December 22, 2012

Pinkbuble's Christmas look :)

Back in SG with full of Christmas mood and feel so much loved.


I know, green and red are no longer a very Christmas colour nowadays :P
But I choose to back to Christmas basic colour with a little twist!

Presenting my 2012 Christmas look!

~ Eye candy in Green x Russian Red by MAC~

Another round of thank you to lovely

For the lovely green-ish lens for my Christmas look.

Am loving a turquoise green petal feel on the look with a little dash of black on the outer circle.
I really think this lens colour is unique and quite eye catching if you wear it in the daylight.
Nonetheless, it is a very fun colour to play around in this Christmas season!

Don't forget to check out Dremmie Chuppa current promotion HERE.
It's quite a good deal they got over there.

Want to get this look?

Glow time BB Cream by Jane Iredale
Lens by Dreamie Chuppa
Russian Red lipstick by MAC
Blush by NARS Orgasm
Eyeliner by Revlon
Eyelashes by Faceshop
Eyeshadow by NYX


  1. matanya keren banget El :)

  2. selalu cantik seperti biasa....

  3. keren bangetlah!! >_<
    selalu suka sama penampilan cici^^

  4. Elrica, it is a beautiful look, I love your red lips, full and pouty.

  5. Ihhhh keren amat sih nih orang. Merry Christmas ya El. Btw, pas lu comment, sebenernya gue udah melahirkan El hihi... Check out my latest posting :D


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