampai 4 bulan lagi plus banyak2in foto semasa hamil buat kenang2an entar ;)

    1. iya neh, gw lagi pengen ngumpulin poto2 bunting ini buat kenang2an.
      Dan iya tuh,,si Dian kocak aje..minta barang bukti coba..hahahaha

  6. yg leher dan ketiak menghitam itu katanya emang begitu kalo hamil anak cowo El, tar juga ilang kok :)

    elo mah ga keliatan kaya org hamil, still gorgeous as always :)

  7. Elrica masih cakeppp, tar abis lahiran pasti akan kembali ke berat semula apalagi klo asi dan jaga sendiri :)
    Uda ga sabar mau liat baby nya Elricaaa :D
    Semoga kehamilan lancar semua, Elrica n baby semua sehat yah :)

    1. Amin!!! biar semua lancar aja yaaaa..akupun ingin cepet liat baby ku ini :)


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