June 10, 2013

Gems in town: Catwalk Alley

Wolla wolla..

A new lobang for all the make up and perfume lovers in Singapore city and for those that coming to Singapore for da Great Singapore Sale shopping haul!

If you wanna get a good deal for an authentic items, you need to visit this shop called:

 100am Mall, 100 tras st. 03-16 
(beside amara hotel)


This shop sells an authentic perfumes with a super discounted price as low as 40-60% cheaper than the retail price in Orchard area. Same apply to the make up brands they are carry in the store, although the price won't be as low as 60% cheaper than normal retail price, I still got a good deal, and am a happy customer.

Just a little tips from me:
 If you would like to invest in expensive perfume or make up, and you are not sure if you are going to like it or not, or how your skin reacting for make up stuff, best is to buy the sample/tester size :)
Save the money, and if you don't like it..you can just put it away without feeling really heart pain.

I got a good deal for my haul below!

I got myself:
Attimo L’ Eau Florale 100ml -  retail : $165, catwalk price $75
Dior Extreme Lipstick - $45, catwalk tester pack price $18
Urban Decay cream blusher – I think is $49 or $52, not too sure. Catwalk price $22.
Rimmel Union Jack and Astor Artist palette should be more than $20, but I got it around $9+ and The rest are sample sizes, so there are no retail prices.

  photo 35FF1807-FF4E-4B1C-83A6-B94F20488890-10727-00000B2BD7E843B5_zpsab0802a1.jpg

Damn happy for this Rimmel Glam Eyes shadow.
  photo photo2_zps6ad99e37.jpg

and my Dior addict extreme.
 photo photo1_zpsaeb1cb28.jpg

For this FOTD, I am using the Urban Decay cream blush here, the RIMMEL eyeshadow, Star Lash in princess 20 (not from catwalk alley) and the Dior lipstick on the FOTD below:

  photo photo4_zpscd30dbd1.jpg

..and oh this is my latest Holy Grail for the non smudgy gel pencil eyeliner by Star Lash.
 photo photo1_zpsbc94750a.jpg

I kinda like my look, although it sounds weird to say this. ahahhaaha!
But the look is subtle enough to go as daily look :P
 photo photo3_zpsac75249b.jpg

Do check out Catwalk Alley latest stuff at store:

 And oh..

Catwalk alley is giving my 1 lucky Singapore based readers to win the:

 Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto 50ml perfume

Just " like " my Pinkbuble's facebook and Catwalk Alley's facebook to be eligible to win this lovely perfume!!
Drop your name in the comment :)

for the first 50 readers that visited the shop, do quote " Elrica's pinkbuble blog " to get a free Lancome Doll eye mascara in sample size.

Do visit them and get your awesome deal for an authentic products!


  1. Woww thanks for the cool giveaway!! Hope to win this! :D

    *extra pewangi buat kamar baby :p hihihi

    Name: Erlina Husada


    hohohoho semoga eike menang :)

  3. Fingers crossed!

    May Meitriyana

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. aku mauuuu giveaway nya :D


  6. Thanks for sharing this with us :)

    Name: Kaori L.

    Thanks for the giveaway! :D

  7. Thanks for sharing this wonderful find with us! ;) And thanks for the giveaway :D

    Name: Kaori

  8. Name: Saralyn Low

  9. Pretty scent giveaway =)Pick me, pick me! All steps are done!


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