December 08, 2012

Dreamie Chuppa Lens - EOS Sweetheart Blue

Sending big hugs and kisses to the lovely sista in

Thank you so much for sponsoring me this lovely lens!


I was in vain mode to try out colour lens for my portrait photoshoot. *Ganjen judulnya*
So I was browsing around many trustworthy online shop to buy some of the lenses, and from there I found Dreamy Chuppa. Dropped them a note to ask whether they do send the purchase to Singapore, as they are based in Indonesia, they said yes and to my surprise, they sponsoring me 2 pairs of the lenses. 
*Happy lalala mode*

They are pretty speedy and I get my lens just couple of days after I chose my colour, very fast ler!
And also, they have a lot selection that I never see in other online shop before. Very kawaii type and dolly looking type too. Check them out! :)

Usually, I will stick to my Freshkon mystical black in 0 degree for daily use :P
But for fun photoshoot, I prefer fun colour too!

Btw, Yeap, I am 0 degree and still want to wear contact lens. I am Vain mah..
- I know maybe for some people, you found my vain level is a bit over the top?! but I don't care -
Sometimes a girl like me that has small pupil would love to look a bit dolly to be kind (at least), so big circle lens helps to create the look, just in case you don't know. You are welcome!

What I love the most from EOS Sweetheart Blue is the colour! *Daah!!!
I mean, as an asian..having a wrong colour of blue lens makes me look weird, and some the of them creates a pale looking look on me. But thank God, this one is ok.

~ Love the vibrant blue with a little black and yellow-ish iris line in the center. ~

What colour are you currently wear? or keen to try on?
Dreamie Chuppa is having a lot of promotions that you can check out in daily basis,
Current PROMO : Candy Eye + Eos Lens = IDR 210.000
Go grab it before the promo ends. :)

They send me this cute little piggy doll together with the lenses too.
Very cute right?
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Stay tuned for my Candy Eye- Green review :)
and get a special discount by mentioning
" Pinkbuble In Da House "

Happy colour lens-ing :)


  1. warnanya cantik banget yah cie, kaya mata barbie..
    btw love ur lips like a barbie >_< *kyaaa
    brb dandan kaya barbie ah hahaha

    1. ahhahha...yuk ditunggu dandanan barbie mu ^^

  2. you look so pretty with them on, i wonder how they'll look on me. They are so vibrant :) thanks for sharing them this will be on my to buy list!

    xx Jill

    1. I think it will look pretty on u too :)

  3. el, gue suka banget warna bibir lo.. pengen! merk dan shade apa ini??

    1. Gw campurin revlon sama Nars Ngel..nanti gw post-in deh kombinasi nya.

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