December 28, 2012

Touch the red up at Salon De choix :)

I didn't know that Red hair is damn hard to maintain >.<'
The colour faded pretty fast and left the unhealthy looking corn hair kind afterwards.
*BIG sigh*
How I wish the colour could stay longer and the same like the day I left the Salon.
But, I am thankful for Salon de Choix that keep helping me in doing the touch up for my hidden red hair. Or else, i guess it will be pretty troublesome for me :) 

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Btw, have any of you tried the treatment at the Salon De Choix?
If you have not, try it :)
I am loving it, and maybe you will too.

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You know sometimes, after you dye your will be a bit dry and not healthy feeling when you comb it with your finger, this treatment is actually works on closing up the hair follicle after the hair colouring and it leaves the silk smooth feeling on your hair and hand. :D

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Presenting you, my still red hidden hair :)
*nothing new hor*

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  1. Suka banget sama hidden ombre kaya gini eeell... huhuhuh pengen!!! Tapi tapi tapi... gw alergi sama cat rambut, huhuhuhuhuhu (T___T)

  2. ih bagus yah, g pengen warnain rambut lagi nich! cuma males perawatannya ^^

  3. Ell.. cakep warna nya..
    Di indo kayae belom ada yg warnain rambut begitu deh

    Oya, Merry Christmas & have a happy new year yaa :D


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