December 12, 2012

NARS lipgloss: Tribal

 How about going a bit into the darker side of shade?
 ~It's not a red...not yet a black ~
(trying to rhyme it as " I'm not a girl...not yet a women..") *singing in head*
- Garing abis!-

Anyway, it is something in the middle of it..
a colour that I usually mixed my MAC Russian Red x black eyeshadow :P

It is NARS lipgloss in Tribal.

Lens by: Dreamie Chuppa
Eye make up: Jane Iredale's mysticol powder eyeliner

Can't say much about this colour except it is not an ordinary colour.
This definitely not a colour to wear daily, and even to attend some wedding party.

But it's lovely for a fashion show, fashion shoots, and even for playing around with the camera like I did here.

Have you ever tried a dark lippie?
If you ever did something like this look, share the photo with me..:)
* I would love to see*


Going off to Taiwan tonight!
Be back with lotsa Taiwan story thingy (hopefully).
Have a great week ahead ma ladies.

~ belon nuker duit, berangkat jam 1 subuh en masih ngurusin kerjaan editorial gw..** ~
- dah tau sibuk gitu masi sempet nge-blog pula ya gw? - heran.


  1. kulit lo tu ya el.. mulus banget!

    1. Loe kaga tau aje dempulan gw tebel pas moto2 diri..:P

  2. very pretty and mysterious as one ce! :D

    1. I found it mysterious as you said as well. :))

  3. Replies
    1. Agak beda aja yah dr lippie warna biasa yah lin?

  4. keren banget lipsticknya cie buat bikin makeup look vampire :D
    aaahh pengen hehhe

  5. I'd like to try a dark lippy, but I just haven't owned the lippy with the dark colour. I've just put it in my mind that I'm gonna buy the dark one, but I still have three old lipsticks in my drawer and they are still full.

    Elrica, I love the way you edit your skin on your photos :D

    1. Dark colour is pretty..but i don't think its much useful in so many way! Hehhehe..
      For the skin editing, i actually didn't do much on this photo..just put make up, focus the camera to the eyes lowering the " F " on the dslr camera, you can get a softer look of the skin. So no skin retouch needed. :)
      Hope the trick is useful :)

  6. Yes I agree the dark colour make u look brave, strong, and mature! Especially bloody color or purple ! But I just use that for special gathering/event.
    I really love your blog and I already follow u! :D

    U can take a peek my dark lip gloss on my blog :


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